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Facial Hair Styles to Make You Look Cool, Sharp and Sexy

Facial Hair StylesA long while back I posted about facial hair styles on here in "Facial Hair and Baddassedness," essentially summing up my findings that cool facial hair nets you better results with a better reception from the opposite sex; in effect, girls just like guys with facial hair better.

For me, the result was no comparison; the instant I had the right facial hair, women were telling me I was "hot" and "sexy," when these weren't words they used with me before (when I was clean-shaven it was more like "cute" and "handsome"). So I started recommending my clean-shaven friends to test drive some new facial hair styles, and they reported back similar results.

But just in case you'd like a little further support, here what the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality has to say on the topic in a study published under the name "The Influence of Facial Hair on Impression Formation":

Results indicated consistently more positive perceptions of social/physical attractiveness, personality, competency, and composure for men with facial hair.

So women see men with facial hair as:

  • More attractive
  • More charismatic
  • Smarter and more capable
  • Calmer and more in control

And here's how the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences weighs in a paper entitled "The Effects of Facial Hair Manipulation on Female Perceptions of Attractiveness, Masculinity, and Dominance in Male Faces":

Male faces displaying a full beard were considered the most masculine, aggressive, socially mature, and older. Males with a light beard were considered the most dominant. Males with light stubble were considered to be the most attractive, light stubble was also preferred for both short- and long-term relationships.

The study "Do women’s preferences for men’s facial hair change with reproductive status?" further establishes that women (especially ovulating / fertile women) favor men with heavy stubble.

For our purposes, that means that some kind of stubble or light beard is the way to go.

But which facial hair style is the right facial hair style? That's what I'll show you today.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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Balla's picture

Great post too bad I dont have any facial hair. I've noticed I don't see too much about black people on here. I was wondering is there a different way to get black females because I use your techniques but I always get told I'm moving fast and I get put into auto rejection. What can I do?

Chase Amante's picture

Hey Balla,

Ha, yeah, you know, I'm not afraid of controversy that much, but I'm always a little wary to touch black people online. When we're in person it's fine and I can talk about whatever and all is well and good because they can see I'm on the level, but you talk about stuff online where it's just words on a screen and anyone who's sensitive and on the lookout for something to get mad over decides to pile on.

I've been thinking about doing a post on dating black women for a while now, but every time I get close my better judgment kicks back in and is like, "No man, it ain't worth it! Call it off!"

Anyway, the thing about black girls (I was going to say "American black girls," but then I realized that black girls from Europe and black girls from Africa are the same way too) is that they're used to aggressive guys with better game than most other types of women are, which means normal black guy game that blows white girls away just gets a disappointed grimace from black girls.

On the plus side (the plus side for guys, anyway), black women also are in the position of being the least lucky in love of all the different kinds of women out there... they want you to succeed at getting them.

If you think about the way a black girl's responding when she's telling you you're moving too fast, you realize a couple of things:

  1. She's far more conscious of her emotions and what's happening around her socially than most women (most people) are - e.g., most girls would just think, "Ug, I'm uncomfortable - let's get out of here!" But black girls often know exactly why it is they're feeling uncomfortable, and can tell you why so you can adjust on the fly.

  2. She's far more invested in "helping you win" than most women are. Most women, the instant things aren't going how they want them to, they excuse themselves and leave. When you meet an attractive, intelligent black woman though, her dating pool doesn't tend to be nearly as large as an attractive, intelligent woman of another race, and because of that when she meets a guy of some quality (as most of the guys on here working to improve themselves tend to be), she wants him to succeed... she doesn't want to just walk off and never see the guy again. So she communicates to him, "Okay, you're blowing it, go back to Level 4 and try again."

  3. She's "metaframing" you... which is where someone talks at you from a point of view above and outside of your own. e.g., your friend walks up huffing and puffing and incredibly enraged, and you stand there calmly and say, "Wow, something sure made YOU mad!" You're meta to him - he's in the thick of it, but you're outside it and can see it clearly. When a woman's meta to you, you've got a bit of a way to go before you can get her - women are a lot more likely to get together with you when you can be meta to them, rather than the other way around. Essentially, whoever's meta over someone else is in charge and knows it.

