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As a girl, I can only agree. For this reason I try to not wear make up . I want to be real me so that whoever ends up liking me - he will like me for who I authentically am. However, as a girl, I do know that every girl on the planet wants to feel beautiful about self. And you mentioned multiple times how you want the NATURALLY beautiful girls. That position is a bit problematic as it is based on the assumption of natural beauty, which logically leads to a conclusion that there must be naturally ugly girls. And you don't even talk about them. If they are naturally ugly, who cares, right? But may be that's why they become so flashy and insecure? If society treats your natural state as ugly and judges you , based on your looks, how is that going to help the naturally "ugly" girls? The only option they are left with is to hide their real face. Otherwise they would be looked at as an ugly creature and who would enjoy that kind of treatment? May be we should dump the whole idea of segregating people in two types: ugly vs beautiful. We should not even think of anyone as ugly, but instead call it "not my type" or "not my taste". If you judge girls as naturally beautiful vs naturally ugly, you actually contribute to their self-image problem, which would lead them to undergo plastic surgery only more and not less. But I totally agree with the point of being authentic vs being fake. Nobody likes fake looks. Nevetheless, be careful when disecting people into a beautiful category ( implying that there is other non-beautiful category and even if you stay politically correct, using the words " non-beautiful" instead of "ugly", it is still contempt). Contemptful treatment still hurts. How would you like, if we girls disect an entire male population into two categories of naturally handsome vs natrually "not handsome" (=ugly)? What would you feel if you NATURALLY fell under the latter category?