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Yes, absolutely. Age is another major factor. Harder for men as you get younger, easier as you get older; and the reverse for women.

On the minimum attractiveness/game... as terrible as it might be to imagine, even the most beastly-looking women get men. And I can tell you that when I had zero game and did not even know how to talk to women, I still had women proposition me... although sometimes they WERE those beastly woman (I am still traumatized by the gigantic chick who stopped me on the street one night and told me to come home with her, whose arm I patted in consolation as I said 'no'... arm was huge, flabby, and cold, with bumps all over it... she was quite bitter about me declining, too). That said, I'd agree with you that as women's attractiveness goes down and men's game does too, those opportunities get fewer and farther between.

Noted on the "making her feel more feminine" article. I'll see what I can do.

Ever read about the Paraguayan war (

Wow. No, I had not.

I'd be fascinated to know what social changes came about as a result of that, yeah. Did men suddenly take on multiple brides? Did men have numerous mistresses and lots of affairs? Higher male mortality seems to typically lead to a more permissive social attitude toward male infidelity / mistresses / multiple families, in my experience. I may do some digging and see if I can find anything on it. Though I imagine most of the information would be in Spanish (which limits me somewhat).

And there's the famous butterfly study... I forget which book talks about it, The Red Queen? Perhaps The Selfish Gene? 90% of the male population died due to an infection that only targeted males. The result was... 10% more offspring than usual the following year, if I recall right, because the males could spend all their time mating instead of having to worry about competing for mates!