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"When you hear women complain that men have it so much easier than women do, these are the men they’re talking about: the men they see when they look up to the top of the dating success pile – the male 7s, 8s, 9s, and 10s."

I don't disagree with the general thrust of your analysis, but this is the crux of it - women not seeing things for how they really is thanks to hypergamy and solipsism. Reinforced by the endless attention and validation of social media and society telling them "they are worth it" (just for existing). Underpinned by not having to approach (thus by and large creates a skewed sexual market place; if they had to, they'd be in toast and they know it). When it comes down to it, men by and large are far more pragmatic and realistic about where they stand in the dating market. If any man started whining about deserving 8,9 or 10s simply for existing, i'd stop talking to him; yet this is women as a whole. Unrealistic expectations anyone?

This kind of expectation (entitlement) is real these days, at levels I've never seen, out of proportion to reality. I've noticed a distinct change in women's attitudes in just 3 years - women's expectations have soared in this time. What i increasingly see now are women who are cute, but less attractive then past girlfriends act as if they are above me and not in a shit test kind of way. They have become very combative and masculine, things become a battle, they confuse snark for charm. I've noticed women try to force me into the beta orbiter role without me even approaching them; no matter how clear you show them that it isn't going to happen they chuck tantrums when you don't play into their frame. I see this increasingly in the workplace and frankly this is why I prefer all male teams, as women instinctively try this crap.

And I have to add: beauty is not a skill set (well not compared to getting jacked to play pro-football). I almost made pro and let me tell you - the body conditioning and comittment is brutal.