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Sexual Dynamics

Creating an Environment for Bondage and Sexperimentation

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By: Drexel Scott

Feb 13, 2014

When you want to try bondage, going in the backdoor, or any other of the more unconventional kinds of sex, you first need the right environment.


Sexual Awakening: How to Have Her Doing Almost Anything in Bed

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By: Peter Fontes

Aug 9, 2013

A sexual awakening is when a woman casts off her old mental sexual constraints and embraces her sexuality fully and completely. But she’ll need some help from you to get there.

sexual awakening

Turn On Your Girlfriend with Raw Sexual Enthusiasm

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By: Chase Amante

May 24, 2013

Want to know how to turn your girlfriend on in a way that doesn't involve roses, chocolates, or whispered sweet nothings? Read on...

turn on your girlfriend