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Who Has It Harder in 21st Century Romance: Men or Women?

Chase Amante

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Chase Amante's picture

who has it harder dating
Whose dating life is harder, men’s or women’s? The answer is nuanced… because there are different groups within both sexes.

Several weeks back, I wrote “Urbanization, Romantic Anonymity, and the Birth of Game.” This piece of writing was about how ‘game’ (conversational and logistical aptitude aimed at meeting, bedding, and dating women) is an organic outgrowth of complex, fast-paced urban societies.

The reason we fingered for the emergence of game was that urban societies present new opportunities for men (i.e., the ability to have sexual intercourse with lots of women), yet also new challenges (i.e., women are much more experienced with men, have many more options, and cut a lot less slack).

One of the things I mentioned in this article was that while men have it harder in urban environments, fear not – women have it harder too. Yet several commenters wanted to clarify: women may have it harder, but men have it far harder still.

Well, do men have it harder?

The answer is yes. And no.

I’m going to both agree and disagree with this “men have it harder” sentiment today. Don’t worry, if you’re currently feeling like it is far harder for you than it is for many women, I won’t be telling you you’re wrong. But I am going to show you why it is this way for you... but not for every guy in the city. Some guys have it the opposite way (i.e., it’s easier for them than it is for women).

We’re going to focus on three (3) elements of urban dating that make things harder or easier for various groups of men, as these men’s dating success compares with women’s. Those three elements are:

  1. That men and women want different things
  2. That men occupy the extremes
  3. And that what men go for in cities vs. what they go for elsewhere are different

In the end, I expect you will have a far more nuanced view of dating and mating in large urban environments, the plusses and minuses therein, and who you have to be to become one of the men who has it easier than girls do, instead of being stuck being one of the men who has it harder than girls do.


Ozzy's picture

Well, men have it way harder. It is expected from us to be a superman, but for them is enough only to look pretty. Whenever I approach girl who is maybe 8 on the scale, or 7.5, I always get that stupid answer that they have a boyfriend.
I am tall 6'3", 200lbs, working out regularly, I am handsome, smart, and funny (that's what others tell), have solid job, and college also...I am not a schmuck by any means, and I read a lot of books on the subject...but no matter how I try to improve myself in any way, I have poor results. My approach is spontaneous, as the talk too, relaxed, direct, and all that...so they reject that, but some shorty and fatty guy gets them, or some average Joe. And I am not even focused on them so much, I enjoy my life, being single, working on myself, etc. Before 10 years they were approaching me...and now when I approach, nothing. I rarely catch them noticing me, and I have correct body language and all that, looking in the eyes while talking, listening, I know how to flirt...what else to improve. It's like a bad karma or destiny. And when I do get number, there us no chemistry on the date, so I get bored. I am generally positive person, but this sometimes gets on my nerves. Other times, girl is giving me signals, smiling, asking me questions, and when I ask her on the date, she is like, "I recently broke up, bla, bla"...more fucking excuses.

Chase Amante's picture


Well, there's some stuff to unpack here.

You describe yourself as a very attractive guy. And say men need to be supermen to do well with girls. But then that short, fat, or average guys get the girls who reject you. Do you know what the short, fat, or average guys are doing that you aren't?

If you are on the more desirable side, and you're seeing this, often what you're dealing with will be attainability:

It'll seem maddening on the surface, because guys who are overall much poorer catches than you get girls you cannot get. If it's attainability (and I suspect for you it may be), odds are you come across too good, and women reject you because they expect you to reject them.

That they used to approach 10 years ago and don't now is another sign your problem is likely attainability. Most men's value increases with age; and if you're in-shape and have a good job, yours almost certainly has followed suit. As value goes up, attainability goes down, if you don't also raise attainability at the same time. The more attractive you become, the more out of most girls' leagues you get, unless you do things to make yourself more attainable to them.

I suggest taking some time to work on being more attainable. I think you may find it gets you back to your 10-years-ago results... or beyond.


Ozzy's picture

Thanks for the reply Chase, I appreciate your advice, and your material on this site is awesome, I will definitely read those articles that you recommended. You are right, probably it's attainability, cause back then, I was more insecure as a teen, but girls approached me very often, and I was skinny, shy, didn't even looked at them that much. And they were like, "can I kiss you" from the start, they noticed me earlier, etc. And my guy friends were always jealous because girls never approached them. They do approach me now, but rarely, and in a hurry...but back then there were no social networks, facebook, instagram, etc, so girls were watching guys more, instead of their phone...now all they care about is how many likes they got for their pictures...just something that I noticed, and my friends too.

