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How to Tell a Girl Who's Beautiful from One Who's Made Up

Chase Amante

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natural beauty vs. makeup
Women use makeup, hair, dress, and behavior to make you think they’re prettier and more sexually receptive than they are. But you don’t need to be fooled.

After I’d been meeting girls in bars and on the street for a few years, I decided to undertake a project. I wanted to become instant and good at differentiating naturally beautiful girls from all the rest. And there were a few reasons I decided to do this.

If you aren’t too experienced with women yet, or you haven’t paid much attention to this, there’s a lot women can do to make themselves look more attractive than they naturally are. And in fact, often this ‘artificial beauty’ commands men’s attention more than natural beauty does. I discussed this in “You’re Passing Up the Hottest, Coolest Girls”; how, quite often, a guy will go for the flashy girl with red lips and a low neckline over the girl who actually has the prettier face and better breasts, but who does not advertise these.

My suggestion is for you to switch it up. Rather than go for the girl who makes herself look better and more sexually receptive than she is, you go for the girl who is genuinely beautiful, and genuinely receptive, yet isn’t angling for your attention as much.

Of course, that’s hard to do if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The hair, makeup, and clothes industry is designed to trick the male brain. It is hard to not be spellbound by the woman in flashy attire, with flashy hair, and flashy makeup.

Thus, if you’d like to see past the illusion, you must train to attune to certain things.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Kevin Bogard's picture

Chase, this is one of the most useful article I've read on the site these last few months . You mentioned the issue of flashy versus naturally beautiful girls serval times in various articles, but never actually explained the discoveries you had made in that field. And now, the much-needed article is finally here!
I just have a question concerning make-up use during peak fertility.
You said that women make themselves more attractive during peak fertility, but I understood from this article that flashy women are flashy ALL THE TIME, not just during peak fertility?
And also, do naturally beautiful women also get flashy when I peak fertility?

Chase Amante's picture


Well, think of "flashiness" as a means to get more attention. More male (mate) attention, and to outcompete female rivals. All women seek this out more at peak fertility. But flashy women seek it out to a greater degree all the time.

They'll still be flashier relative to their usual selves when fertile. But the flashiest women will be flashier when not ovulating than the least flashy women will be when ovulating. Thus, you may miss a fertile woman by going for flashier non-ovulating women who have a higher baseline level of flashiness.


Kole's picture

Since I began practicing seduction, cold approach etc, I discovered a terrible flaw: I do not love women. Or at least I do not love them like my natural friends love women. They absolutely adore women. I dunno why... my eternal conflict is that if I show her I love her, will not that mean I'm supplicating to her, being needy. What I your thoughts on that particularly?
Seriously... how can I love women? How to see their beauty? This looks stupid to look for practical advice on that but my guess is most pick up artists are not in love with women. That is what is holding us back (I can fairly say I'm still a pick up artist cause the naturals are too far ahead.)
I mean, what is it that naturals see in women that I or many other guys do not see?
This disgusts me to be like that but the fact is that I did not love women. I'm trying my best to "be in love with girls" like my natural buddy puts it but I'm clearly missing something here.
Last, I noticed all naturals had really sexy facial expressions above everything else (above posture, fashion etc...). Did you notice that and if yes, why is that?

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, it's an important mindset to get down, especially as you approach an advanced level with women. Often the "loves women vs. doesn't love women" divide is the biggest difference between a technically skilled guy who gets okay results and a technically skilled guy who gets outsize results.

To a certain extent, you'll need to make your own mental breakthroughs to get there. But these articles may help to make a few of the reframes / gives you the lenses to look through to do this:

The pussycat article in particular focuses on opinion-shifts on women. I might read that article first.