I have a special place in my heart for black girls... when I was a total newbie at learning pick up, and a lot of other girls would be interested in a flash, then gone in an instant when I made a mistake I hadn't even realized I'd made, black girls would let me hang around, give me chances, and let me figure out what I was doing wrong. They're not necessarily easier than other women are... they just give you a chance to work at it when you're still rough around the edges.

If you're getting told you're moving too fast, by anyone, black or white or yellow or red, what you're actually being told is this:

You're moving too clumsily.

It's not coming across smooth, and you don't seem to be natural in how you're doing things. Which is okay... you just need to work on making things happen more naturally.

For that, see the posts on the Law of Least Effort and on sprezzatura; those two are probably what you're missing at the times you're getting told that (and other times that the women you meet aren't conscientious enough to give you feedback, too).

For black girls, you've got to be calm, and you've got to have your stuff together. While they might not have the selection in the dating market that other women have, they aren't necessarily desperate, either... they see right through most guys' game. Even once I got good, black girls would still try to meta me, and we basically end up meta'ing each other, them telling me what I'm doing and me telling them what they're doing.

In other races, you only see this among the most confident and experienced female players. In black women, you see this everywhere, all the time. It's an interesting, different quirk they have.

Anyway Balla, hope that helps!


Balla's picture

Thanks chase, I Appreciate all of your help and work. I thought I was being smooth and using least effort but I guess I did it clumsy because I had to push it out of me because I was nervous. And I understand about you not writing a post on black people I was just curious. Anyway I don't want all of your good game to go to waste with me failing in my interactions.

Prince's picture

1. I'm a slender, light skinned but not a pale guy, have dark hair and dark eye brows with light eyes, and a masculine face/jaw and thick, black facial hair. my half Japanese mix (white genes are strong). How does the moustache and goatee style suit a face like mine? I'm 22.

2. With the light stubble look, how do I maintain the length? As when I do try to keep the stubble light and short, using a beard trimmer doesn't work as my facial hair is too short to trim, and trimming it will get me clean cut again, and I don't want to use a razor or else I'll be back to square one. Any tips?

I feel uncomfortable and 'naked' lol with a clean shaven face!

keep up the interesting posts. And would be good to here some more daygame stuff.


Chase Amante's picture

Hey Prince,

Moustache and goatee will be fine if kept trim and attractive, although they're a little "ordinary" and won't get you as strong a result as stubble or a chinstrap and soul patch will.

For stubble, generally you need to let it grow in enough that you can use a beard trimmer on it. I usually recommend between the "2" and "4" settings on a beard trimmer for keeping stubble neat. If trimming your facial hair shaves it off, you're trimming it when it's still too short. Depending on how fast your stubble grows in, the growth you want to be aiming for is anywhere from 3 to 10 days' growth, most likely.

Glad you liked the post; have a few more interesting ones coming up! And I'll see what we can do on day game.


Anonymous's picture

I recently had a full beard for a couple of months just to see how much it changed people's reactions.

The results were that almost all men hated it and that most women (my brutally homer friends) were 50/50, comments ranged from 'You look totally different' to 'Nah, I don't like it makes you look older". I'm 37 but facially my skin isn't that aged and Ive got a large jaw line, so maybe it was just the wrong thing for me.

I've got back to my freshly shaven look with a bit of evening shadow, because that's what seems to work for me.

Chase Amante's picture

Howdy Anon,

Yes, it's art more than science, and like any art there's a whole lot of "it depends" thrown into the mix.

Generally you don't want to go off the opinions of people who already know you, though, because most people hate change. When I switched to a chinstrap and soul patch, the women I was meeting were a LOT more receptive to me and I was picking them up a LOT more easily than the women I met before when I was clean-shaven. But the people in my life who already knew me from before told me it looked "disgusting" and that I should shave it off. The women in particular were reviled by it. Meantime, all the NEW women I met thought it was very sexy.

Remember that facial hair significantly changes your look, and your look is a big part of who "you" are to people. When you're clean-shaven, you're nice and friendly and a little approachable. Throw some facial hair on, and suddenly you're older and stronger and more dominant looking, and people who had you in a box for "He's X% friendly and Y% manly" now find you don't fit that box in their heads anymore, and it's jarring. So they tell you to go back to how you were before.

