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Social Behavior

3 Ways to Train Up Social Aptitude

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By: Chase Amante

Aug 20, 2015

Social aptitude is the ability to achieve social or romantic goals in a graceful way. There are 3 avenues to choose from to learn this.

social aptitude

Don’t Get Too Comfortable with Your Friends

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By: Cody Lyans

Aug 12, 2014

When you’re out to meet girls, it’s easy to fall into the trap of hanging out with the boys. To get success though, you must break this habit.

friends while out

How to Be Social and Lead a Social Group

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By: Cody Lyans

Jun 21, 2014

How does one lead socially and do it well? Both by giving the right impression… and by creating the right mix of group moods and dynamics.

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How to Be Social at a Party: 6 Secrets of Sociable Men

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By: Chase Amante

Apr 30, 2014

When you’re new to nightclubs, parties, bars, networking events, and the like, working the room and figuring out how to be social the right way can seem tough… but it needn’t be.

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Social Control and Moral Policing: The Level Bosses of Seduction

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By: Chase Amante

Nov 13, 2013

Social or moral policing is a means of maintaining social control within a society. Here’s how to deal with this when you’re toe-to-toe with it.

social control

The 3 Different Kinds of Leaders

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By: Colt Williams

Sep 2, 2013

A 1930s study identified 3 different styles of leadership – here, learn about all 3, and find out which one’s the best – and how you can learn it.

kinds of leaders

The 5 Ways to Answer a Challenge in Social Situations

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By: Chase Amante

Dec 11, 2012

What do you say when someone hits you with a tough or challenging question? We look at the 5 different paths you can take to get past sticky remarks.

answer a challenge

On Being Authoritative

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By: Chase Amante

Nov 3, 2010

An authoritative personality is something that comes almost hand-in-hand with success. And while it is quite useful in business and with women, there are reasons to rein this in with friends.


Archive: Ultimate Social Calibration: Stop Climbing the Social Ladder

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By: Chase Amante

Dec 9, 2009

An oldie but a goodie from the archive vault, on why only social climbers are tooth-and-clawing their way up (or down) the social ladder; while the truly exceptional people are above it entirely.

ultimate social calibration

Bring the Energy: Being the Life of the Party

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By: Chase Amante

Sep 21, 2008

Something that all naturally magnetic, charismatic individuals have in common is that they're all very good at infusing life and energy into every social gathering they touch.

bring the energy