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How to Train Your Girlfriend: Long-Term Expectation Setting

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By: Chase Amante

Apr 14, 2020

How do you train your girlfriend into the kind of partner you need? The secret is in the expectations you set with her.

how to train your girlfriend

13 Positives of Long-Term Relationships and 6 Drawbacks

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By: Tony Depp

Jul 8, 2019

Is a long-term relationship right for you? Guys naturally experience a measure of turmoil when faced with commitment. What could you gain? What could you lose?

long-term relationship

How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend (Video)

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By: Hector Castillo

May 25, 2019

Want to ask a girl to be your girlfriend? Here’s how to do it while maintaining ownership of your balls and setting the right precedents for a healthy relationship.

how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

Relationship Models: Implicit vs Explicit, Single vs Multi-Partner

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By: Varoon Rajah

Sep 24, 2018

Being humans, our relationship desires don’t always fit with the culturally-prescribed model. So let’s explore the alternatives, and what to expect with each.

Relationship Models - Explicit vs Implicit, Single vs Multi-Partner

7 Signs a Girlfriend (or Wife) Is Checking Out of Your Relationship

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By: Chase Amante

May 14, 2018

How do you know your girlfriend is losing interest and checking out? There are 7 signs of this, from makeovers to disagreeableness to new Sex in the City gal pals.

girlfriend losing interest

How to Game Your Girlfriend: Good Advice for Your Relationship

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By: Denton Fisher

Feb 1, 2018

When you’re in a relationship, do you have to game your girlfriend? Yes! You need to know what to do once you’ve got her, how to keep things exciting, and what to do if it ends.

how to game your girlfriend

When Your Relationship is Comfy but You Still aren't Happy

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By: Chase Amante

Aug 12, 2017

You have a girlfriend, and she’s great. But she still is not enough. What do you when the relationship is comfortable but unsatisfactory?

comfy relationship unhappy

How to Date a Party Girl (If You So Dare)

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By: Hector Castillo

Mar 17, 2017

Party girls are fun, but can be real handfuls. Want to date one anyway? Here’s everything you need to pull it off… As well as can be expected.

how to date a party girl

Her Raw Material or Your Relationship Skills: Which Matters More?

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By: Chase Amante

Jun 1, 2016

What’s more important: the girl you’re with, or how you run your relationship with her? Each plays a crucial role in how things go, yet each in different ways.

relationship skills

How to Successfully Introduce a Girl to Your Family

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By: George Russell

May 27, 2015

You think you’re ready to introduce her to your family, but you’re not sure if she is… or THEY are. How you handle it is a bit of a balancing act.

introduce her to family

A Failed Relationship is a Failure of Leadership

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By: Chase Amante

Jul 1, 2014

Is it the man’s responsibility when a relationship fails? And, if a relationship is a ship and the man is the captain – what are his duties at sea?

failed relationship

She Must Never Become Your Mission

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By: Chase Amante

Jun 4, 2014

Many men try to make women their #1 priorities – but women don’t want this at all… not remotely. As the man, you must include women in your own mission instead.

never become your mission

How to Keep Her Attraction Piping Hot as Long as You Like

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By: Cody Lyans

Mar 14, 2014

One too many romance films can make you think the adventure stops at “get the girl.” But that’s just where the attracting really begins…

how to keep her attracted