Facial expressions, yes. It's a constant theme among naturals, among the sexiest and most iconic movie stars... and it holds true for the most romantically talented women as well. I've talked about expressions before here:

Although if you want my opinion on why these seem to be so crucial, it's:

  • That they are the most efficient way of communicating (Law of Least Effort)

  • They serve as a signal to other socially talented people that you are among the social elite

  • They allow you to stand out in unique ways - all elite-level socializers have their own set of charming, attractive, and sexy facial expressions, with their own tweaks and variations, that convey the unique personality aspects they want to convey. Very powerful way of not being just another faceless member of the crowd

Those are my Big 3 on facial expressions, and what I've long seen as the reason for their ubiquity among the social elite.


Carlos's picture

This post saddens me a bit. When I see women(and men) who go to such lengths to appear more attractive, for validation and fake love that doesn't last, I can't help but feel their pain in me.

You can tell outside the fake happiness that a lot of women are suffering on the inside. Pain that's only dulled by fleeting moments of self-worth.

When you realize most people's lives are about chasing that next high, which they depend on so much, I can't help but internalize that pain.

If people learned to be more open, they'd be rewarded by everlasting joy and elation. And it'd be real... because, there is no mask on.


Ron Jeremy's picture

Few questions:

1. First you write that there is some "true" beauty, but then you write how people have different preferences. Which one is it?

2. What benefits does an undercover "true beauty" (whatever that means) get? In your owns words, a girl who puts in the effort is going to be better off when it comes to attracting men than a girl who hides everything underneath baggy clothes and plain face.

3. Why would women keep themselves attractive at all? Basic reproductive success is guaranteed for women, so why bother? In other animals, females are rather dull compared to males. Examples: peafowls, sage grouse, lions etc.

Neal's picture

1. Ron Jeremy - think of it as a statistic. Some women attract 80% of the male population, some women 60%. It's a theoretical number. That's how you take into account people's preferences.

Chase Amante's picture


Good questions.

Yes, more or less what Neal said on beauty. The rating you get for a girl when you average all the ratings of everyone in society for that girl out is what I'm referring to as "true" beauty.

i.e., any given girl - no matter how beautiful you or anyone else may think she is - has some guys who think she's gorgeous, some who think she's okay, and some who do not like her look at all. She will form her own internal impression of what her beauty is by averaging out the responses she receives from different men. If most guys think she's gorgeous or okay, she'll think she's somewhere up there. If most guys treat her like she isn't that cute, she'll start to devalue her looks.

(this gets weirder if you travel a lot - a girl who's considered incredibly beautiful in, say, Japanese culture may be only plain to a Frenchman, while a Japanese girl considered beautiful by most Frenchmen will be plain or just cute to most Japanese. And vice versa. So you get these upside-down situations where the most beautiful girls to you in a given country are available at below what their market value would be in your country, because although Girl A would outrank Girl B in beauty in your country, in her country Girl A is below Girl B in beauty, and her own internal ranking is based on what she's experienced in her environment, so she ranks herself below Girl B too)

Re: benefits of going 'undercover' as a beauty... it might sound funny, but the flashiest girls get the flashiest guys. These are guys who've packed on lots of muscle, spend most of their disposable income leasing flashy cars and renting expensive apartments in choice locations, and are extremely status-focused. Those things are attractive, but primarily from a short-term mating perspective. For women, as beauty goes up, interest in short-term mating goes down... and for more beautiful women (with exceptions for high sex drive beauties, who do not follow this rule), they look primarily for men who will be stable long-term mates. If they start dressing flashy, the noise-to-signal ratio gets insane; then every guy who thinks he's flashy enough to have a chance with her hits on her, all the over-bold low quality guys hit on her, while the high quality guys who are in the market for something long-term tend to stay away.

Thus, by covering up, she filters men much more effectively, keeping out the flashy guys and the riffraff. Beautiful girls usually put themselves in position to meet high quality men through social circle, where they don't need to advertise much. While Jack and Joe might've been dazzled by the flashy girls' appearances the first few weeks in class or at work, after it's a few weeks in they realize the beautiful girl is actually far more attractive and is not attention whoring nearly as much. Guys who are long-term interested tend to get a lot more intrigued in these sorts of girls at that point. And the girl by this point has had ample time to evaluate these men, and figure out which ones are worth sending a few signals to, too.