The long and short of it: a beard may or may not work for you, but if you really want to know if a particular facial hair style works with your face and look or not, judge from the opinions of strangers you're meeting now vs. how strangers you meet used to receive you, rather than what people you already know who are invested in you remaining a certain way think.


Anonymous's picture

(homer should read honest, damn autocorrect)

Yes, people don't like change. Maybe you've hit the nail on the head though as clean shaven I'm more approachable, as I'm normally seen as cool, aloof and (it's been said) a little grumpy, the beard is just a little too much, a little to serious and too untrainable.

Probably something like the 'douchey' chin strap or 'light beard' would increase manliness without destroying attainability?

Walls's picture

Helpful article! I've been sporting a stubble for the past year or so. It's a light stubble, if even that, it's more of a constant five o' clock shadow. But I know there are types of girls who prefer clean shaven; what types of girls are these?
And the length of your hair changes the whole equation (long hair + beard = hipster/hippie). What do you think looks best with short hair styles?

Chase Amante's picture

Howdy Walls,

No cut-and-dry answer there. It's hard to REALLY know what somebody likes... if you've known her for years, she's going to prefer you stay as you are, so you won't be able to get a good read by watching her reaction to you as you change. And if you're just meeting her for the first time, your likelihood of getting together with her is going to be impacted by how much she likes your look. The only real way to know if a woman likes a certain look more than others is to go out with her on numerous occasions and watch as she flirts and hooks up with men to see what kinds of guys she goes for.

My feel is that clean-shaven is good for friends and providers, and a lot of women will push their men to shave telling them they look "better that way" for that reason... she knows he's less attractive to other women clean-shaven, and thus less risky in the relationship (also less exciting).

There are women out there who legitimately prefer clean-shaven, or THINK they prefer clean-shaven, but even for most of the girls who say they prefer clean-shaven, give them a man with a stubble and they'll go to bed with him faster, all the while maintaining how much they "prefer" clean-shaven.

Clean-shaven holds most sway over situations with a lot of social repercussions for women. For instance, if she's out with her main social group, and they're going to put a lot of pressure on her based on whom she dates, she may opt for the "clean, neat, well-pressed" guy over the "sexy, alluring, desirable" guy... not because it's what she actually wants, but because she feels pressure to keep up appearances and be seen with someone who has the right image. You'll see more clean-shaven men succeeding in social circle arenas than you ordinarily would. Women still overall prefer men with facial hair, but depending on their circle they can feel some pressure to take the "neater" man over the "sexier" man.

Remove those artificial constraints though, or meet a girl outside social circle, and she goes back to her more primal desires.

Even among male models, you'll see, clean-shaven guys get called "cute" more often, and guys with stubble get called "hot" more often. The difference is subtle, but it's significant: cute is "Oh, look how cute he is! I just want to eat him up and give him lots of kisses!" while hot is, "WOW, I want to tear his clothes off..."


Anonymous's picture

As an Asian male in early 20s, I've experimented with different types of facial hair just haven't found anything that really works on me. Do you have any tips?

Chase Amante's picture

Hey Anon,

facial hair stylesHere's an image of a facial hair style for Asian men I like.

Growing in a look depends on how much facial hair you get. Many of my Asian friends have trouble growing much facial hair... these guys I usually just tell to grow in their facial hair and see what they can get.

I had one friend who was able to get a little bit of hair under his chin, and a little down the sides of his face, and a small moustache. He'd shave all the rest because it just came in in patches, and he'd keep the hair under his chin trim with a beard trimmer. His girlfriend hated it and told him it made him look "dirty," but all the other women he'd meet suddenly found him a lot more attractive (his look was similar to the model on the right).

The Asian men I've known with the most style tended to have the moustache and goatee look going on. Often they've kept it short and almost stubbly, to make up for the thinness of the hair; when it's short and stubbly, it looks more masculine. You can also grow it out a bit more, so long as it's kept trim.

