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hey Chase,

i said i wasn't going to really talk to girls this summer, but after going to the gym like 5 times in the last couple wks, i've noticed 3 girls over that time who I've had the fascination feel with, and these girls, like they seem to try to get my attention back, like staring at me for a while or coming to where i'm at and looking at me, etc. this girl yesterday (was w/ a friend) but she was staring and facing me twice for maybe 5 seconds. i wanted to do something but she was with a friend and not close to me physically, so i'd have to walk all the way over there to her and it'd be awkward right?

you can probably tell, but i've never really approached random girls except for once. in college, i usually only talked to girls in work or clubs.

so pretty much if i go to the gym or mall and i have a fascination feel with a girl and she seems to feel it back, & the girl gives me an opening/signal, do i just go up and talk to her like tell her i like her hair, she looks cool, watever and say my name, etc. and talk to her about watever?

here's some other background info that i think can help you advise me to success (!) haha
-from the article topic, these girls don't really wear any makeup (maybe it's the gym factor?) but they're just regular cute, not like beautiful or anything. some of them are a bit on the thicker side/a little extra weight, i like it tho, it's cute
-i'm sexually inexperienced
-these girls look my age and so look inexperienced too
-i just want to have some fun (not just sex) but hanging out, spending time with a girl i want. i really think some of these girls are cool and cute
-i'd probably be nervous if i did talk but we'll see

i'm worried more about the initial stuff of opening and me approaching from a distance even if they seem fascinated like I am. am i worrying too much?