3. Why would women keep themselves attractive at all? Basic reproductive success is guaranteed for women, so why bother? In other animals, females are rather dull compared to males. Examples: peafowls, sage grouse, lions etc.

Difficult question to answer. It's essentially an evolutionary psychology question... which means I could probably come up with a hundred different possible reasons and make them all sound believable. But there'd be no empirical way to test them.

The likeliest explanation is a difference in mating behavior between these species. Mating is much more time intensive for humans than it is for most animals. The mating displays men use are predominantly social, too (social dominance, humor, playfulness, physical dominance [over others], etc.). Women are comparatively much more drab in the social arena - they don't work to display much dominance, humor, playfulness, etc. Their displays are primarily about encouraging or discouraging males from courting (or continuing to) court them.

If I had to guess, female advertising is an adaptation to the semi-monogamous mating habits of humans. Peahens do use some color, for instance, and will compete with each other for a dominant male. Peahens will sometimes mate with dominant males repeatedly to prevent other females from being able to mate with them (sound like humans at all?). Most women report that they do not dress up for men, but for other women - they want to outclass their female competitors. While female dress is eye-catching to men, it also serves the function of beating out the competition (and securing the dominant male).

Lions are actually quite drab among both males and females. African lions have manes on their males, but this is mostly for intimidating other males; it has nothing to do with females, so far as I'm aware. Once a lion gets control of a pride, he mates with all the females; and the females must mate with whatever lion rules their pride. So neither sex puts much effort into visual displays. (not sure how it works with American lions... which do not have manes and, as I understand it, do not have polygynous prides, either)

The fact that not all women dress up equally also suggests it is a competition thing. A beautiful woman who doesn't bother to wear low-cut dresses or layers of makeup, and in fact avoids such things, is declaring that she doesn't need them to compete - or even that she doesn't want the mates such things would bring her. Meanwhile, the woman who uses these things is relying on them to make her a better competitor, and actively seeks out what they get for her.


Sz's picture


I read your age article again and I had a few quick questions.

1. When you say that a younger guy can play the unemployed traveler road. How does an unemployed man travel the world with no money without living in the worse conditions.

Part 2 to the question, if a man is unemployed and traveling the world in his 20s, how can he have a business, retire, or have a good job? Wouldn't he not be able to work hard or find a good job or retire because he travels so much?

2. Where are good places a man could find a potential baby mother that isn't crazy or a slut, that is older, around mid to late 20s, with no kids or divorced either?

3. I never saw this question, but how do you feel about having a relationship with a girl who was divorced? Should men avoid those?

4. Do you know any other jobs that make it easy to sleep with multiple women? How you feel about retail? Would you recommend a certain type of retail job that has a lot of traffic?

5. Lastly, I need to meet A Lot of women, this is my biggest problem I need to make this an everyday thing. I want to meet new chicks everyday, everywhere I go. Any tips for that ?


Chase Amante's picture


You need some money to travel. There are various travel hacks to use to cut expenses (I discussed some in my article on this), but if you're going to do it totally broke, then yes, you'll be couchsurfing a whole lot and relying on the charity of strangers. Which isn't necessarily bad to do (can be quite an adventure!) but you'd better have your social skills, charisma, and likeability down first.

Just because you're traveling and not conventionally employed doesn't mean you're income-less. There are plenty of things you can do remotely and make a pretty penny... whether that be freelance work or running a business or affiliate marketing of some sort. You don't even need to be unemployed; more and more jobs now offer remote positions. So long as you get the work done, they don't care where you are.

Baby mothers... well, check out the article linked to above for starters, if we're talking countries. If talking within a country, you could maybe try the street, or universities, etc. I've personally never had any trouble meeting plenty of women like this just about anywhere though, really. Day game is obviously better than night game for this, of course.

