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Why I Quit Doing Friends with Benefits

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By: Chase Amante

Sep 16, 2016

Friends with benefits (FWB) is a fun, no-strings way to have sex. So why give it up? There are 6 good reasons to, including laziness, distraction, and not getting stuck with the wrong girl.

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How to Keep a Casual Relationship Going in 5 Simple Steps

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By: Darius Bright

May 16, 2015

Casual relationships are freeing and loads of fun – but how do you keep them going? It comes down to 5 simple steps every man must follow.

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8 Friends with Benefits Rules You Must Obey

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By: Chase Amante

Jan 8, 2014

Casual relationships are tons of fun… but they can quickly get very messy if you don’t follow the 8 mandatory friends with benefits rules.

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The 4 Stages of Every Friends with Benefits Relationship

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By: Chase Amante

Jan 7, 2014

Every friend with benefits relationship goes through 4 distinct stages: fun, relaxed, restless, and decision. Here’s what each entails.

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