I also have a theory that hot girls often choose some average or ugly guy cause they think that he will pay more attention to them, and will not be desirable to other women so much, while they would be unsure about attractive guy. I mostly get girls via dating sites...I get numbers easily there, but when I go out, so tough, not only for me, but for my friends too. Some of them like bald big guys with tattoos, and rough face. I was too long clean shaven, and that is why they always called me "cute" and "handsome", but never hot or sexy...that is why I decided to rock a goatee now, to see will girls notice me more. I read your articles about facial hair, and you said that it's a dramatic change in their interest if we grow some hair, that is what makes a difference between "cute" and "sexy/hot" so I will try that too.

Other problem is that when I get some better girl, that I really like, it doesn't last longer than one month or couple of dates before they disappear or make some excuse. I know that I should not text long between the dates, cause they are bombarding me with messages, often they text me first after the first date, some of them even ask themselves do I like them, even though I show interest, but they have some set of rules of not kissing on the first date, etc...I saw that she was unsure, and did not have self confidence...

Also I often corrected her via messages, cause I hate spelling mistakes, it leaves me bad impression, I know that I should not be doing that, but damn...
Never mind, she was a low quality girl without big ambitions, being 21. at that time, she only cared about drinking and partying...party girls are not so good gf material. When they drink too much, they hook up with many guys, etc.
I would say that more quality girls are hard to find in night clubs, pubs, bars, etc...they just don't go there, you can meet them through some courses, friends, job, etc.

And one more problem is an ego thing...I just cannot get rid of it, hardly, but ofc, I am trying to improve on that field also.

BMontana's picture

This could have been me writing this article - 10 years ago.

I am amazed how much my observations and experiences equal yours, Chase. I think most men make the same experiences and all they need to do is sit and down think about how the whole dating world works - they will come to the same conclusions, I am sure of that.

Anyway, you are right on a lot of things. Whenever women tell me they struggle finding love and the right guy I always tell them it's because they look for the 20% of the most desirable men only and of course they deny it, but it's true. A woman will complain to you that most guys want just sex and no commitment and some say they barely meet any men. Obviously they don't count all the guys drooling on them on a daily basis, instead they complain about not being with those good men, tall and handsome guys with good jobs who are already taken. Or even worse, they would rather have affairs with married men and still believe that those guys will leave their wives one day in order to marry them than being with medicore single guys.

The dating world has basicly become like this:

- 10 men meet 10 women

- all 10 men would sleep with all 10 women, yet all 10 women would only sleep with 2 of those men

- and if it happens then we have 10 women who sleep with 2 men only, while those 2 top notch guys have slept with 10 women each, which would be exactly what you claimed, that the top notch guys are more successful than the top notch women.

Problem: there are 8 guys left who stay single and don't get sex unless some of those women lower their standards, which happens once those women become disappointed, desperate or just older and less desirable.

So for a lot of men it comes down to this:

“Yeah, but you can just lower your unrealistic standards and find a girl who will put out for you.”

I think that's what most men do anyway. We all have slept with women who we don't think of as girl friend material yet maybe still enjoyed the hook ups. How else are we going to gain experience? I have a friend who only goes for fat women (really fat women) and even he got dumped 3 times already by his 3 girl friends cause they have options as well.

The dating world in the west obviously preferes like 70% of all women between the ages of 18 and 30 and like 20% of all men. Then you got like 80% of men and 30% of women who will have to find ways to either date each other or not. I don't have any stats but I tell women that there are more single men and male virgins around than women. They will contradict me and say it doesn't work mathematically but it works if you consider the higher standards women have who refuse to sleep with non top notch men until they get older and are forced to lower them

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, exactly! See that chart above... the top 20% to 30% of men enjoy much more sexual success (in urban environments) than the rest of men. It's a supply problem.

Imagine you sold little Buddha statues to tourists in some city. And suddenly the Buddha statue business got hot. A variety of shops opened up close to yours, with all kinds of quality levels of Buddha statues. Eventually you discovered 20% of the shops got 80% of the business. You found those 20% of shops included some shops with the most attractive Buddhas; some shops with the best decor in the shop; some shops with a really talented Buddha statue salesman; etc.

