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2-3 girls a year? Im not gonna lie, I might not be where I want to be with women, yet, but that doesn't sound hard at all to do at all, that sounds very normal. I'm not tryna wait 15 years to get to even 100 lays, I want to do that in at least 2 or 3 if i can, bout a lay a week or two.

Are these stats for men who don't follow advice from this site or is it that much harder in the city to get laid like that unless you're some rich, confident, sexual dude?

I hope this isn't meant for guys who read the site because with all the rejections, article reading, practice, and memorization, it seems kind of pointless to do all of that to only fuck 2-3 girls a year.

Imma assume you are saying that for the average guy, not one of us. At least I hope.