As for divorced women... I try not to tell guys what to do or whom to date, within reason. But for me, yeah, that's totally out. I don't date women over 30 anyway, which limits my exposure to divorcées. And if I encounter a girl under 30 who's divorced, that tells me 1.) she's a much higher risk for anything we might get into long-term, and 2.) if she's already managed to get married AND divorced before turning 30, she's probably nuts.

4. Do you know any other jobs that make it easy to sleep with multiple women? How you feel about retail? Would you recommend a certain type of retail job that has a lot of traffic?

Check out this post:

5. Lastly, I need to meet A Lot of women, this is my biggest problem I need to make this an everyday thing. I want to meet new chicks everyday, everywhere I go. Any tips for that ?

Check out these:

How does one have happiness with being a loner? How can I still have fun in my life?

Well, different people have different emotional profiles. Some people have strong needs for acceptance and need to be around others a lot. Some are very comfortable being alone. While I enjoy people and am a slight extrovert, I've always been in the latter camp (perfectly comfortable being alone), and am not sure offhand how to teach that.

And in fact, I'd suggest that if you want very much to be with people, you try to find people who share your interests and connect with them. Rather than worry about people who want to do things other than what you want to do (whom you'll never much connect with, unless you take up their interests - most people are rigid in their interests and will never adopt yours).


Sz's picture

Doing things on your own.

I just don't know Chase, it seems like I have to do things and have fun on my own.

People do there own things and I got to do mine.

I don't know why, I'm a really chill person, and I do hang out with people sometimes, but these people that I'm talking about, I should be with a lot honestly, it's like they don't really care about me and idk why.

These people are in my family and other people i have considered very close.

They just do they own thing. I won't tolerate it anymore and I'm cutting them off and doing my own thing. It's just sucks so bad. I can't make people care, nor do I want to make them. People are so fake a phoney.

How does one have happiness with being a loner? How can I still have fun in my life?

Hector's picture

great articles, very accurate. From the first picture of the blush section I like the girl with out the make up better, than when she got the flashy crap. Just would prefer she had eyebrows actually, but no biggie. Loved the clear skin, light almond eyes, face shape and dark hair. very balanced face features. I really hate when women die their hair. I appreciate when they leave their hair natural, so many girls change their hair from straight to curly and the other way around.

etc etc's picture

Wait a minute, some of us wear make up to look older… or more professional. When I was 17-18, I looked like I was 12 or 13. None of the guys older than me (or the same age) would even look at me. Even now the younger guys still look at me more compared to guys older than me. If you look at the picture where the girl’s hair is curly, she looks older compared to the picture of her without makeup. Plus we women have noticed the difference between how people treat us with makeup and without. About jaw lines, we can make the jaw more pronounced…

Idk's picture

Chase, why do women never like to admit that they are wrong or at fault for something?

Chase Amante's picture


It is a strategy for maintaining the moral high ground.

Given how ubiquitous this behavior pattern is (pretty much 98% of women everywhere, across the globe), I suspect it is a vital survival mechanism for women.

If I had to guess, it'd be:

  • Men who feel confident / in control are the least likely to remain committed to a woman (there's research on this... the most desirable men are also the likeliest to divorce)

  • Women who are able to keep men in a state of confusion/doubt are those most likely to retain men's continued resources and protection

  • Therefore, there is a huge survival advantage for women to never yielding the moral high ground

The solution is to save the deep intellectual conversations for your buddies (and the positions requiring large degrees of accountability within your organization for male hires).


Washington Trees's picture

hey Chase,

i said i wasn't going to really talk to girls this summer, but after going to the gym like 5 times in the last couple wks, i've noticed 3 girls over that time who I've had the fascination feel with, and these girls, like they seem to try to get my attention back, like staring at me for a while or coming to where i'm at and looking at me, etc. this girl yesterday (was w/ a friend) but she was staring and facing me twice for maybe 5 seconds. i wanted to do something but she was with a friend and not close to me physically, so i'd have to walk all the way over there to her and it'd be awkward right?

you can probably tell, but i've never really approached random girls except for once. in college, i usually only talked to girls in work or clubs.