You'll also see Asian guys who go for the "long soul patch" look; I don't recommend this, it doesn't look very sharp. Keep it to a short, trim moustache and goatee and you'll look good.


student of the game's picture

Kudos Chase i appreciated your advice and I am defiantly striving more for what i want now.Anyways I have been reading posts on this website for some time now,but the strategies have been tried and worked mostly for the purpose of making various types of women your lovers.but as for men who are not used to being in the company of women and want to start making then as friends and slowly use their experiences to get more used to being around women ;what would you recommend?.Also you mentioned something in this article comment section about you writing a post on how to get black girls.I believe that a lot of men are perplexed in this area.I for one am waiting eagerly for that posts and others on how to get Latina, Asian, Indian and many different types of women of different races.Thank you for making my life better and more grease to your elbows;)

Chase Amante's picture

Howdy Student,

I talk about getting comfortable around certain types of women in this article: "Reference Points and Changing Worldviews." The gist of it is, you need to start putting yourself in situations where you're being repeatedly exposed to the type of circumstance or individual that you need to be more comfortable around. In your case, I'd say take an opportunity you can to be around more women and have them in your life - and especially, to be close with women. This will get you feeling more comfortable, understanding them more, and relating to them better.

A series on how to get different kinds of women would be interesting, yeah. I'll see what I can do in that department ;)


Anonymous's picture

Hey all, I've really had trouble growing any kind of facial hair. It just grows so slow. Anyone have any tips for growing facial hair or how to get a bad boy look without facial hair?

Chase Amante's picture

Hey Anon,

Not too many options... shaving's a common recommendation, but it actually doesn't make a difference (hair looks thicker after it grows in after a shaving, but that's merely because the tapered ends have been sheared off, and all the hair with blunt ends together reflects more light).

The ones that people seem to be reporting results from are Rogaine and Biotin. Rogaine's a foam you apply to your face twice daily, and is faster, but there are possible side effects to it, including growing more hair on other parts of your body, too. Biotin's a pill you take, with fewer side effects, but it also works more slowly.

There's a gargantuan discussion of Rogaine for growing facial hair here:

"Rogaine Experiment"

... and another here:

"Freakishly Good Results with Rogaine"

Here's a discussion on Biotin from the same facial hair forum:

"Biotin Experiment"

Hope these help, and make sure you consider very carefully and ideally consult a physician before you start taking or applying anything (keep in mind the potential side effects people have noted).


Anonymous's picture

Nice article. REALLY looking forward to a topic covering fashion tips.

Anonymous's picture

Unfortunately I don't have enough facial hair to grow some of the options I'd like, and tend to go with a soul patch because I can and I think I look better with it. The problem I have is that it scratches women's chins when kissing and I get complaints regarding this. Have tried some things I've read online (shampoo, warm towels after shaving/trimming, creams, etc). Not much luck. Any tips on keeping your facial hair soft so that your beard isn't counterproductive?

Chase Amante's picture

Hey Anon,

I ran into this too when I had a soul patch - the key was getting a beard trimmer like the one discussed toward the end of the article and keeping it trim. So long as it isn't too long, it won't be able to scratch her during a kiss.


Garrett's picture

Hey Chase!

I agree with the different facial hairstyles you have selected, you have great taste and your articles are very inspiring! The thing is, I'm a young guy, I look young for my age (19) and am unable to grow a lot of the styles above. I agree, that the stubble look is great, and I would definitely grow it if I could. I have slightly tanned skin, defined jaw, and at the moment, I can grow a chinstrap and a moustache. What do you think of the moustache balancing the chin strap as opposed to the soul patch? I can't grow a soul patch quite yet either. I look somewhat like Adam Levine if that helps.

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you!

Chase Amante's picture

Howdy Garrett,

I'd probably recommend just the chinstrap... the moustache-chinstrap combo most times I've seen it just looks like a Mexican drug lord-sort of look to me, I don't know. Then again, I was surprised by how favorably women responded to the chinstrap-soul patch when I began sporting that look, so my read could be off here.

The best thing I can suggest is try it, then go meet some new women, and see how they respond. If it isn't amazing, shave the moustache, and then try meeting new women with only the chinstrap, and see if the response is any different. Then you'll have a read on which one performs better with your style overall.


Garrett's picture

Hey chase! So I have a question about accessories. There's a post up about peacocking, and I agree, it is great to make yourself standout, such as through dressing well, working out, and doing anything to gain an edge on every other 'average' guy. So what I was wondering is, how do earrings relate to the idea of peacocking? I have a stud in each ear, and try to match it up with what I'm wearing. The thing is, I get a lot of good reactions from girls because it does suit me, but I feel like it takes away from the masculine image I'm trying to portray.

