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14 Ways to Use Sexual Transmutation for Fun and Profit

Chase Amante

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One of the most powerful drives a man has – perhaps, arguably, the most powerful drive he has – is his sex drive.

Your sex drive is a complicated piece of physiological machinery. It’s partly controlled by your hormones (testosterone is its primary driver in men), though also partly controlled by, of all things, your social status and sexual experience (or at least, this is the case in rhesus macaques, not too far distant from us on the primate family tree).

Various things impact your testosterone and can lower it; a messy sleep cycle, certain diets, even emotionally supportive relationships can bring it down (so you may have to choose between a raging sex drive and fulfilling relationships). See my article on the winner effect if you want to read more about testosterone.

However, the male sex drive is good for more than just sex.

sexual transmutation

Your sex drive also powers your aggression, your ambition, and your motivation.

And the more you tap into and learn to channel it, to access the power of sexual transmutation, the more you can turn yourself into whatever man you aspire to be.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Wolf's picture

This why you can't stop writing articles Chase, the content you provide is beyond great and can't be matched.

When you say being an artist, do you mean as a real career or hobby? Because you have told me I would not make any kind of money if I had a degree in art.

As for you 14 choices, how can you accomplish all of then if they are not at a successful part of their life and they are still trying to get there?

How can one start with scratch with the 14 things you said and become good at it?

Like building a lot of muscle, getting a lot of money, becoming an artist, etc.

How does one do all of those things from scratch and become successful at each?


T's picture

It is really a great, great article.

That said I have two questions:

You said: "When you say being an artist, do you mean as a real career or hobby? Because you have told me I would not make any kind of money if I had a degree in art."
Is that important? I think if you have a 9 to 5 job (good at it) simply to live but you are e.g. a great guitarist who rocks people in local pubs can be as effective as an outstanding professional salesman who is also a good maritial arts trainer in his spare time. Both men meet the conditions.

You ask: "How can one start with scratch with the 14 things you said and become good at it?"
Do you really need advice how to start practicing one or more of the 14 topics?????? Perhaps to consult the internet and inform yourself about things you are interested in would be a good start to go for what you want and become also good at it ;-)

Chase Amante's picture


T has a fantastic response above mine.

You could be a career artists, but most artists have day jobs. Just because you have to work somewhere doesn’t mean you aren’t an artist. There’s a reason many artists are “starving.”

As for these 14 things, you probably won’t do all of them, at least not to a high degree. Pick a few and begin!


Rodrigo's picture

Wow, loved this one man... thanks a lot. Some of your articles are just amazingly unique and powerful, your writing is really good.

I'll make a huge effort starting tomorrow to break my porn addiction, and a big part of the reason that i still can't leave porn behind is because i'm not taking enough action to build enough new habits to replace it (make friends to go out with, dancing, which i get chills just thinking about it)... not transmuting all this energy into productivity due to fear of the new.

I've been addicted to it since i was 12 and i keep letting it ruin my life... i'll give my best shot this time.

Cheers :)

Lawliet's picture

Hey Chase,

You mentioned about asking a girl to come over second date after laying her the first one, to convert her.

Problem is I don't have a pad. Even if I manage to have sex on first, it'll be in public.
Having so much trouble figuring out logistics, it's so annoying.

How can I convert her then?


Chase Amante's picture


The 'mandatory' aspect is multiple encounters. Doesn't have to be your place.

However, if you don't have a place, you'll need to be creative, then.

Check out some of these articles on getting creative with logistics:

Also, this thread on the boards might be useful if you have a car (or she does):


sun's picture

I have to join the praise. :-)

I feel more respected by people since I subcommunicate sexual success (not always by intention). This is interesting. By being successful at the one thing most striving aims at, people give me more leeway. This might be useful for advancing your career as well. It also might explain the Haloeffect.

Especially when you have to sell something, displays of personal sexual success make your messege and product more valuable. On the other hand being obviously sexually hopeless makes all your striving and results retain a smell of anti-Spretzatura.


Chase Amante's picture


Yeah, I think there are a lot of social positives to oozing sexual success.

Sexually unsuccessful men are just more dangerous / less stable. They're more willing to sell their fellow men out for even a shot at pussy, and they behave in more erratic / emotional / idealistic ways.

Women are wary around them because of the risk being seen around an unsuccessful guy presents to their reputations (nothing like some guy getting mad at you because you wouldn't put out, then trashing your reputation), not to mention the (real or imagined) risk of a man who's desperate for action becoming fixated on them and thinking they have a connection.

