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Yes, it's an important mindset to get down, especially as you approach an advanced level with women. Often the "loves women vs. doesn't love women" divide is the biggest difference between a technically skilled guy who gets okay results and a technically skilled guy who gets outsize results.

To a certain extent, you'll need to make your own mental breakthroughs to get there. But these articles may help to make a few of the reframes / gives you the lenses to look through to do this:

The pussycat article in particular focuses on opinion-shifts on women. I might read that article first.

Facial expressions, yes. It's a constant theme among naturals, among the sexiest and most iconic movie stars... and it holds true for the most romantically talented women as well. I've talked about expressions before here:

Although if you want my opinion on why these seem to be so crucial, it's:

  • That they are the most efficient way of communicating (Law of Least Effort)

  • They serve as a signal to other socially talented people that you are among the social elite

  • They allow you to stand out in unique ways - all elite-level socializers have their own set of charming, attractive, and sexy facial expressions, with their own tweaks and variations, that convey the unique personality aspects they want to convey. Very powerful way of not being just another faceless member of the crowd

Those are my Big 3 on facial expressions, and what I've long seen as the reason for their ubiquity among the social elite.