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By his early 20s, Norway's Alek Rolstad had already achieved the rank of veteran seducer.

The story begins in 2007. Unpopular 14-year-old Alek had a chance encounter with a man whose skill with women fascinated him. Quickly befriend him, Alek spent weeks joining him at parties and events. As he did so, he studied his new friend's abilities with women. At last, he asked for the man's secret, and through him discovered the online seduction community.

Under the handle 'TVA_Oslo' (his hometown) and, later, 'Teevster', Alek fast made a name for himself as the community's 'young prodigy'.

At the time, the community was focused on social value as the primary tool to seduce women. Social proof, preselection, wingman introductions, pawning, and pivots. Stories aimed at 'displaying higher value', and tools aimed at making women seek approval from men. Alek wasn't able to crack this code; he never figured out how to be one of the 'cool' guys.

So he opted to change his strategy.

Instead of a focus on social value, he'd focus on female sexual sociology. His initial forays led him to tease apart the tenets of 'Sexual Prizing'. The discovery of Sexual Prizing cemented Alek's reputation in the seduction world... And gave the community a powerful new way to seduce women. With Sexual Prizing, a man could seduce a woman not by 'being cool' or having social value... But based on his displayed prowess in the bedroom alone. Women wouldn't sleep with him because they liked him; they'd sleep with him because of the pleasure they knew he'd provide.

Alek fast came to understand most women were sexually frustrated. Thus, they desired good sex. Yet because good sex is such a rare product, it's also one in high demand.

Alek communicates the frame of being the 'sexual prize' through his patented 'sex talk'... His #1 strategy for meeting women. His strategy with sex talk is twofold:

  1. Liberate her sexually by displaying his understanding of the sexual stigma imposed on women in our society. Meanwhile, display his respect of the need for discretion and nonjudgmental attitudes.

  2. And, at the same time, create sexual desire for good sex... Via communication of an understanding of female psychology, physiology, and sexual psychology.

The better Alek became, the more his goals transformed. Now it wasn't just about sex with beautiful women. It became about the best, wildest, most pleasurable sex possible with women he'd just met. He desired to liberate women. To tap into the darker, more mysterious, most intriguing parts of their sexual personas.

Due to his fascination with female sexual psychology, Alek has studied the field to great depth. He has read through mountains of tomes on sexology, sexual sociology, and sexual philosophy. Not to mention has interviewed (and experienced) countless women in great detail on the subject. His object: to understand and experience women for whom they are on a sexual level, to ever deeper degrees.

While exploring female sexual psychology (quite often firsthand) is his main hobby, it isn't his only one. Alek also loves clubbing, and has grown quite skilled at it. His time in nightclubs have taught him to love to break down and tease apart the social dynamics of nightlife. He is also fascinated with nonverbal seduction... despite his usual preference for verbal talk about naughty things.

Alek considers himself what you might call an 'eternal student' of seduction. He's been very active in the field for over 10 years, still goes out all the time, experiments heavily... and continually innovates new strategies to meet, seduce, and give pleasure to women.


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