In a way, communicating sexual success is a way of announcing you are a known factor, who's got success and is not going to do things like back stab those around him to woo some girl ("How dare you say that about her, she's one of the most productive members of this team!") or be a reputation or safety risk to anyone.


AnonDude's picture

Great article on what and why but it doesn't say much on HOW to consciously direct your sexual energy into something. Is it simply imagining how much sex are you going to have once you become a millionaire to get motivated to start a business or is there more to it? Any chance you could write something on that topic?

Chase Amante's picture

Anon Dude-

Right, yeah - I tried to include examples with most of the 14 bullets of the sorts of thoughts that motivate transmutation, but that's basically it: imagine the (sexual) success your endeavor will bring you.

So for instance, if you're starting a new business and aiming for those millions, you can envision sitting in the VIP section of the nightclub with gorgeous girls crawling all over you, or retiring young in some exotic paradise with adoring local women, or spending as much time as you want in your favorite party destination, or giving lectures at prestigious universities and having cute girls in the audience chase you down after (basically how Steve Jobs met his wife), or whatever your particular fantasy is around having money and getting women.

Different guys imagine using their success differently, but the end is usually the same (increased and/or superior mating opportunities).


mb1's picture

Great one, Chase! I've been meaning to thank you for the MLTR podcast too.

After first discovering your site two years ago and reading as much of the blog as possible after the book, I was really working to tie everything together and make sense of it as a body of work. The glue that held it all together seemed to be that we're all just mating here and after genes, so the girls with most choice in their mates are going to be very picky - namely in choosing men who know what they want and go for it, as this is a prime indicator of success and resilience (which is passed on to her kids), right?

So a lot of the experienced guys here have some sort of mission that they prioritize over women. To me, this seems the same as abundance mentality and retaining mating options. If Geoffrey Miller's Mating Mind is right and we've evolved artistic skills like peacock feathers, isn't every mission just to get more women or make Earth better for our own descendants?

I've been dating multiple girls since a breakup and it's helped get my mind off of her, though even more effective has been working on a project. My theory was always that this was because it will lead to meeting astronomically better women and has been more enticing to work on lately than hanging with my girlfriends since they'll all be replaced as I sweeten up this honey trap.

Anonymous's picture

chase has MLTR podcast? Where???

mb1's picture

Chase Amante's picture


Yeah, the “mission” thing is interesting from an evolutionary perspective.

You go along throughout most of hominid prehistory, and very little changes. You see advances in the kind of stone tools being used once every million years or so. Then Homo erectus comes along, and Neanderthal man, and modern man, and you see some faster improvements, but there’s still very little progress compared to what we see today.

And then you get sudden flowerings of civilization occurring sporadically in some parts of the world, but not in others. And many times these areas go into decay, then bounce back eventually. And you’ve got to say, “Here are some people who are ambitious and trying to build something,” and when the decay happens it seems to be because people are not ambitious and no one’s trying to build much, or they aren’t building much in an organized fashion.

The “missions” we have today are pretty different, at least superficially, from much of what man’s had throughout prehistory. Perhaps you’d compare it to a man’s role in his tribe as a hunter-gatherer; some men are going to say, “Woman, I cannot stay any longer; I must leave for the hunt,” or, “I’m sorry, but I cannot be the nursemaid, we now go to war.” And there are mission-less men in these tribes who do not contribute to the hunt or go to war because they are weaker, though some of the anthropological studies I’ve seen have found these men roughly as genetically successful, as they sneak into the mission-oriented men’s huts when those men are away on their grand schemes and have sex with those men’s wives. In modern Western society, which is more isolated and less community focused, though, men without missions seem to be socially isolated and deprived of access to women, unlike what I suppose are their counterparts in hunter-gatherer society.

So, yeah. I don’t know if the missions we have in modern man are simply extensions of age-old “I must fulfill my role”-type programming, or if it’s something new selected for by competing city-states (apparently, human evolution has sped up the past 10,000 years; and if you consider the huge amounts slaughtered by disease and warfare as populations have increased, you’d expect some fairly significant selection pressures along the way… e.g., there’ve probably been some selection pressures for humans better suited to close-quarters combat over the past 10,000 or so years, I’d imagine), or if it’s an emergent property you only see in large agglomerations of people in safe and wealthy civilizations.

It’s curious to think about though.

