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Since I began practicing seduction, cold approach etc, I discovered a terrible flaw: I do not love women. Or at least I do not love them like my natural friends love women. They absolutely adore women. I dunno why... my eternal conflict is that if I show her I love her, will not that mean I'm supplicating to her, being needy. What I your thoughts on that particularly?
Seriously... how can I love women? How to see their beauty? This looks stupid to look for practical advice on that but my guess is most pick up artists are not in love with women. That is what is holding us back (I can fairly say I'm still a pick up artist cause the naturals are too far ahead.)
I mean, what is it that naturals see in women that I or many other guys do not see?
This disgusts me to be like that but the fact is that I did not love women. I'm trying my best to "be in love with girls" like my natural buddy puts it but I'm clearly missing something here.
Last, I noticed all naturals had really sexy facial expressions above everything else (above posture, fashion etc...). Did you notice that and if yes, why is that?