So my question is, from your professional experience, do you recommend I keep the earrings or lose them? I feel like they also look a bit unprofessional and it's risky because many girls like it, while others don't, and I don't want to limit myself in any way. I'm a slim muscular guy, with slightly tan skin if that helps. I trust your opinion, seeing as your advice has really helped me improve my life for the better!

Thanks for the previous post, looking forward to hearing from you!

Anonymous's picture

Hi Chase! I am 25 with kinna like oval shaped face and south Asian descent. Got black semi curly hair and dark brown eyes. What do you think which kind of of facial hair will suit me more?


A.J.'s picture

Hey Chase I'm unable to grow facial hair because of an auto immune disorder that prevents hair growth everywhere. The hair that manages to grow looks patchy and doesn't really have any fullness. I'm curious to see what other ideas you have that I can use to increase my edginess. Since the hair on my head barely grows, I keep it shaved and I also have diamond earings (which still not a lot of guys do). Any advice is appreciated.

Anonymous's picture

Just found this article and was really impressed with the article. I'm 36 but most women I meet think I'm 27 28. Anyway, I was rocking a chin strap and goat tee for a bit then went to just a chin strap soul patch and mustache. I grew out my beard for no shave November and have yet to shave the full beard off to get some more growth before i trim it off.

I was wondering what your suggestions would be for a new look besides the chin strap, while having a round face and a clean shaven head sine I started loosing my hair at a young age. I know I need to rock some type of facial hair but want to try something new and different, that would still look good on my face. I will say I liked the chin strap because it helped give me a jaw line since I have a round face.

Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing some of your suggestions.

Anonymous's picture

Hi! Thanks for your post, it is great.

I have a little darker skin than a white male, black hair, dark beard and green eyes. Ive been clean shaven, no luck. Then I tried stubble (very light) with just a soul patch. It has been much better than clean shave but Ive also gotten couple of comments from chicks in lines with "this is so 90's", or "shave the soul patch off".. I can grow just a light stubble, but I kinda feel it makes my face look very dark. What do you think about just a soul patch in general? and what do you suggest for a face like mine?

Phil's picture

Hey Chase, what do you think of a connected mustache-goatee combo, also known as a vandyke, with stubble for the rest of the face?

Richard's picture

I've been reading through alot of your articles. You've got some really great stuff here! Things that sometimes seem obvious after you've read them but that I just didn't think of.

Well, after reading this article I decided to wear some stubble and indeed, it does seem to make a difference for the better. Yesterday I was making out with a girl and she got this red rash afterwards due to my stubble being like sandpaper on her skin. I really do love this look and it sure fits me but I don't wanna make girls reluctant to make out with me. Do you have any tips on how to deal with this?

ghan's picture

Hey chase,
Things are going bad mahn... Yaa I've got good facial hair, almost no approach anxiety, good at deep diving n all but I desperately need that artical on fashion mahn... its taking a huge toll on my confidence level :( please could you have one on that soon?

And you write awsome stuff!, I've been on this site since the last 5-6 months n have read almost all of your posts n they've been really helpful and transforming

DavidS's picture

Hi Chase, take a look at this article :

"The role of facial hair in women's perceptions of men's attractiveness, health, masculinity and parenting abilities."


marcj799's picture

Hey Chase, this article has been helping me out from the moment I read it. I had been trying to find a solid resource with regards to what facial hair styles are both most attractive to women and easiest to maintain. I was wondering if you have any experience/knowledge/speculations on the effect body hair has on a man's attractiveness.


Anonymous's picture

Hey chase, I really want to try one of these looks, but my problem has always been extreme patchiness on my upper lip. I thought about trying stubble in the beard region and leaving the mustache clean-shaven. Will this get results? The chinstrap thing just doesn't fit my style. Thanks for your time and for all the great work you're doing.

Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase,

I have been reading your articles for quite sometime and I am really impressed on how much it has changed my wordview. I was wondering for a light skinned Hispanic would the mustache and goatee be recommended I am light brown in skin color with a light mustache already and do not wish to have really thick facial hair cause I do not think it would look good in my skin. What do you recommend?

