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Hi Chase,

an interesting article. I have some comments.

You wrote: “Surely, if you were willing to accept any woman, you could find one to hook up with today, right? There’s gotta be one fat, old, haggard chick in town who’ll be down for a pound if you ask, no matter how terrible your fundamentals and game….This is where the problem lies. Men want lots of success with a certain level of woman and up. Women want lots of success with a certain level of man and up.”
I think it applies for women who are at least sometimes approached (i.e. who are not super unattractive) and for men who are bold enough to approach at least some women and have their game good enough to find a girl who is interested (approaching enough women to find her or recognizing her signals, not messing it up even if she is interested…). If a woman is never approached (and does not approach herself) and a man is too shy/anxious/ashamed to approach, ask her out or make a move, or approach always the uninterested women regardless their attractiveness (f.e. does not understand her signals), then the standards do not matter. So I believe you need certain minimum of attractiveness (women) and game (men) to get laid even if you have no standards.
There are also other factors. I believe that women 15-30 (or maybe 35) years have it easier than men that age. Three reasons: peak of their attractiveness, men prefer younger women more than women young men, and demography (in most countries there are more young men than young women, therefore more competition for men and more selection for women). But older women have it harder than older men.
Other depends certain individual characteristics, f.e. everything else equal, ugly women have it harder than ugly men, but shy women have it easier than shy men. Etc.

Another point: Can you write an article how to make a woman to feel more feminine, more like a woman?
Thank you.


P.S. The demography is important. Most of the time the ratio between sexes is similar, but there are some exceptions like population with much more men (contemporary China) or women (countries after great wars).
Ever read about the Paraguayan war ( The consequences of the war were disastrous: “It particularly devastated Paraguay, which suffered catastrophic losses in population – almost 70% of its adult male population died, according to some counts – and was forced to cede territory to Argentina and Brazil. According to some estimates, Paraguay's pre-war population of 525,000 was reduced to 221,000, of which only 28,000 were men.”
And these surviving men included also boys, old men and Catholic priests, so competition for women was close to zero. Of course, it was a rural conservative Catholic country, but still - imagine picking up women in a country, where there are seven women per one man! It would be fascinating research topic to analyze sexual behavior and gender relations under those circumstances, but there are not many studies about it, if any. If you find some information about it, you can use it as a cool example in your articles. ;)