At that point, you'd have a few choices. Improve yourself along one or multiple dimensions, to enter that 20% of successful Buddha statue shops. Resign yourself to life among the 80% of Buddha shops forced to fight for scraps. Or change locations and move somewhere the Buddha statue business is not as competitive. You may even find that in the new place you move to, you are automatically now in the 20%.

This is the choice men are faced with in urban environments. It's not that Buddha statue shoppers are too picky, or have it too easy. It is that one's fellow man - the other Buddha statue shops; or, in the case of dating, the other single (or otherwise available) men on the dating market - have raised the bar of competition.

How you choose to respond - improvement, resignation, or relocation - will depend on you.


Zac's picture

"Any time you catch yourself getting too down on dating, try to remind yourself of these things.

And if you really can’t get over it?

Well, then all the more reason to go make yourself the exceptional man whose results trump everyone else’s."

Damn right. :)


SZ's picture

2-3 girls a year? Im not gonna lie, I might not be where I want to be with women, yet, but that doesn't sound hard at all to do at all, that sounds very normal. I'm not tryna wait 15 years to get to even 100 lays, I want to do that in at least 2 or 3 if i can, bout a lay a week or two.

Are these stats for men who don't follow advice from this site or is it that much harder in the city to get laid like that unless you're some rich, confident, sexual dude?

I hope this isn't meant for guys who read the site because with all the rejections, article reading, practice, and memorization, it seems kind of pointless to do all of that to only fuck 2-3 girls a year.

Imma assume you are saying that for the average guy, not one of us. At least I hope.

Chase Amante's picture


Well, it's all over the map!

You can check the Field Reports Board on the forum and look at who's posting lay reports, and how many:


Guys don't post all their lays, of course. Some guys only post a handful of their lays. But you'll see some who post quite a few in a given year.

Some guys only sleep with a few girls a year, and that's enough for them. Some guys sleep with a few new girls in quick succession, then meet an awesome one and get into a relationship. You'll find this happens with lots of guys, actually... I plan to do an article on this trend, in fact. A guy starts to hit a new peak, and then boom - into a relationship he goes! Very common.

You certainly can put up big numbers in a hurry. But you need drive, hustle, and skill to do this - it takes work.


blogster's picture

"When you hear women complain that men have it so much easier than women do, these are the men they’re talking about: the men they see when they look up to the top of the dating success pile – the male 7s, 8s, 9s, and 10s."

I don't disagree with the general thrust of your analysis, but this is the crux of it - women not seeing things for how they really is thanks to hypergamy and solipsism. Reinforced by the endless attention and validation of social media and society telling them "they are worth it" (just for existing). Underpinned by not having to approach (thus by and large creates a skewed sexual market place; if they had to, they'd be in toast and they know it). When it comes down to it, men by and large are far more pragmatic and realistic about where they stand in the dating market. If any man started whining about deserving 8,9 or 10s simply for existing, i'd stop talking to him; yet this is women as a whole. Unrealistic expectations anyone?

This kind of expectation (entitlement) is real these days, at levels I've never seen, out of proportion to reality. I've noticed a distinct change in women's attitudes in just 3 years - women's expectations have soared in this time. What i increasingly see now are women who are cute, but less attractive then past girlfriends act as if they are above me and not in a shit test kind of way. They have become very combative and masculine, things become a battle, they confuse snark for charm. I've noticed women try to force me into the beta orbiter role without me even approaching them; no matter how clear you show them that it isn't going to happen they chuck tantrums when you don't play into their frame. I see this increasingly in the workplace and frankly this is why I prefer all male teams, as women instinctively try this crap.

And I have to add: beauty is not a skill set (well not compared to getting jacked to play pro-football). I almost made pro and let me tell you - the body conditioning and comittment is brutal.

Chase Amante's picture


Might be an attainability thing you're seeing, as I suspect it is with Ozzy above. People in general are becoming less socially savvy... makes for more delicate egos as a result. A woman scorned will look for ways to humiliate you (like try to push you into an orbiter role). You don't even need to say anything to scorn her - if she looks at you and her first instinct is, "That guy would reject me," she is immediately into 'scorned / auto-rejected' mode. Tantrums are another clue this is what you're dealing with - problem isn't they think they're out of your league; rather, it is they think you're out of theirs.

