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This could have been me writing this article - 10 years ago.

I am amazed how much my observations and experiences equal yours, Chase. I think most men make the same experiences and all they need to do is sit and down think about how the whole dating world works - they will come to the same conclusions, I am sure of that.

Anyway, you are right on a lot of things. Whenever women tell me they struggle finding love and the right guy I always tell them it's because they look for the 20% of the most desirable men only and of course they deny it, but it's true. A woman will complain to you that most guys want just sex and no commitment and some say they barely meet any men. Obviously they don't count all the guys drooling on them on a daily basis, instead they complain about not being with those good men, tall and handsome guys with good jobs who are already taken. Or even worse, they would rather have affairs with married men and still believe that those guys will leave their wives one day in order to marry them than being with medicore single guys.

The dating world has basicly become like this:

- 10 men meet 10 women

- all 10 men would sleep with all 10 women, yet all 10 women would only sleep with 2 of those men

- and if it happens then we have 10 women who sleep with 2 men only, while those 2 top notch guys have slept with 10 women each, which would be exactly what you claimed, that the top notch guys are more successful than the top notch women.

Problem: there are 8 guys left who stay single and don't get sex unless some of those women lower their standards, which happens once those women become disappointed, desperate or just older and less desirable.

So for a lot of men it comes down to this:

“Yeah, but you can just lower your unrealistic standards and find a girl who will put out for you.”

I think that's what most men do anyway. We all have slept with women who we don't think of as girl friend material yet maybe still enjoyed the hook ups. How else are we going to gain experience? I have a friend who only goes for fat women (really fat women) and even he got dumped 3 times already by his 3 girl friends cause they have options as well.

The dating world in the west obviously preferes like 70% of all women between the ages of 18 and 30 and like 20% of all men. Then you got like 80% of men and 30% of women who will have to find ways to either date each other or not. I don't have any stats but I tell women that there are more single men and male virgins around than women. They will contradict me and say it doesn't work mathematically but it works if you consider the higher standards women have who refuse to sleep with non top notch men until they get older and are forced to lower them