so pretty much if i go to the gym or mall and i have a fascination feel with a girl and she seems to feel it back, & the girl gives me an opening/signal, do i just go up and talk to her like tell her i like her hair, she looks cool, watever and say my name, etc. and talk to her about watever?

here's some other background info that i think can help you advise me to success (!) haha
-from the article topic, these girls don't really wear any makeup (maybe it's the gym factor?) but they're just regular cute, not like beautiful or anything. some of them are a bit on the thicker side/a little extra weight, i like it tho, it's cute
-i'm sexually inexperienced
-these girls look my age and so look inexperienced too
-i just want to have some fun (not just sex) but hanging out, spending time with a girl i want. i really think some of these girls are cool and cute
-i'd probably be nervous if i did talk but we'll see

i'm worried more about the initial stuff of opening and me approaching from a distance even if they seem fascinated like I am. am i worrying too much?


Chase Amante's picture


Yup, it's the same regardless what type of girl she is. No different. Just need to go say hi:

The more you do it, the easier it gets ;)


Jack Mitchell's picture

I think average-looking made-up girls are rude to guys who approach them because it gives her an ego boost. A true skeletally beautiful girl knows she’s been dealt a hand of high cards and has no need to take a man down a peg to try and boost herself up.

In my opinion, all those fluffed-up 6s masquerading as 8s are what put Mystery on the map. Bring out your N-e-e-e-g-g-g-s ! ! . . . I rarely use negs because I rarely approach girls like that.

Throwing your energy and resources at average-looking made-up girls is like paying full department-store price for an imitation Gucci case. It looks great so you break your back to get it, then you get it home and the silk-lined leather with the gold-plated clasp turns out to be polyester-lined vinyl with a brass buckle on it.

As for attainability, please allow me to put forth an alternate interpretation. Unattractive made-up girls can and do routinely attain(get) men far above their value, particularly in the West. By dialing down your value before approaching, you simply present a smaller target for her ego boost. If you roll in larger-than-life, you are like a white rhino walking into her gunsight, huge ego boost to take you down. But if you dial it down and roll in humble, you’re just another zebra, and who gets an ego boost from taking a shot at a zebra?

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, there's an ego boost that comes from rejecting a man, to be sure. Definitely a core motivating factor behind harsh rejections.

Most unattractive made-up girls have had negative experiences with 'above their level' guys: pump-and-dumps, for instance. Or they've had these guys flirt with them half-heartedly, only to ditch them later for prettier girls. There is often a real ego-protection reason for them to auto-reject, besides merely the ego boost; they are avoiding a rejection (and ego hit) they perceive on the horizon. And instead of an ego hit, they reject the man first, and receive an ego boost.

But there's another reason for harsh rejections too.

The two big reasons for harsh rejections can be boiled down to:

  • Ego protection
  • Status elevation

Either one comes with an ego boost, too. Ego protection is your standard auto-rejection.

Status elevation is when a non-top-tier girl rejects a man who is at or near her status level to boost her own perceived status. Social ladder climber behavior, in other words. Those 6s-masquerading-as-8s, for instance. People see her reject this guy; she gets a boost in status. You'll see this one in clubs a lot, especially in clubs where the girl is not moving around a lot and other people are keeping tabs on her status relative to the rest of the venue.

The easy metric for which type of rejection you're dealing with is to ask yourself this: if it was just her and me, one-on-one, in private, would she still be as rude?

If the answer is "yes, she'd be this rude, or just about", it's auto-rejection. If it's "no, she wouldn't be nearly this rude", it's ladder climbing.