Younger women have inflated egos, but it serves a purpose in value-sorting. We aren't borning knowing whether we are a 3 or a 7 or a 10; we have to figure this out by how a large number of other people react to us. So you end up with a situation like this:

Except that in younger women's case, in a casual sexual environment, girls who are 6s are getting attention from men who are 10s. It takes time for them to realize the 10 males will not commit to them. In the meantime, they assume that since male 10s want them, maybe they are 10s too.

After enough 10 males pump and dump / refuse to commit to them, they start to auto-reject 10s, and begin to think maybe they're 9s. If enough 9 males won't give them what they want, they move down to 8s. Eventually they discover they're 6s.

Goes the opposite way for men. If you're a male 7, you may struggle to get girls who are 5s much of the time when younger. Get older though, and suddenly the 6s are friendly. Older still and now the 7s your age are friendly. Get still older and now even some of the 8s want to date you. Etc.

And of course you can speed this process up with game, fundamentals, etc. However, there is a sorting process going on, and while you may 'know' a girl is a 6 and ought to act like a 6, she can't go just off one guy's impression. You may think she's a 6, but that guy over there who is just as attractive as you might think she's an 8. Another guy might only think she's a 4. And so and so forth.

Each person must collect numerous reference points to determine what his/her actual 'rank' is, and what sort of mates she can realistically hope to hang onto.

Quite cool you were near-pro in football. I doubt there's much/any difference between the kind of conditioning you were in and the conditioning the guys who did make pro were in. The discipline required to get into and maintain that kind of shape is huge. Even if you don't use the power/skill from it post-football, the discipline alone must have come with lots of big plusses.


Anonym's picture

Hi Chase,

an interesting article. I have some comments.

You wrote: “Surely, if you were willing to accept any woman, you could find one to hook up with today, right? There’s gotta be one fat, old, haggard chick in town who’ll be down for a pound if you ask, no matter how terrible your fundamentals and game….This is where the problem lies. Men want lots of success with a certain level of woman and up. Women want lots of success with a certain level of man and up.”
I think it applies for women who are at least sometimes approached (i.e. who are not super unattractive) and for men who are bold enough to approach at least some women and have their game good enough to find a girl who is interested (approaching enough women to find her or recognizing her signals, not messing it up even if she is interested…). If a woman is never approached (and does not approach herself) and a man is too shy/anxious/ashamed to approach, ask her out or make a move, or approach always the uninterested women regardless their attractiveness (f.e. does not understand her signals), then the standards do not matter. So I believe you need certain minimum of attractiveness (women) and game (men) to get laid even if you have no standards.
There are also other factors. I believe that women 15-30 (or maybe 35) years have it easier than men that age. Three reasons: peak of their attractiveness, men prefer younger women more than women young men, and demography (in most countries there are more young men than young women, therefore more competition for men and more selection for women). But older women have it harder than older men.
Other depends certain individual characteristics, f.e. everything else equal, ugly women have it harder than ugly men, but shy women have it easier than shy men. Etc.

Another point: Can you write an article how to make a woman to feel more feminine, more like a woman?
Thank you.


P.S. The demography is important. Most of the time the ratio between sexes is similar, but there are some exceptions like population with much more men (contemporary China) or women (countries after great wars).
Ever read about the Paraguayan war (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paraguayan_War#Casualties_of_the_war)? The consequences of the war were disastrous: “It particularly devastated Paraguay, which suffered catastrophic losses in population – almost 70% of its adult male population died, according to some counts – and was forced to cede territory to Argentina and Brazil. According to some estimates, Paraguay's pre-war population of 525,000 was reduced to 221,000, of which only 28,000 were men.”
And these surviving men included also boys, old men and Catholic priests, so competition for women was close to zero. Of course, it was a rural conservative Catholic country, but still - imagine picking up women in a country, where there are seven women per one man! It would be fascinating research topic to analyze sexual behavior and gender relations under those circumstances, but there are not many studies about it, if any. If you find some information about it, you can use it as a cool example in your articles. ;)

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, absolutely. Age is another major factor. Harder for men as you get younger, easier as you get older; and the reverse for women.