Part of the reason it makes you more attractive to women is simply that a man who’s preselected and a man with a mission that takes precedence in his life look superficially very similar; whether you’re busy because you’ve already got 6 girlfriends or you’re busy because you’re inventing something that will change the world, it all looks the same to her. However, another part is doubtless because men on missions tend to be those best in position to climb the ranks of status and provide her with more security (and opportunity), and her children with superior opportunities to mate. Guys on a mission just reek of potential (or, if they’re already well on their way to success, they reek of already-there benefits).


Anonymous's picture

Nice article chase.i have always had the problem of goal attainment. Conflict between becoming a successful entrepreneur making loads of money or just learn game and hinder ur dream in becoming a millionaire but the one desire to rule them all is women.so which avenue pays? Learn game or become rich and get girls?

Chase Amante's picture


Whichever's the more pressing need for you, I'd say.

If it's "get girls", then learn game first. I know lots of rich guys who suck with women or can only get gold diggers or nerdy but not-that-cute girls, or women they meet via work.

If it's "not have to go to a 9-to-5 and have time for my own passions" or "be my own boss" or "be financially independent" or a similar concern, then in that case go for wealth first.

Don't worry though - get good with girls but not money and you'll still be plenty worried about, "Crap, how do I fix this money thing?" and, get good with money but not girls and you'll still be plenty worried about, "Jesus, what's it take to fix the girl thing?"

Of course, one helps with the other - learn girls and you'll have an easier time learning money; learn money and you'll have an easier time learning girls... generally. Though there can be opportunity costs: many men who get good at one consider themselves "too good" to go back to being a novice learning the other. So long as you stay humble and don't get a big head you'll do all right though.


Lawliet's picture

Hey Chase,

Great article. I love your list articles as they provide the whole picture and makes it easy to picture our conquest :)

1, About conversation

In your qualifying women tip, you say, "I really like XYZ" but doesn't this also set yourself as unrelatable (if she holds the opposite opinion) and make her act to impress you but not show her true self?

In your "How to get girls with Astrology" you say to not express strong opinions in case she doesn't hold them and push them into auto rejection. In conversationalist, and "What to ask her", you say to mirror her, or in verbatim "You're there to make friends and socialize, or get girls, not enter a debate of opinions".

Well if that's the case, then I'm confused...

2. New workplace, how to build social connections fast and get comfy?

hey bro, I got a new job lately :)
I was wondering how to get comfy with everyone and get everyone to be open with me and sees me as part of the group? I came across many articles on here about that but I can't find them now.

Any good list of articles you recommend for this?

Thanks bro,

Chase Amante's picture


Good question on stating opinions. Typically when you start stating opinions, you want to be doing it a little later on once you're fairly clearly on the same page with her and you're talking about things you know she'll be likely to agree with you on.

For instance, you're both talking about how much you love Thai food, and then you say, "You know what I really love? Green curry. There's just something about it that makes everything better." If this is a pretty common opinion (and it is), there's a good chance she's just going to say, "Oh my God, I love green curry!" Even if she doesn't, and says something like, "Really? I'm actually super into the red curry," you can still adjust and make that a qualification-ish from her: "Yeah, pretty much all Thai curry is good," and she'll agree with that.

Congrats on the job! I'd check out these for socializing at work, dating at work, or just general work social dynamics notes:


Lawliet's picture

Oh and how do you get people to treat you with special treatment?
Sorta "him and me on the same boat" so I treat him as family and look out for him.
I especially want to emulate this for my new workplace. Good to have more on your side than against you when you're new there. :D


Kerbad's picture

Superb, Chase!
I ask straight, How can a man ever kick off jerking off and not get back to it?
You know chase I do most of the things you mentioned above, I go rock climbing, I box, speak 4 languages... but can't go three or four days without masturbation.
I Know for sure that if I only give up this bloody habit my success rates will sky rock.
and this is a Scandal almost every teenager out there in or out of this country deals with and regrets doing oftentimes.
you know chase I looked up many resources with too many information but they're just Lame.
this is a great article of yours I read today but why not doing one for it SPECIFICLY, to the point
where there's not even the need to control this kinda Artificial sexual contents?
what is the porn industry's trick of the trade so many people are trapped in?

hopes up, Kerbad

Chase Amante's picture


Have you seen this article by me on porn addiction?:

Break Your Porn Addiction and Sleep with Real Girls Instead

Masturbation isn't the end of the world, and there are studies establishing that the men who get laid the most also masturbate the most. Anecdotally, I'll tell you when it seems like sex drive's highest when you're getting a mix of regular sex + regular masturbation.

