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Women Tests

Is She Testing You or Resisting You? Telltale Signs

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By: Alek Rolstad

Nov 13, 2022

Sometimes girls’ tests can look like resistance. Sometimes their resistance can look like tests. How do you tell the difference? With a few telltale signs.

is she testing or resisting you

Tactics Tuesdays: The "Prove It" Frame Buster

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By: Chase Amante

Oct 25, 2022

You’re talking to a girl and she says “I’m boring” or “I don’t date.” That’s the kiss of death, right? Well, not so long as you can get her to PROVE IT!

prove it frame buster

What to Do When Girls Run a Jealousy Plotline on You

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By: Alek Rolstad

Oct 22, 2022

Sometimes you’ll approach girls, only to have them flirt with other guys and try to make you jealous. What do you do? Ignore it… or, pull out the BIG guns.

handling jealous plotlines

Passing Women’s Tests: Congruence & Compliance Tests

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By: Alek Rolstad

Oct 19, 2022

In romance, sometimes women will test you. They test to see what kind of man you are… but some of their tests are tough. How do you pass them? With these tactics…

congruence compliance tests

The 4 Reasons Girls Test Guys They Like

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By: Alek Rolstad

Oct 10, 2022

Why do girls test guys? Tests can derail your courtship with a girl if you don’t respond well. Women test for 4 things; if you know what they are, you know how to pass.

women's tests: a theoretical framework

What to Do When a Girl Brags, Boasts, or Shows Off

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By: Chase Amante

Jul 28, 2022

Sometimes girls brag. But not always for the same reason. How can you tell WHY she’s bragging… and what the appropriate response to that is?

girl brags

Tactics Tuesdays: Boyfriend Destroyers

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By: Chase Amante

May 25, 2021

You meet a girl… but she mentions having a boyfriend. How do you sidestep her boyfriend mention and keep yourself seeming an eligible option for her too?

boyfriend destroyers

Some Girls Test Men Early in the Game, Others Test Late

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By: Alek Rolstad

May 30, 2020

Girls will test men before opening up to sex. But just because she throws you tests early on doesn’t mean the whole seduction will be tedious. The opposite is also true.

girls test men

Tactics Tuesdays: Dealing with "Give Me X!"

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By: Chase Amante

Apr 21, 2020

Whether she's got an attitude or she's just not good with people, sometimes a girl make demands. How you handle her demands sets your courtship's tone.

give me that

Mirroring Women's Tests Back to Them

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By: Chase Amante

Mar 18, 2020

The next time a woman tests you, don't fret. Just mirror her test right back to her, and watch her interest in you explode.

mirror tests

What to Do When Women Titillate You

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By: Chase Amante

Oct 6, 2019

Women will try to titillate you for fun, their own amusement, or to see what you'll do. But you can't respond by drooling, OR ignoring them...

women titillate

How Women Test Men in the Face of Sexual Desire

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By: Varoon Rajah

Jan 31, 2019

If you show sexual desire toward a girl you just met, she’ll throw tests your way. If you pass with flying colors, she might get excited to have sex with you.

tests in the face of sexual desire

9 Ways to Answer “What Do You Do” Without Saying What You Do

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By: Hector Castillo

Jan 7, 2019

To avoid boring people out when they ask a question like “What do you do?” try answering the question without really answering it.

Answer 'What Do You Do' Without Saying What You Do