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Good Habits

In an Age of Connectivity, Maintain Your Privacy

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By: Chase Amante

Jan 16, 2020

In the Internet age, everyone's cavalier about privacy. But now that people are routinely smeared, fired, and jailed for what they share online, should you still be so cavalier?

maintain your privacy

Give More Control to Your Dick... and Win!

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By: Tony Depp

Jul 31, 2019

When you give your dick everything it needs to succeed, it will lead you to glory. It will motivate you, guide your path, get you laid, and help you kick ass at life.

give control to your dick

How to Stop Sucking and Become a Better Man

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By: Tony Depp

Jul 3, 2019

Do you suck? Probably. Is there a way to not suck? Absolutely! These 5 steps will put you on the road to becoming a better man and sucking way less.

becoming a better man

Tactics Tuesdays: How to Compartmentalize Your Lifestyles

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By: Chase Amante

Aug 21, 2018

Compartmentalization lets you keep separate areas of your life separate – and avoid fallout from ideological clashes or failing relationships.

compartmentalize lifestyle

Optimize Your Nervous System (and Gain State Control)

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By: Halvor Jannike

Nov 30, 2016

How good are you at using what’s in your brain? Fight-or-flight responses in social situations are common – yet you’re not bound to them.

optimize nervous system

8 Simple Habits that Can Get You Laid

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By: William Gupta

Oct 26, 2015

Getting laid more gets a lot easier with the right habits in place. They can be surprisingly simple – like a weekly text, or tagging along.

habits get laid

What Men Who Get Laid Do Before a Night Out

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By: Alek Rolstad

Oct 2, 2015

Being well-prepared for your night out is key to ending it with a new girl in-tow. Dress, rituals, and how you kick off the evening all play a part.

before a night out

How to Juggle Women, Projects, Habits, Career, and More

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By: Darius Bright

Jul 18, 2015

Some guys seem to have it all. How do you join their ranks? The key: focused effort in one core area, and already-mastered areas moved to maintenance.

women and life

Improve Every Aspect of Your Game Through Testosterone Optimization

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By: Chase Amante

May 30, 2015

Testosterone governs confidence, aggressiveness, and sex drive, among other things. Here are 6 ways to optimize your testosterone and do better with girls.

optimize testosterone

20+ Little Tips to Prepare for a Night Out

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By: Alek Rolstad

Jul 31, 2014

A good night out comes as much from the preparation you do before you even gear up for the nightlife as it does from what you do while out.

prepare for a night out

Time Efficiency Done Right

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By: Chase Amante

May 8, 2013

How do you learn time efficiency with people and more? Most advice tells you to use routines and checklists – but these rarely work. To get success, you need to tap into your lower brains.

time efficiency