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I involuntarily had to smile when I read your answers to this comment and your comment to BMontana above. As I am an older guy I can say that you are absolutly right (at least according to my experiences). Dating life has changed.
BUT: I see it as a chance to improve as a man IF you are willing to do it. Men and women can push each other to improve. From my point of view I can date all categories and professions of women. But if I were a young man today who wants to found a family I would mercilessly screen out women. No carrier women, no female soldiers, no policewomen ( too much manliness required) no woman in a job were she is often underway for profession reasons. I would look after my children (and I did it) and I expect(ed) it also from the mother of my children. No problem that she has a job (quite the contrary; I like my job and I also concede it to my wife). I claim and allow emancipation on both sides and I want to work with her hand in hand as team). If you know what you want as a man women will follow (or not..... but you are clear about it). As a man you have more choices than ever.......
But men today don't see it and depress themselfs by thinking they have not much choices.... Pity! ...... In my opinion it boils down to the feeling of scarcity... what is an illusion in my opinion. Perhaps it is time to claim emancipation from women.... I think they will give it to strong men.... :-)