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About Girls Chase

What Is Girls Chase?

Girls Chase is the highest traffic men's dating advice site online. Why are we so popular? Because we give guys stuff that works.

There's none of that mainstream stuff you're used to here. Everything you'll find on GC works with real live women. It's heavily tested. It gets girls. And we have the tens of thousands of students to prove it.

Our Method

Everything we teach at Girls Chase breaks down to two categories:

  1. The first is fundamentals.

  2. The second is game.

Your fundamentals are what we might call 'passive value'. They include your posture, facial expressions, wardrobe, bearing, mannerisms, voice tone, and more. You can permanently improve a fundamental in about 21 days of active focus on it.


Some fundamentals

Each fundamental you improve boosts your attractiveness to women. The better your fundamentals, the smoother everything else goes for you.

Your game is what we'd probably call 'active value'. It includes everything you actually do with women. So, things like eye contact, starting conversations, flirting, touching, planning dates, dealing with curve balls, and making moves. You can permanently improve your game with active practice, goals, and experience with more women.


Aspects of game

Each aspect of game you improve enhances your ability to achieve what you want with the opposite sex. Once you have an entire process down, where you know what you'll do with a woman from meet to bedroom, women get a whole lot simpler for you.

Good fundamentals + good game = much, much more success with the women you want... plus a lot of women you didn't know you could get developing a lot of interest in you.

Our History

Girls Chase began in 2008 as a simple blog. Since then, it's grown into the world's most trafficked men's dating advice site and added tons of content and legions of veteran coaches.

We've helped 100s of thousands of men with our free content, and over 10,000 paying clients with our programs and trainings.

One thing's remained constant as we've grown... the focus on simple, effective methods students can go out and apply with women today.

Without this, we'd be just another dating company.

With it, we're Girls Chase.

Our Team

Girls Chase founder Chase Amante launched GC to make dating simpler. His guiding philosophy was to take hard, abstract dating concepts and lay them out in digestible ways.

Chase never liked things being hard, and has always believed most things don't need to be... including meeting and succeeding with desirable women.

This site is his monument to seductive simplicity.

As we've grown, we've added to our team. Check out our team page and author page for the latest rosters of Girls Chase contributors.

Our Courses

Girls Chase boasts a small collection of excellent, life-changing books and courses.

Our flagship program, "One Date & The Dating Artisan", shows you how to bed a girl and take her as a girlfriend in just one simple, easy-to-get date.

One Date is Chase's crowning offering... it is where he makes finding, bedding, and keeping attractive women dead simple.

You can learn more about One Date in this presentation.

Our other offerings include Chase's ebook How To Make Girls Chase, our books on Amazon, and other programs.

Visit our product page to view our complete catalog.

Train With Us

There's no faster way to improve at any skill than with 1-on-1 coaching.

And Girls Chase's coaches are the best in the business.

We offer both phone coaching (with veteran coaches such as Hector Castillo, the host of our YouTube channel) and in-field coaching.

To learn more about coaching with Girls Chase, fill out an application here.

Read How-To Guides

Our how-to guides are the best in the business.

And, we have them on everything.

Everything from what to text, to what to say, to how to get out of this or that sticky situation with girls... we have you covered.

To start diving into our website content, visit our how-to page.

Or take the diagnostic quiz, and let us tell you exactly what to focus on first.

Browse the Forum

Girls Chase manages the Skilled Seducer Boards, a forum dedicated to all things seduction.

Over on Skilled Seducer, you can read tactics, musings, and reports by other students... as well as those of many expert seducers (including some willing to help beginners).

Click here to visit the forum, and join in the conversation.