That said, here's something I've always found useful: if you start thinking about rubbing one out, but you'd rather not, just examine that desire, and announce, "You know what? If I've got this much pent-up sexual energy, I might as well go meet some real live women instead," and go get ready, head outside, and do some approaching. Much of the time, when you're that horny, you get a bit more frenetic energy and will try harder to pull. If you're going to rub one out anyway, might as well try to meet a mutually horny girl and help each other out instead, right?

You can also transmute it: "If I'm this horny, I'd better get to work on my [X] project, so that when I'm this horny in the FUTURE I have piles of women to relieve myself with."


Anonymous's picture

nice one chase...keep em coming!
phones...hope you will answer my two questions.
throw the ball in her court, but if she takes the ball from us and say she'll tell us next week when she has her schedule, what do we do??? and if she forgets, then will throw it in her court and cut reply rule apply?

girls looking down at phones and approaching.
some was typing and continue after my opener. some pay attention to me but pull out phone after I pause and run out of things to say??? some pull out phone as I'm talking. what should i do???

Chase Amante's picture


If she says she'll text next week, text back, "Cool! Chat with you then ;)" and then just expect her to forget. If she remembers, take it as a bonus. Usually though, just expect she'll forget, and then she'll 'remember' a week or two later and text you back saying she totally forgot and feels so sorry and do you want to grab that drink now?

You can follow up with her yourself as well, though NOT the week of, and don't mention her forgetting to text (just act like you forgot she was ever supposed to text you something... if she feels like you're tracking obligations of her that she's forgotten or reneged on, you become a burden to her and she'll want to stay away), though in my experience it's often better to just forget her until she resurfaces (whenever that may be).

If a girl pulls out her phone, just quiet down and look a little bored: bored look. If she keeps doing it though, just excuse yourself; you weren't engaging enough, or she wasn't interested. Either way, no big deal; you made the approach, it didn't work out, but them's the shakes. Sometimes it happens.

You can also experiment; I'll hear guys say stuff like "It's not that she's bored, it's just that girls are so addicted to their phones these days" but to me (maybe it's because I'm not much of a smart phone user, but...), if she's whipping out her phone mid-conversation, she's not that interested. You can either walk off, or try out one of your new ideas on her, since there's nothing to lose there anyway. e.g., what happens if you try X crazy pattern interrupt? Like, "Hey, you know what? Let's take a walk," and hold out your hand and see if she'll go with you. Try something novel out... see how she responds. You may just come across something you can reuse.

Ultimately though, you want to aim for being attractive / engaging enough that women aren't pulling their phones out on you too often ;) This'll come with time... you'll quit running out of things to say and women will (mostly) quit taking their phones out. Just takes practice.


JoeK's picture

Along with sexual transmutation, the art of seduction in itself really makes me feel alive. If anyone has been depressed or is going through some crap in their lives, then you know what it's like to feel down.

But when I go on GC and read up on seduction, the posts, and what the authors have to say, I really feel alive. I forget all the crap in my life and remember that I can put all that aside and go pick up women. And sex and the company of women really makes me feel awesome and alive.

I love that there are guys out there who don't give let their current situation in life stop them from getting women, and they'll just throw on some cool clothes, use the fundamentals, and bring women to seduction.

I love being part of this community. Keep up the great work. That goes to both the authors and readers on this site.

Cheers, brothers!

Anonymous's picture

Daaamn, brah this piece's hot!
Yo brah, you know all dis stuff we learn for seduction, pregnant pause, raise tension to get that investment, bored look, all that stuff, apply to our brahs and social? And tension, if we rise it, but they ain't moving, like fill pregnant pauses if they ain't doing it?

yo when you use lube for sex before getting em screaming with only yo member from 8min? Else how to get her prep? find it wicked for public sex and a bottle around!

Peace dawg!

Anonymous's picture

yo brah, also asked this last time but yo might'a missed it!

What positions won't tire us out but also gets her off like yo 8 min orgasm article? What bout when we can't lay down and have to stand like in a washroom or sth?

Peace dawg!

Chase Amante's picture


I'd avoid pursuing investment, using pregnant pauses, etc., with friends, since these are techniques designed to increase your authority over the other person, and friendships work better as a couple of peers than they do of leader and sidekick. Every man I've met who does this stuff with other men tends not to have especially long-lasting male friendships (and often wonders why that is). Bored look is okay to use if your buddy says something really retarded, though.

