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Impression Management

How to Be Popular: 9 Tips (Video)

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By: Hector Castillo

Jul 1, 2019

If you want to be popular, it takes more than just being liked or well-known. Here’s how to build a strategy for connecting to people and gaining popularity and respect.

how to be popular

How to Be the Coolest Guy in the Room

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By: Chase Amante

Sep 6, 2018

The coolest guy in the room… every guy wants to be him. Yet you can't "try hard" to get there. The secret to his cool is what he does do – and what he doesn't.

coolest guy in the room

How Much Should You Care About the Opinions of Others

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By: Hector Castillo

Feb 19, 2018

How much should you care what others think? Everyone cares at least a little. The key is that the reactions of others can tell you what to modify in yourself.

care about the opinions of others

What to Do to Not be the Cold Playboy Everyone Hates

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By: Cody Lyans

Nov 5, 2015

It’s easy to become the cold, callous playboy manipulating others to get what he wants. But there’s a better way than this.

cold playboy

Will People Recognize You are Out to Pick Up Girls?

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By: Chase Amante

Oct 27, 2015

A common fear for men new to picking up: what if people see me talking to girls? Here’s why this isn’t as big a deal as you may think.

Using Your Reputation to Sleep with Lots of Girls

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By: Darius Bright

Jun 27, 2015

Every guy wants to know how to start sleeping with girls in his circle. The trick to it is that it’s all in the reputation.

sexy reputation

How to Be Respected by Men and Women Alike

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By: Chase Amante

Aug 29, 2014

So you want to know how to be respected? Well, you see, partner, there’re two sorts: that respect you EARN, and that respect you DEMAND.

how to be respected

Why the Status of Women You Sleep with Matters in Social Circle

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By: Chase Amante

Apr 28, 2014

In social circle, the girl you’re sleeping with now influences which women will be open to you later – pick the wrong girl, and your choices can become limited fast.

social circle status

Killer Reputation Management for Your Social Circle

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By: Peter Fontes

Jul 4, 2013

Reputation management is absolutely crucial to running a great social circle that helps you meet loads of beautiful new women. Here’s how to pull it all off and look like a stud.

reputation management

Brain Hacks: Using Moral Superiority to Turn Arguments

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By: Chase Amante

Apr 18, 2013

If you’ve ever had someone lay into you with an argument based around moral superiority, you no doubt found yourself wishing you had a way of addressing this. Here it is.

moral superiority

When to Course Correct Socially... and When Not To

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By: Chase Amante

Feb 10, 2013

Knowing when to course correct after someone asks you to correct yourself is a bit of an art. Here, learn ins, outs, and pitfalls to avoid.

course correct

Tactics Tuesdays: What Happens When You Label People (or Let Them Label You)

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By: Chase Amante

Jun 5, 2012

Ever wonder why people label people – and what function it serves? Learn what labeling people does here – and how to use and understand it.

label people

Social Status: Building It and Using It

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By: Chase Amante

Apr 25, 2011

Social status is hard to build, and harder to maintain – but just like anything, you can learn how it works, and then how to get it and how to put it to use.

social status