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Well, there's some stuff to unpack here.

You describe yourself as a very attractive guy. And say men need to be supermen to do well with girls. But then that short, fat, or average guys get the girls who reject you. Do you know what the short, fat, or average guys are doing that you aren't?

If you are on the more desirable side, and you're seeing this, often what you're dealing with will be attainability:

It'll seem maddening on the surface, because guys who are overall much poorer catches than you get girls you cannot get. If it's attainability (and I suspect for you it may be), odds are you come across too good, and women reject you because they expect you to reject them.

That they used to approach 10 years ago and don't now is another sign your problem is likely attainability. Most men's value increases with age; and if you're in-shape and have a good job, yours almost certainly has followed suit. As value goes up, attainability goes down, if you don't also raise attainability at the same time. The more attractive you become, the more out of most girls' leagues you get, unless you do things to make yourself more attainable to them.

I suggest taking some time to work on being more attainable. I think you may find it gets you back to your 10-years-ago results... or beyond.