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Yes, exactly! See that chart above... the top 20% to 30% of men enjoy much more sexual success (in urban environments) than the rest of men. It's a supply problem.

Imagine you sold little Buddha statues to tourists in some city. And suddenly the Buddha statue business got hot. A variety of shops opened up close to yours, with all kinds of quality levels of Buddha statues. Eventually you discovered 20% of the shops got 80% of the business. You found those 20% of shops included some shops with the most attractive Buddhas; some shops with the best decor in the shop; some shops with a really talented Buddha statue salesman; etc.

At that point, you'd have a few choices. Improve yourself along one or multiple dimensions, to enter that 20% of successful Buddha statue shops. Resign yourself to life among the 80% of Buddha shops forced to fight for scraps. Or change locations and move somewhere the Buddha statue business is not as competitive. You may even find that in the new place you move to, you are automatically now in the 20%.

This is the choice men are faced with in urban environments. It's not that Buddha statue shoppers are too picky, or have it too easy. It is that one's fellow man - the other Buddha statue shops; or, in the case of dating, the other single (or otherwise available) men on the dating market - have raised the bar of competition.

How you choose to respond - improvement, resignation, or relocation - will depend on you.