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I think average-looking made-up girls are rude to guys who approach them because it gives her an ego boost. A true skeletally beautiful girl knows she’s been dealt a hand of high cards and has no need to take a man down a peg to try and boost herself up.

In my opinion, all those fluffed-up 6s masquerading as 8s are what put Mystery on the map. Bring out your N-e-e-e-g-g-g-s ! ! . . . I rarely use negs because I rarely approach girls like that.

Throwing your energy and resources at average-looking made-up girls is like paying full department-store price for an imitation Gucci case. It looks great so you break your back to get it, then you get it home and the silk-lined leather with the gold-plated clasp turns out to be polyester-lined vinyl with a brass buckle on it.

As for attainability, please allow me to put forth an alternate interpretation. Unattractive made-up girls can and do routinely attain(get) men far above their value, particularly in the West. By dialing down your value before approaching, you simply present a smaller target for her ego boost. If you roll in larger-than-life, you are like a white rhino walking into her gunsight, huge ego boost to take you down. But if you dial it down and roll in humble, you’re just another zebra, and who gets an ego boost from taking a shot at a zebra?