On the minimum attractiveness/game... as terrible as it might be to imagine, even the most beastly-looking women get men. And I can tell you that when I had zero game and did not even know how to talk to women, I still had women proposition me... although sometimes they WERE those beastly woman (I am still traumatized by the gigantic chick who stopped me on the street one night and told me to come home with her, whose arm I patted in consolation as I said 'no'... arm was huge, flabby, and cold, with bumps all over it... she was quite bitter about me declining, too). That said, I'd agree with you that as women's attractiveness goes down and men's game does too, those opportunities get fewer and farther between.

Noted on the "making her feel more feminine" article. I'll see what I can do.

Ever read about the Paraguayan war (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paraguayan_War#Casualties_of_the_war)?

Wow. No, I had not.

I'd be fascinated to know what social changes came about as a result of that, yeah. Did men suddenly take on multiple brides? Did men have numerous mistresses and lots of affairs? Higher male mortality seems to typically lead to a more permissive social attitude toward male infidelity / mistresses / multiple families, in my experience. I may do some digging and see if I can find anything on it. Though I imagine most of the information would be in Spanish (which limits me somewhat).

And there's the famous butterfly study... I forget which book talks about it, The Red Queen? Perhaps The Selfish Gene? 90% of the male population died due to an infection that only targeted males. The result was... 10% more offspring than usual the following year, if I recall right, because the males could spend all their time mating instead of having to worry about competing for mates!


T's picture

I involuntarily had to smile when I read your answers to this comment and your comment to BMontana above. As I am an older guy I can say that you are absolutly right (at least according to my experiences). Dating life has changed.
BUT: I see it as a chance to improve as a man IF you are willing to do it. Men and women can push each other to improve. From my point of view I can date all categories and professions of women. But if I were a young man today who wants to found a family I would mercilessly screen out women. No carrier women, no female soldiers, no policewomen ( too much manliness required) no woman in a job were she is often underway for profession reasons. I would look after my children (and I did it) and I expect(ed) it also from the mother of my children. No problem that she has a job (quite the contrary; I like my job and I also concede it to my wife). I claim and allow emancipation on both sides and I want to work with her hand in hand as team). If you know what you want as a man women will follow (or not..... but you are clear about it). As a man you have more choices than ever.......
But men today don't see it and depress themselfs by thinking they have not much choices.... Pity! ...... In my opinion it boils down to the feeling of scarcity... what is an illusion in my opinion. Perhaps it is time to claim emancipation from women.... I think they will give it to strong men.... :-)


Franco Lombardi's picture

I've been waiting to see an article get written on this concept!

I wrote a similar post on the GirlsChase Forums back in 2013 outlining the exact concepts written here. Chase is right on the money (as usual)! =)

(Previous Post: The Pyramid Effect)



Alchemist's picture

Right on Franco!

I was reminded of your explanation in the forums immediately as I started reading this article. And I was about to post it after reading through the comments ;)

Thanks for everything you guys are doing.

Franco Lombardi's picture


I'm glad you remembered the post! That means it must have at least had an impact on some people back then, so hopefully it was helpful.

I also remembered my post as soon as I started reading this one, haha. =)


- Franco

Chase Amante's picture


Right, the Outlier Pyramid! It's a fantastic model.

You *probably* actually saw that on GC first (though it isn't mine)... I posted about it in March that year, in my article on dating in America:

What's Wrong with Dating in America (and Much of the West)

Originates from Jesse over at SeductionScience.com. The post he introduces it is titled "Why Very Successful Guys Should Avoid An Exclusive Girlfriend At All Costs."

outlier pyramid

The whole post is actually quite wonderful and deep. If you like this graphic, and you enjoyed Franco's post on it, definitely give Jesse's a read too. The pyramid itself is really just a paradigm shift for mindsets - once you're thinking this way, it's pretty hard to worry about whether women have it harder or not.


Franco Lombardi's picture


I'm pretty sure I've NEVER read that article by Jesse. I could be totally wrong and maybe I saw that graphic at some point, but I'm pretty sure I have not. That's almost creepy!

I love that there's actually an infographic showing all of this. As you can tell, my forum post pyramid was... "carefully" crafted with ASCII symbols... ;P

I think I do recall reading your article though... if that's the case, maybe I quickly clicked on the link and saw the picture and it briefly stuck in my memory. Or I happened to develop a pyramid using your article (which would make the most sense based on the way you presented the information) and it happened to already exist in the article you referenced by Jesse. That seems like a likely scenario, too.

