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In 2010, Chase Amante unlocked what was for him the “last level” in dating: absolute abundance. He’d learned how to meet women anywhere and take them to bed. And now he knew how to meet dream-girl caliber girlfriend-quality girls anywhere, and get them too. He was now, at last, living a life of unfettered abundance with women.

A decade earlier, he’d walked along a crowded boardwalk in Wildwood, Maryland, convinced that whatever it took to succeed with women, he did not have it.

Chase’s journey began in 1994, when an 11-year-old Chase tried a social experiment. For a few days, he altered how he dressed and how he interacted with people. He wanted to see if these changes would make his classmates treat him any differently. They did. In just a few days, he went from “school nerd” to someone everybody wanted to talk to. It changed how he thought about people.

Chase Amante
Chase Amante in 2016, for One Date.

Adolescence plunged Chase into a social phobia he struggled to claw out of. He used humor and stories to attract people to himself. The cool kids all invited him to parties. And the pretty, popular girls all asked him out. But he so feared them finding out he wasn’t as cool as he seemed and rejecting him that he told them all “no”.

Chase did not get serious about fixing his social problems until not long before his 22nd birthday. Alone and out of ideas, he decided to try something different. He’d learned sales, writing, and basketball through methodical practice, he reasoned. Why couldn’t he learn how to talk to girls this way, too? With that, he launched a new life mission: talk to girls to get better at talking to girls.

A year in, Chase discovered a community of men doing the same thing as him, and immediately signed up for coaching in New York City. His key mentor was Sebastian Drake, founder of the “natural game” branch of seduction. Under Sebastian’s tutelage, Chase’s results ascended. Soon he was sleeping with women he met in nightclubs, on trains, at parties, and on the streets of Washington, DC. And he began to take beautiful, charismatic girlfriends, to boot.

Within a few years, Chase had become one of the most prominent posters on the pickup artist community’s mASF forum... Rated the #7 most valuable poster out of some 100,000 forum members, including nearly all of pickup’s greatest names. He began to get requests for training from other students. And many suggested he start a blog.

In 2008, in San Diego, California, he launched, and the rest is history.

Chase Amante
Chase Amante in 2016, for The Dating Artisan.

Today Chase splits his time between the United States, Eastern Europe, and East Asia. His mission of improvement with women finished, he now has a new one: create a system of success with women so simple, so practical, and so fundamental, it will be the go-to system for men down through the ages.

In 2016, he recorded One Date and The Dating Artisan. Filled with demonstrations, technique, and 1092 scientific references, he believes he’s achieved this mission now, too.


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