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How to Pick Up Women in Your Day-to-Day Life

Chase Amante

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how to pick up women
Work, school, while out on errands or your commute. Women are everywhere, and you can MEET them everywhere. With the right approach, of course.

I am a hardcore pickup nerd to the core. I have for the past 5 years set time aside solely to pick up women. This has made me critical toward other seduction strategies in the past under the belief that any other way is unholy.

But after living this long without dying of some serious STD or at the hands of an angry boyfriend, I’ve had more time to develop a deeper understanding of others’ realities. Not everyone can take the time to go out and just straight pick up women. I would never expect to see Elon Musk out developing his verbal skills with women or Donald Trump chasing tail when he’s got important wall-building to do (just joking, don’t hate me).

It is not everyone’s purpose to shag everything that walks, and it would be unhealthy for civilization as a whole if that was our only focus... But guys are still guys and they need a strategy to help them meet women, no matter their living situation.

So I am going to try and help you out as an individual and not as a pickup freak.


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