EDIT: I see you referenced it as a "Pyramid" from Jesse's article link. That's probably where the Pyramid concept came from, even without viewing the link! =)

Glad to know I have an article to reference for this explanation now!


- Franco

ImaVeryLonelyMan's picture

Chase, you forgot to put negatives on that chart for men who have social anxiety and are awkward like me lol.

Chase Amante's picture

Ha, I like the handle.

Well, awkward and social anxiety will get you lower, but it doesn't make you negative.

I ought to know... I spent enough time there myself ;)


david101's picture

Hi Chase,
this article makes a lot of sense as I recently moved to a bigger city after moving out of a small town.
I have one question though: if sex is a basic need on maslow's hierarchy of needs, then it should be a basic need for both men and women. if men just want sex with no emotional connection then shouldnt the girls that are single be doing the same thing?
love your website

Chase Amante's picture


It is indeed a physiological need, for both sexes!

However, there's a distinction: what I was discussing here is the lowest unmet need for either sex.

If a woman's physiological sex need is unmet, it's fairly straightforward for her to remedy that situation. Ex-boyfriends, FWBs, ONSes, dates that end in sex ("Sigh... I really didn't want to go out with this guy. But he keeps texting me... and I need to get laid. So, okay"), Tinder, etc. Thus, we don't count this as an unmet physiological need - if it ever is unmet for her, it doesn't stay that way for long.

But there are lots and lots of men with unmet physiological sexual needs. Big problem for many men, at the most basal level of the pyramid.


K E's picture

" But there are lots and lots of men with unmet physiological sexual needs. Big problem for many men, at the most basal level of the pyramid." ... I would wager the vast majority of men !! Also going without sex does not really bother most women , & the more sex driven women have sex on tap as you rightly state , most single women I know are single & celibate by choice. Now a single dad , also working FT , I am so thankful my own libido has dramatically decreased , the " male curse " has lost most of it's grip. Very interesting articles , have actually applied some of your points in the past & not known it , but have also , like all men , F-d up too.

Mike's picture

Hi, chase I would like to pick up Ukrainian chicks but I hear they have a strong dislike for blacks. Do you have any info on this and if true , what can I do

Chase Amante's picture


Right... outside the West, there is much less political correctness. If you're used to Western sentiments, Slavic women will strike you as extremely racist and opinionated. We shot a product in Eastern Europe last year and our cameraman (who was dating a black girl at the time) was pretty shocked at some of the opinions of the women there. Though it was certainly an interesting back-and-forth, watching the women say things while our cameraman recoiled in horror.

That said, there are outliers within every population. I can't say I've seen many black men in Eastern Europe... I see more in East Asia (which is also rather dark-skin phobic, as they come) than I do in Eastern Europe. If you don't mind a few bumps and bruises (i.e., don't take any rejections too personal), you ought to be okay though - there are always a few girls (sometimes more than a few) in every population who want to sample a more exotic sort of man. Your mission is to be the friendly, sociable, presentable guy who finds them.

Alternatively, you can look for Ukrainian/Slavic girls who are already in your city, assuming you're in a Western one. These girls should have higher openness (they traveled to a faraway location, after all), and have probably had more exposure to black folks, which ought to have increased their comfort with them. Might(?) be a more reliable bet, though I don't have enough experience here to tell you for sure.


Mike's picture

Thank you but can you point out the area of game I should focus on with these girls

Henry's picture

well this was a quote I got from a video review of the alabaster girl: "Also girls have it easier when learning to interact with the opposite sex successfully because guys approach girls. It's the masculine role to initiate. So girls learn fairly young the basics even if they do nothing."

Ya because c'mon, how does a girl need to know or learn how to get a date or get a boyfriend when she doesn't have to be the one taking action, approaching, initiate or escalate anything?

Jimbo's picture

That was a great analysis. I like your game articles, but the social stuff is where you truly shine, Chase.

juice's picture

What about the guys that are at the bottom. What can we do to increase our attractiveness because a face is harder to fix as a guy, we don't have makeup. I'm 6'7 and I know my face level is around 5-6. What can I do

Jack's picture

Much harder for many of us single men looking for love today since Feminism is everywhere unfortunately.

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