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Thanks for the reply Chase, I appreciate your advice, and your material on this site is awesome, I will definitely read those articles that you recommended. You are right, probably it's attainability, cause back then, I was more insecure as a teen, but girls approached me very often, and I was skinny, shy, didn't even looked at them that much. And they were like, "can I kiss you" from the start, they noticed me earlier, etc. And my guy friends were always jealous because girls never approached them. They do approach me now, but rarely, and in a hurry...but back then there were no social networks, facebook, instagram, etc, so girls were watching guys more, instead of their all they care about is how many likes they got for their pictures...just something that I noticed, and my friends too.

I also have a theory that hot girls often choose some average or ugly guy cause they think that he will pay more attention to them, and will not be desirable to other women so much, while they would be unsure about attractive guy. I mostly get girls via dating sites...I get numbers easily there, but when I go out, so tough, not only for me, but for my friends too. Some of them like bald big guys with tattoos, and rough face. I was too long clean shaven, and that is why they always called me "cute" and "handsome", but never hot or sexy...that is why I decided to rock a goatee now, to see will girls notice me more. I read your articles about facial hair, and you said that it's a dramatic change in their interest if we grow some hair, that is what makes a difference between "cute" and "sexy/hot" so I will try that too.

Other problem is that when I get some better girl, that I really like, it doesn't last longer than one month or couple of dates before they disappear or make some excuse. I know that I should not text long between the dates, cause they are bombarding me with messages, often they text me first after the first date, some of them even ask themselves do I like them, even though I show interest, but they have some set of rules of not kissing on the first date, etc...I saw that she was unsure, and did not have self confidence...

Also I often corrected her via messages, cause I hate spelling mistakes, it leaves me bad impression, I know that I should not be doing that, but damn...
Never mind, she was a low quality girl without big ambitions, being 21. at that time, she only cared about drinking and girls are not so good gf material. When they drink too much, they hook up with many guys, etc.
I would say that more quality girls are hard to find in night clubs, pubs, bars, etc...they just don't go there, you can meet them through some courses, friends, job, etc.

And one more problem is an ego thing...I just cannot get rid of it, hardly, but ofc, I am trying to improve on that field also.