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Well, men have it way harder. It is expected from us to be a superman, but for them is enough only to look pretty. Whenever I approach girl who is maybe 8 on the scale, or 7.5, I always get that stupid answer that they have a boyfriend.
I am tall 6'3", 200lbs, working out regularly, I am handsome, smart, and funny (that's what others tell), have solid job, and college also...I am not a schmuck by any means, and I read a lot of books on the subject...but no matter how I try to improve myself in any way, I have poor results. My approach is spontaneous, as the talk too, relaxed, direct, and all they reject that, but some shorty and fatty guy gets them, or some average Joe. And I am not even focused on them so much, I enjoy my life, being single, working on myself, etc. Before 10 years they were approaching me...and now when I approach, nothing. I rarely catch them noticing me, and I have correct body language and all that, looking in the eyes while talking, listening, I know how to flirt...what else to improve. It's like a bad karma or destiny. And when I do get number, there us no chemistry on the date, so I get bored. I am generally positive person, but this sometimes gets on my nerves. Other times, girl is giving me signals, smiling, asking me questions, and when I ask her on the date, she is like, "I recently broke up, bla, bla"...more fucking excuses.