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Signs to Look For

Sniper Game: How to Screen for Accessible Women in Bars and Clubs

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By: Alek Rolstad

Mar 22, 2019

Is that girl open for an approach? Here’s how to scope out the most accessible girls in a venue – or make the one you’re after more accessible!

sniper game screen for accessible women

Decision Making in Seduction II: Weighing the Variables

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By: Alek Rolstad

May 6, 2018

As a seducer, your decisions can trip you up… or set you up. How do you weigh the odds and decide whether to stick with a girl or find a better option?

seduction variables

Sexual Authenticity Podcast with Daka Guy

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By: Varoon Rajah

Sep 14, 2017

Unlock your repressed desires (sexual and otherwise)... and achieve a vibe filled with love, sexuality, and freedom women find compelling.

Daka Guy - Sexual Authenticity

15 Signs a Girl Will Waste Your Time

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By: Chase Amante

Feb 29, 2016

It’s all too easy for a girl to waste your time if you aren’t careful. Yet there are things ‘time wasters’ say or do that give them away.

girl wastes time

Is She Interested? 8 Signs She Definitely Is

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By: Colt Williams

Jan 26, 2015

It can be hard to decipher if a girl is into you. Here then are the top 8 signs that she is interested in you beyond all doubt.

is she interested

Sex with Friends: 3 Kinds of Girl You'll Get

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By: Peter Fontes

Jul 25, 2013

Sex with friends is loads of fun... so long as you’re sleeping with the right friends. Find out which girls to go for – and which to avoid.

sex with friends

Find the Right Girl: What to Look for in a Potential Girlfriend

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By: Ricardus Domino

Aug 11, 2012

Before you commit yourself to a relationship, you want to be sure to find the right girl, first. You can start by looking for these traits.

find the right girl

How Many Partners Has Your Girlfriend Had? Find Out Here

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By: Chase Amante

Jun 29, 2012

Sometimes it seems impossible to know how many partners a woman's really had. But it need not be – learn how to be able to tell right here.

how many partners