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I read your age article again and I had a few quick questions.

1. When you say that a younger guy can play the unemployed traveler road. How does an unemployed man travel the world with no money without living in the worse conditions.

Part 2 to the question, if a man is unemployed and traveling the world in his 20s, how can he have a business, retire, or have a good job? Wouldn't he not be able to work hard or find a good job or retire because he travels so much?

2. Where are good places a man could find a potential baby mother that isn't crazy or a slut, that is older, around mid to late 20s, with no kids or divorced either?

3. I never saw this question, but how do you feel about having a relationship with a girl who was divorced? Should men avoid those?

4. Do you know any other jobs that make it easy to sleep with multiple women? How you feel about retail? Would you recommend a certain type of retail job that has a lot of traffic?

5. Lastly, I need to meet A Lot of women, this is my biggest problem I need to make this an everyday thing. I want to meet new chicks everyday, everywhere I go. Any tips for that ?