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Yes, there's an ego boost that comes from rejecting a man, to be sure. Definitely a core motivating factor behind harsh rejections.

Most unattractive made-up girls have had negative experiences with 'above their level' guys: pump-and-dumps, for instance. Or they've had these guys flirt with them half-heartedly, only to ditch them later for prettier girls. There is often a real ego-protection reason for them to auto-reject, besides merely the ego boost; they are avoiding a rejection (and ego hit) they perceive on the horizon. And instead of an ego hit, they reject the man first, and receive an ego boost.

But there's another reason for harsh rejections too.

The two big reasons for harsh rejections can be boiled down to:

  • Ego protection
  • Status elevation

Either one comes with an ego boost, too. Ego protection is your standard auto-rejection.

Status elevation is when a non-top-tier girl rejects a man who is at or near her status level to boost her own perceived status. Social ladder climber behavior, in other words. Those 6s-masquerading-as-8s, for instance. People see her reject this guy; she gets a boost in status. You'll see this one in clubs a lot, especially in clubs where the girl is not moving around a lot and other people are keeping tabs on her status relative to the rest of the venue.

The easy metric for which type of rejection you're dealing with is to ask yourself this: if it was just her and me, one-on-one, in private, would she still be as rude?

If the answer is "yes, she'd be this rude, or just about", it's auto-rejection. If it's "no, she wouldn't be nearly this rude", it's ladder climbing.