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I'm pretty sure I've NEVER read that article by Jesse. I could be totally wrong and maybe I saw that graphic at some point, but I'm pretty sure I have not. That's almost creepy!

I love that there's actually an infographic showing all of this. As you can tell, my forum post pyramid was... "carefully" crafted with ASCII symbols... ;P

I think I do recall reading your article though... if that's the case, maybe I quickly clicked on the link and saw the picture and it briefly stuck in my memory. Or I happened to develop a pyramid using your article (which would make the most sense based on the way you presented the information) and it happened to already exist in the article you referenced by Jesse. That seems like a likely scenario, too.

EDIT: I see you referenced it as a "Pyramid" from Jesse's article link. That's probably where the Pyramid concept came from, even without viewing the link! =)

Glad to know I have an article to reference for this explanation now!


- Franco