Ggginger's picture

As a girl, I can only agree. For this reason I try to not wear make up . I want to be real me so that whoever ends up liking me - he will like me for who I authentically am. However, as a girl, I do know that every girl on the planet wants to feel beautiful about self. And you mentioned multiple times how you want the NATURALLY beautiful girls. That position is a bit problematic as it is based on the assumption of natural beauty, which logically leads to a conclusion that there must be naturally ugly girls. And you don't even talk about them. If they are naturally ugly, who cares, right? But may be that's why they become so flashy and insecure? If society treats your natural state as ugly and judges you , based on your looks, how is that going to help the naturally "ugly" girls? The only option they are left with is to hide their real face. Otherwise they would be looked at as an ugly creature and who would enjoy that kind of treatment? May be we should dump the whole idea of segregating people in two types: ugly vs beautiful. We should not even think of anyone as ugly, but instead call it "not my type" or "not my taste". If you judge girls as naturally beautiful vs naturally ugly, you actually contribute to their self-image problem, which would lead them to undergo plastic surgery only more and not less. But I totally agree with the point of being authentic vs being fake. Nobody likes fake looks. Nevetheless, be careful when disecting people into a beautiful category ( implying that there is other non-beautiful category and even if you stay politically correct, using the words " non-beautiful" instead of "ugly", it is still contempt). Contemptful treatment still hurts. How would you like, if we girls disect an entire male population into two categories of naturally handsome vs natrually "not handsome" (=ugly)? What would you feel if you NATURALLY fell under the latter category?

man's picture

It is a cruel and unfair world we live. I symphethize with all people who are not naturally beautiful, handsome and avarage. Sadly, every man wants to have the most beautiful girls in his life, and no matter what you, or me say, inside I am always judging your looks, and the truth remains the same. If you are ugly, I will think you are ugly. Imo sugarcoating it to "not my type" etc only hides the bitter truth that i am thinking, namely, you are ugly and i would never sleep with you.

Anonymous 's picture

Sweetheart, naturally beautiful or ugly does not equal objectively beautiful or ugly.

People have different tastes, and a girl I may find beautiful, another will find ugly.

What is meant here by ‘naturally’, is wether the girl is beautiful to you without makeup.
All girls will be beautiful to someone without makeup.

We are not talking here about Objective beauty where some girls are always beautiful and others always ugly.

And besides, men are already separated into handsome vs ugly. And it’s the point of this site to help men change the things they can change about their appearance that will turn them into handsome. But even the handsomest guy will be ugly to some girls.

Girls who become flashy do the same thing, and it’s honorable, the point the author is trying to make is that the pursuit of external beauty, fake or not, should not replace internal growth and development.

Will C's picture

Love this post! I just started reading a relevant webcomic, about a mediocre-looking girl's ascension into made-up hotness - check it out!

Misa's picture

There is so much wrong with this article and the people posting here that it makes me want to throw up. :) You people are truly sick. I sometimes wear no makeup at all, but when I do, I wear it for me to make myself happy not anyone else. My self esteem is pretty good, so I dont give a crap about whether or not it's making me look "hot", mostly immature guys who have not developed properly have that mind set. Makeup is something fun for me or something that I use to coordinate with an outfit.

Phero Joe's picture

That may be true for you, Misa. Unfortunately many men including myself have seen this exact thing play out over YEARS of struggling with women and not understanding true beauty. I have in my late 20's now found that naturally beautiful women are FAR less likely to act they're "goddesses" (one of the dumbest things out of social media in recent years). I have a keen eye for detail and instantly know when a woman is beautiful, with or without makeup. The women that as Chase describes as "naturally beautiful" are much easier to meet, date, and build sexual or romantic relationships with.

In fact, I have my own point of view about how women seem to develop feelings for men -- the truth is we have to work much harder than women to be able to attract the cream of the crop. Whereas women (even far below average women) have a never-ending supply of men to feed their ego's.

- Joe

Misa's picture

It's quite unfortunate that I hate most people in our society. I will continue to be myself and love myself for who I am without the need of someone "stroking my ego". I neither feel the need to act like a goddess or someone special. I like makeup it's fun; however I have a lot of other things in my life that are great as well, such as aviation and art. Fortunately I do not need anyone stroking my ego to practice these hobbies and it's pretty great. You say there's so many men out there yet I in my early thirties I have yet to find one that I could ever possibly call my equal. All I seem to find is a holes who seem to think that I want their dic pics, when in reality I want a real person to talk to.

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