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StrayDog's #1 Shopping Opener

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By: Skilled Seducer

Mar 31, 2024

Use this simple opening line to engage any girl out shopping. It doesn’t matter where you meet her or what she’s shopping for – this line kicks things off!

shopping opener

When Should You Look for New Nightlife Spots to Meet Girls?

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By: Alek Rolstad

Mar 29, 2024

If you’ve been going the same places to meet girls for a while, they can die off or you can find yourself in a rut. That’s when it’s time to shake it up!

try new venues to meet women

How to Open a Girl Who's Moving

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By: Chase Amante

Mar 18, 2024

Moving girls are everywhere. Most men will never try approaching them. Yet there are numerous ways to meet these girls – and open them successfully.

how to open a girl who's moving

Tactics Tuesdays: When Girls Unexpectedly Open You

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By: Chase Amante

Feb 6, 2024

At unexpected times, in unexpected places, women may start talking to you. If you aren’t ‘on’ you can miss these chances. How best should you respond?

girl unexpectedly opens you

How to Test Girls for Interest BEFORE You Approach (Pinging)

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By: Chase Amante

Jan 24, 2024

Before you approach a girl, test her for interest. By doing this – using ‘pings’ – you can virtually eliminate rejection, and find many more yesses.

test girls' interest before approach

You Can't Beat Fear of Rejection with More Rejections

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By: Chase Amante

Dec 9, 2023

Guys who fear rejection from women can’t overcome that by getting more rejections. What they need to be aiming for, rather, is successes; victories; WINS.

beat fear of rejection

Tactics Tuesdays: Party Pooper Girl Inoculation

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By: Chase Amante

Nov 28, 2023

Party pooper girls can ruin your seductions – not to mention your good mood. Yet with the right inoculation, you can protect your interactions and image.

party pooper girl inoculation

Interested Body Language from Women (5 Pics)

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By: Chase Amante

Oct 19, 2023

An interested woman uses very different body language from an uninterested one. Yet many men read her signals wrong! Here’s how to read her properly.

female posture

3 Reasons the Girl You Had a Great Connection with Disappeared

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By: Chase Amante

Oct 16, 2023

When you talk to a girl and feel an amazing connection, you expect it to be mutual, right? So why do girls you connect with just vanish? 3 reasons, and all of them are solvable.

girl had a connection disappeared

Should You Approach Girls in Groups of Two?

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By: Alek Rolstad

Oct 6, 2023

Many girls you’ll see out and about come in groups of two. Should you approach two-girl groups? Consider these 7 logistical and 10 girl-related factors.

approach two-girl groups

Absent Motive: The Hidden Reason Why Approaches on Girls Flop

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By: Chase Amante

Oct 4, 2023

An all-too-common mistake men make that causes approaches on girls to flop. Even good conversationalists make this mistake… yet it’s simple to correct.

approach on girl flops

Tactics Tuesdays: Approaching & Opening Groups of People

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By: Chase Amante

Sep 26, 2023

Approaching & opening a group of people may seem intimidating. Who do you focus on? How do you handle the others? These 2 strategies get you in the door.

approach and open groups of people

Is Criticizing the Friend Zone or Neo-Direct Harmful to Men?

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By: Chase Amante

Sep 6, 2023

A reader claims our criticisms of neo-direct have given him approach anxiety. Were we wrong to criticize the friend zone and neo-direct?

neo-direct criticism