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Right... outside the West, there is much less political correctness. If you're used to Western sentiments, Slavic women will strike you as extremely racist and opinionated. We shot a product in Eastern Europe last year and our cameraman (who was dating a black girl at the time) was pretty shocked at some of the opinions of the women there. Though it was certainly an interesting back-and-forth, watching the women say things while our cameraman recoiled in horror.

That said, there are outliers within every population. I can't say I've seen many black men in Eastern Europe... I see more in East Asia (which is also rather dark-skin phobic, as they come) than I do in Eastern Europe. If you don't mind a few bumps and bruises (i.e., don't take any rejections too personal), you ought to be okay though - there are always a few girls (sometimes more than a few) in every population who want to sample a more exotic sort of man. Your mission is to be the friendly, sociable, presentable guy who finds them.

Alternatively, you can look for Ukrainian/Slavic girls who are already in your city, assuming you're in a Western one. These girls should have higher openness (they traveled to a faraway location, after all), and have probably had more exposure to black folks, which ought to have increased their comfort with them. Might(?) be a more reliable bet, though I don't have enough experience here to tell you for sure.