Anonymous's picture

Jesus, I had never thought of this option and never seen anyone having that...
Any chance to get a picture of a stubble with the shaved neck?

Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase, first of all thanks for the wonderful post. I'm from Brazil. I've been sporting a a weekly trimmed heavier stubble for over the last four months. I've never worn a beard before and I've never figured I'd call so much the women's attention.

Therefore, I'd like to make a point about a study carried out in Australia (http://www.businessinsider.com/men-attractive-with-heavy-stubble-2013-4) indicating the women prefer men with a ten-day beard (heavy stubble) rather than the five-day beard (light stubble) that scored the lowest in the study.

Best regards,

Nyxx's picture

I'm 20 years old but i'm wondering what facial hair would work the best for me.
Tried pretty much anything but still don't know what would work the best.
Tried a full beard at the very start which was a huge failure.
I went for a goatee but didn't know if i really liked it,
i don't think i'm really good with a moustache.

Now on this photo i went for a chinstrap.

Currently i'm with a stumble beard. What do you think that would work the best?
I don't really know what kind of face type i have.

Alot of thanks already for this great written article ofcourse.
I found it very well made and inspiring for young people.



Swimcito's picture

lol i went for this https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202866412761146&set=a.16396147... :D

I Feel like im owning it

Hey Chase, notice the necklage!?. Im following your advice :P

Zac's picture

Hello Chase, I am a fairly young guy and have been looking for a facial hair style. Only one problem though; I don't have hardly any facial hair. I have an okay amount of hair on my mustache, but as far as my beard goes it's kind of out the window. I wear glasses and have some mild acne if that makes any difference. I know this is an old thread, but I figured you would be able to help me find a style or maybe some other tips on facial hair. Thanks!

moonriver's picture

Hey Chase:

So I'm meeting this gal for a 2nd date ... 1st date rocked.

Here's my question ... I was clean-shaven on the first date. She liked the look, but also said to mix it up next time. Hard to know how serious she was. So should I go with the designer stubble look (which also looks good on me I'm told, and bring some bad-ass to the equation) or should I stick with the clean-shaven?


Anonymous's picture

Don't mean to sound like a dick here but that's a little weird that she told you to mix it up next time. It should be up to you and a surprise whether you decide to do something different or not. I hope you joked with her and told her to surprise you as well.

splooge's picture

you say many of those facial hairstyle are deemed intimadting because they are dark skinned. When you say that so you mean by reputation due to higher crime rate of men from those communitites? Or because just by appearance alone since darker skin looks more masculine?
Because Indians dont have a high crime rate if anything have the nerd sterotype. So does this rule apply to them to like arab latin and black men?

Anonymous's picture

Yeah, bearded Indian guys can look very much intimidating. Specially native Sikh or men from some parts of south and north India. You cant find much of them in Europe or USA coz those men mainly involve in blue collar job or military and prefer to stay inside their country. Men from Kashmir , are quite masculine too. Reason behind so much "nerd" Indians in western countries is mainly those guys come from different socio-economic background and prefer to settle outside of their native country.

Anonymous's picture

It's the skin color. Very dark skin (like with the majority of Indians, Hispanics, and Blacks) plus a beard has too much of an edge. Women don't have time to come up with stereotypes in their heads when they first see it. It's just a quick reaction of it looking uninviting.

MIDHUN's picture

Iam an Indian. My beard growth is excellent on chin and cheeks they seems to connect when viewed close but the hair connectting are very fine and almost invisible when viewed from a distance. Will it affect my look? if it does can you suggest a solution?

Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase,
I'm 16 years old and at first I thought that was a little young for facial hair, but I've seen a few people in my school with facial hair and they all pulled it off pretty well and look pretty good so I thought I might try it on for size, after all of it doesn't work I can always go back to clean shaven. I'm ahead of my peers in facial hair growth; I feel like I could do quite well, also, I shave regularly and many of my peers don't shave at all. As far as genetics, both my dad and grandpa have good facial hair so that's good. I have a more soft jawline and was thinking of going for moustache and goatee. What do you think?

Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase, what about for those whose beards are on the patchy side? I can't grow much of a goatee, i have a bald spot right under my chin and along my cheeks. Any suggestions on what I could rock or stimulating beard growth?

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