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You need some money to travel. There are various travel hacks to use to cut expenses (I discussed some in my article on this), but if you're going to do it totally broke, then yes, you'll be couchsurfing a whole lot and relying on the charity of strangers. Which isn't necessarily bad to do (can be quite an adventure!) but you'd better have your social skills, charisma, and likeability down first.

Just because you're traveling and not conventionally employed doesn't mean you're income-less. There are plenty of things you can do remotely and make a pretty penny... whether that be freelance work or running a business or affiliate marketing of some sort. You don't even need to be unemployed; more and more jobs now offer remote positions. So long as you get the work done, they don't care where you are.

Baby mothers... well, check out the article linked to above for starters, if we're talking countries. If talking within a country, you could maybe try the street, or universities, etc. I've personally never had any trouble meeting plenty of women like this just about anywhere though, really. Day game is obviously better than night game for this, of course.

As for divorced women... I try not to tell guys what to do or whom to date, within reason. But for me, yeah, that's totally out. I don't date women over 30 anyway, which limits my exposure to divorcées. And if I encounter a girl under 30 who's divorced, that tells me 1.) she's a much higher risk for anything we might get into long-term, and 2.) if she's already managed to get married AND divorced before turning 30, she's probably nuts.

4. Do you know any other jobs that make it easy to sleep with multiple women? How you feel about retail? Would you recommend a certain type of retail job that has a lot of traffic?

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5. Lastly, I need to meet A Lot of women, this is my biggest problem I need to make this an everyday thing. I want to meet new chicks everyday, everywhere I go. Any tips for that ?

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How does one have happiness with being a loner? How can I still have fun in my life?

Well, different people have different emotional profiles. Some people have strong needs for acceptance and need to be around others a lot. Some are very comfortable being alone. While I enjoy people and am a slight extrovert, I've always been in the latter camp (perfectly comfortable being alone), and am not sure offhand how to teach that.

And in fact, I'd suggest that if you want very much to be with people, you try to find people who share your interests and connect with them. Rather than worry about people who want to do things other than what you want to do (whom you'll never much connect with, unless you take up their interests - most people are rigid in their interests and will never adopt yours).