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The Law of Least Effort

law of least effortI’ve been mentioning it for a while on here, but a friend pointed out to me recently that I have yet to actually flesh out something I’ve been referring to as the Law of Effort; henceforth referred to as the Law of Least Effort for reasons of clarity.

When I say the Law of Least Effort, what I’m referring to is a very simple, but very universal and little-understood, social rule common to all forms of socializing (not limited to courtship and seduction by any means, though certainly of substantial importance there as well, perhaps especially so). Basically, that the person who appears to put the least amount of effort out, while getting the largest amount of effort returned to him by others, comes across as the most socially powerful.

Note the italics around the word “appears” in that bolded section of the second paragraph. We aren’t necessarily talking about the person who is actually, literallytrying the least, but rather the person who is able to accomplish the most with the appearance of putting in the least amount of work.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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I'm having a little bit of a problem because, the girl I'm texting is clearly obeying the law of least effort, but if I make myself look like I'm using less effort than her, the conversation or little bit of chat we do by text would run completely dry..

It's not that we don't have lots in common, but it's just that it's almost like a competition to win this law of least effort, and I'm almost forced into being that 'underdog' because she's sunk the effort to such a low

any tips?

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Sink it lower. Like chase, I don't text anymore (unless to setup a meet). "Hey __, when are you free?" is all that is necessary.

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Do less... when you do something make it interesting to her.

Do less but achieve more

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How do I keep a conversation going with someone I just met, but also want to keep talking to

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It's really strange how some people can win 7 Wimbledon titles and make it look like a piece of piss...yet others make tying their shoes into an ordeal...I really like the old phase "turning a mole-hill into a mountain"

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Hi Chase, i felt morally obliged to tell everyone my story since this page has been TONS OF HELP for me, i have only been able to read body fundamentals on your book and a few of the pages, but to give my review i think THIS IS THE PAGE, as the core of everything lies on this simple yet very powerful Law...

I am 27 years old i met a girl on facebook from quite sometime, she is in a city about 180 km west. So its probably a few hours ride, yet she is very beautiful and i wanted to give it a shot, i only had a dinner but i followed your tips and man i felt a world of difference, keep in mind this is the best looking girl i have ever dated and i feel like i have to share everyone my experience..

First of all for anyone initiating, you have to read the FUNDAMENTALS... Body, Social, Vocal and Fashion fundamentals....

On body you want to ABSOLUTLY FOCUS on Posture and your walk, good posture with shoulders back, straight chest and head parallel to the floor makes you feel powerful, yet remember we are not that special, be humble yet confident on your looks. This also works as a reassurance, the more i have begin correcting my body language the better i feel and the better good looking i feel i am...

Then Work on your walk, i went for the Male Model Walk as i am triying to date a young girl, i wanted to go for the Gunslinger Walk but i felt it was a bit too cocky and didnt go with what i was looking for but if you can go for the Gunslinger walk and still make yourself feel warm go for it... In any case i have found that dressing myself always good and doing this walk even when at home or whatever serves as a positive reassuring, and you get used to it, you get use to the fact that you look good..

On Social fundamentals you WANT to absolutly focus on the threads technique, like knowing when to switch up when something is diying, using last sentence to start something new, i tried leaving stuff open but it was hard.. But there was a point when we had nothing to talk about and i wish i had some pending topics but i was able to come up with something new to talk about...

On Vision fundamentals, this is key, i completely forgot about the 100 percent while listening rule and 70 percent while speaking BUT i think i managed to do it unconciously and pulled it fine, at some point she caught me looking at her in the eyes and told me, which i just replied she looked very pretty, but in a warm tone, and she wasnt unconfortable.

On Fashion, you absolutly want to hear this guy on it... I really wanted to have some special trinket or something on my neck, just didnt have it for this date, but i managed to go out with my Graduation Ring, which looks gorgeous and powerful, at some point she started commenting on it and when i gave her, that meant i got to touch her hand and stuff like that... Trinkets and stuff is a way for a girl to find a excuse to touch you if she likes, so have em !



Seriously guys its not even funny, this girl is an Amateur model she looks very good, she has tons of guys chasing her, probably however is dating her feels extremely pressured. I managed to when she wasnt giving me attention or got on the phone, i pulled the bored look, then she would re-engage, at some moment i event went as far as snoring a bit as if i was falling asleep, and she re-engaged with a smile in her face.. This gotta be somekind of test or something. In any case, at some point after you`ve been improving your game you feel as if all those things and mixed stuff instead of meaning that she doesnt like you or anything are tests, and if you feel and act that way, YOU PASS... it really is weird but its just awesome knowing it.. :P

Another thing and the most important thing i have to give feedback into, is this.. Somewhere around here Chase said something like people often think something along the lines of ¨If they dont want me its their fault, its their missing this¨... And he says something like ¨Its OUR FAULT, for not having the skill¨, he is absolutly right but if you read more on somewhere else he says something like Genuine people beats everything. And he is absolutly correct, i finally got it.


So when i was with her, i felt that WOW i was able to follow chase advices, while still being myself, not being fake or something, and for me this is key. As i cant fake stuff or i wouldnt like to fake shit so a girl likes me as those girls im not interested in...

All in all. Chase Great job you are doing here man... I always felt like this kind of reviews sometimes were the own writters writting it or something, but lol, i am just a guy happy to have known this site, and i am really thankful for every advice here...

Now onto what to do with my date, as i need some expert advice, later... :P

Swimcito's picture

Cell phone is stupid but ill try to upload a picture asap...

