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Social Rules and Norms

Transmitting Bad Vibes; or, Why People May Not Like You

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By: Frankie Bismarck

Oct 4, 2020

Bad vibes can poison your interaction without you being aware of it. So how do you know if you have a bad vibe problem? And if so… how do you FIX it?

bad vibes

14 Ways Social Control Is Used on You

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By: Hector Castillo

Jan 28, 2019

For civilization to thrive, is social control a necessity? Perhaps, but we must be mindful of people and groups who seek to manipulate us to our detriment.

Social Control

The Myth of Bros Before Hoes

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By: Hector Castillo

Feb 12, 2018

If some guy tells you “bros before hoes,” you should probably put your guard up. It isn’t always a conscious thing when men violate this rule, though.

bros before hoes

How to Demand Respect, Pt 4: Direct and Indirect Disrespect

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By: Hector Castillo

Dec 11, 2017

Others can disrespect you in both direct and indirect ways. Each requires a different strategy to deal with properly.

indirect disrespect

How to Demand Respect, Pt 3: What Is Disrespectful Behavior?

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By: Hector Castillo

Dec 4, 2017

Disrespect can be direct – but often it’s cloaked. This article walks you through the many types of disrespect… and shows you how to recognize them.

disrespectful behavior

How to Get Anything from Anyone: The Law of Social Exchange

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By: Chase Amante

Jul 29, 2017

You can get anything to give you whatever you want. But to do it, you must obey the Law of Social Exchange (and all its small wrinkles).

get anything from anyone

Switch Off the “Social You” and Get the Girl

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By: Davi Diluna

Dec 1, 2016

Some guys are too polite for their own good. This over-politeness is called the “social you” – and you have to unlearn it to do better with girls.

social you

The Fuzzy World of Social Status

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By: Chase Amante

Nov 28, 2016

Social status is ‘fuzzy’. That is, you often don’t know exactly where you rank compared to someone else. There are good reasons for this.

fuzzy social status

What to Do to Date Women from Different Social Scenes

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By: William Gupta

Mar 14, 2016

Sometimes you want to date a girl – but girls like her just don’t like you. What gives? Well, odds are, you need to join her social scene.

women social scenes

Tactics Tuesdays: 110 Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior

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By: Chase Amante

Feb 9, 2016

The 110 Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior, compiled in 1595 by French Jesuits, are an excellent guide to comportment even in modern times.

civility & decent behavior

Artificial Hierarchies vs. Personal Appeal

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By: Chase Amante

Jun 11, 2014

Navigating artificial hierarchies vs. making it on the merit of your emotional or rational appeals – what’s the difference? Actually… quite a bit.

artificial hierarchies personal appeal

Handling Awkwardness and Social Shunning on a Small Scale

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By: Chase Amante

Mar 6, 2014

Ever find yourself in awkward situations, where some girl you know is shunning you because you approached her and it didn’t work out?

social shunning

The 11 Rules of Bro Code

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By: Colt Williams

Oct 21, 2013

The rules of the Bro Code; the law of the land. Here’s what Man Law has to say about dealing with friends and picking up chicks.

bro code