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Parties like a rock star, giant circles of friends and networks, and a smooth, myterious ‘intrigue’ vibe with girls. These are just some of the signature qualities of Franco Lombardi.

Gregarious since a young age, Franco has done well with women dating back to high school. His specialty lies in a keen ability to grasp how women think... Plus a knack for breaking down complex social dynamics into simple cause and effect.

Franco joined Girls Chase at a low point in life. Yet once here, was quick to reorient himself in a new direction with girls, socializing, and more. Today he considers his revived self a “newer and better” Franco than he could have imagined.

Franco fast became a standout member on the Girls Chase Discussion Boards in 2012. Here, his mix of personal observations plus lessons from Girls Chase made him one of the Boards’ most valued members. Today he moderates the Boards as Administrator... And helps newer member stay grounded with their dating and social lives.

Franco’s someone you’ll love to talk to. He always has something genuinely interesting (or genuinely funny) to say!


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