Well continuing with the story, Chase this girl is 180 km west, i want to give it a try and because of my work i can really go at least once or twice a week there so distance wouldnt be too much of a problem, in any case though few points.

I think i did it absolutly fine with her, and i noticed she liked me, my only regret (Though i know i have to let it go); is that i didnt kiss her while probably i could have, but in any case and if Expiration Windows means what i know it means, The very next time i see her im going to to kiss her. I wanted to go for the Romantic Kiss, but i dont know probably a bit anxiety probably the night went waaay to fast, but in any case i dont think i am into expiration window yet, But i know that i have to absolutly kiss her the next time i see her... I am thinking of going this time for the Spontaneous Kiss lol, after i have Social Momentun buildup then i say something to her like, ¨You know the other night was perfect for me but i regret something, -What?, then spontaneously kiss her...¨, haha what you think? :P

And for now on, i dont know what to do, im going to go her town in 2 weeks, in the weekend, so i dont know how to approach texting, i am thinking perhaps something good to let her know that i care about her but going a bit distanced so she doesnt get bored and stuff. I have been thinking about going over those deepdiving techniques first, and then talk to her about that.. But thats going to take me about a day or two to read em,.. Should i text her meanwhile something friendly for the (lover, friend, provider) comb or should i leave that fase after we are closer, probably the ¨friend¨ role has to come later to KEEP HER rather than get her...

I think its better to use this time to go a bit cold and then deep dive a bit :P....

What you think chase, now give me your feedback :P

And thank you very much for creating this site, i know this is payed content but still its great, great stuff, and i think your into something :P

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Brilliant, I'm glad to see someone write about this. Back in my school days I developed the idea of an effort:achievement ratio, basically what you yourself recognised. At first this was with regard to academic work, that is:

1) Getting the best grades with the minimum *actual* time/effort/stress.
2) Making sure that it *appeared* very effortless as well. And the less effort it takes, the easier it is to make it appear so.

Since that time I've not found a situation it doesn't apply to. I'm interested in various sports and fitness pursuits and it amazes me how many people in that "community" are proud of being try-hards and will boast at length about how much time and effort they put in to achieve such mediocre results. It's unattractive to women and unimpressive to men. And, looking at point 1 above, it's probably a waste of their time and a drain on their health, as well.

I suspect that we sometimes feel that hard work and demonstrations of great effort can stand in place of actual assets (whether achieved or inherent), so if we lack the latter we can instead impress people with the former. But it really doesn't work.

lio's picture

im sorry their are some things i didnt understand like what type of investment are you speakinging about i didnt really get that part please respond

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Hey Chase,
This site is a real eye-opener by the way, thanks!
Especially the articles on 'The Law of Least Effort' and the like. I am beginning to understand and actually apply these techniques in my everyday interactions, and I am really amazed already (about 3weeks of reading) at the results. Still, I am a bit confused in some aspects. Now I have been using this any and everywhere applicable, which is almost everywhere on everything and everyone! Though no negative returns have come of this, and I understand its a skill thats built upon over time, I am just wondering this: Say you're at work, you dont want to look lazy, right? How do you avoid this? Or is it just something you gotta slowly build on until your boss is used to it? Or maybe turn that law off at work? Lol.
I also have a question or two about this girl I been wanting to hook up with, just wondering if I am chasing too much and should call it quits or not. I worked with her, built a good connection, asked her out (now multiple times). The first answer she gave me when I asked was "No, for now." which she said blushing like she wanted to say "yes." but had other reasons why not. The second time she said said she'd "let me know." the day before the said 'date' I asked her for her answer and she said "maybe, but whys it have to be a date?" ??? Uhh, cuz we're adults and I don't need anymore friends. Didnt say that but wanted to. I pretty much just told her I liked her and want to see her more than just at work. Shes playing that 'just friends' stuff I don't do. She does seem interested, kinda, I quit that job for better work two days ago, have not seen or messaged her in 2 weeks (kinda ignoring her after she "maybe'd" both dates. though I have her on 'facebook' (i know mistake, but I read that after I added her and dont want to delete her now and make it obvious) but she is liking my posts... Kinda can feel she wants to talk to me, and I want to message her, but if its as just friends, I dont even want to bother. Should I pursue? Havent seen an article on this, most the articles I read are for 'nightclub' one night stands, which is awesome! But I like this girl, and even though I called her out 'put up or shut up' And she refused, and I literally forgot about her and moved on. I think the Ignoring or 'lack of effort' preceding clicked a switch in her and gained some interest, and now shes back on my mind, ugh!! Just real confused and frustrated on what I should do, I read the friends-zone ones too, couldnt get much out of it on this, since she does seem interested, I think I "boyfriend material'd" myself, too much, since the lack of flirting/dirty-talk/compliments were not a factor, I did those regularley. I'm guessing, unfortunately, just delete her? or be 'just friends, maybe? I'll let you know" forever, or should I pursue for a while longer and call her out 'put up or shut up' again? Lol, lemme know, thanks.

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This is my life gaming. I originally learnt this from brent smith and others. Yo, great practice for effortlessness is taking care of a "wild" kid and not letting them see you sweat. I now agree to watch my nephew because kids love seeing how much they can get a adult to invest emotional. So I just give him order without repeating, ignore tantrums and never invest in negativityemotionally.
Hope this helps

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Great articl. Though Chase what may be considered 'big effort' for one might be quit effortless as he is fit and well skilled, effort is largely varying is this social idea based on the fact it is little effort in comparison to your returns? If that makes sence..... Haha cheers Chase.

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