I don't recommend carrying a bottle of lube around with you to use in public, no. That's not the kind of bulge you want in your pocket. Maybe just focus on getting girls horny enough first and take advantage of their natural lubrication.

As for standing positions, I'm pretty sure I answered that one a few months back, but I know of no standing positions that aren't tiring other than doggy style (and even that's tiring if the girl isn't too close to your height). As for being on the bed, part of the reason why I came up with adapted missionary was because everything else was too tiring for out-of-shape me back then ;) Try girl-on-top though - even less work than adapted.


Anonymouz's picture

Regarding to your last comment chase, I meant your criteria as in what you describe as a girl you can date without having to worry. What I meant was I would love girls like that and I don't know if I can get to the level where I meet girls like that at all because it's is rare. It's even super rare for me because most girls are followers and do the stuff others do. So I'm just saying that a girl like that is ideal, but what if I don't meet that type of girl. What if I keep finding girls who have a red flag? Do I just keep being paranoid?

The women I have been with all have at least one red flag. So it feels impossible to me to find one like that doesnt have one.

I want to cold approach, I really do. It's just hard to make reality and actually seeing it work for me.

How do I even improve myself through social circle game?


Chase Amante's picture


If you’re not finding women who are what you’re looking for, that means either your area just doesn’t have them, or you’re not doing what you need to do to meet them.

To meet them, you need to either a.) do cold approach (in the right areas, and to the right women), and/or b.) get into the social circles where your types of women hang out.

If you’re not doing cold approach and you haven’t gotten involved with diverse social circles, you won’t be able to accurately gauge whether the kinds of women you’re looking for are available in your area, and in what quantity. Kinda like trying to figure out what sorts of fish there are in a lake, but you only stick to fishing in the one little rivulet you know and only try to catch fish by hand. There might be incredible fish for eating in that lake, but maybe you aren’t catching them.

As for girls with red flags… well, nothing’s 100%. You could find the most chaste girl in the world, with the lowest sex drive, and highest levels of devotion, and there’s still SOME chance she’s going to stray. How paranoid you are is a mix of how much the risk of infidelity messes with your cool, and what her actual risk is. If you want to care less, find ways to make the woman or women in your life less of a central matter of importance and more of a peripheral one. See: She Must Never Become Your Mission.

As for improving in social circle, check this 4-part article series out:

Meeting Women via Social Circle: The Pros and Cons


Sub-zero's picture

Chase, how do you improve my fundamentals if I don't cold approach?
I remember you saying 40 years old is too young to throw in the towel to start picking up, but the guy has to be exceptional.

What are other ways to be an exceptional older man if you are not retired or rich, or famous?

I really hate clubs. Idk if it's just the ones I've been to, but I hate them. Too many people, too many dudes compared to girls, too hard to fuck the girls, the list goes on.

Basically I hate the feeling, I hate the feeling of feeling less of a person after a night in the club. I feel like shit when I don't have a good night, I feel I can't get girls or I'm not attractive or whatever after the club. The club makes my confidence go down and I feel I have to have a lot of money or be somewhat famous to get girls, I just feel lame after the club, I feel like I can't get girls.

How can I stop this feeling Chase?

Chase Amante's picture


Million and one ways to improve fundamentals without ever talking to another human being:

Better yet, check out this article, this one, and this category page.

Your reasons for hating clubs is what makes them such excellent proving grounds. That doesn't mean you have to go to them, but that's sort of like saying I really hate gyms: the weights are too heavy, the guys there are too intense, and big muscles are too hard to get.

You don't have to go to the gym to build muscles (plenty of hunter-gatherers who've never hit a gym in their lives yet have exceptional strength; and the man with the largest biceps in the world built his arms wrestling pigs, not curling iron), but gyms are just a good, easy, convenient place to level up.

That said, plenty of guys on the boards who've gotten good without ever setting foot inside nightclubs. My biggest mentor didn't enter a nightclub until he had something like 50 lays under his belt already... he just did nothing but direct day game until that point.

Anyway, your feeling in nightclubs is the same feeling every guy gets going there when he sucks with women. I got it. Every guy who goes to clubs here got it, unless he didn't start going until he was already good.

Two ways to get rid of it: don't go to clubs, and instead get good with girls elsewhere. Then go to clubs once you're already good. You won't get that feeling.

Or, go, and suck it up, and get better, until the feeling goes away. That's like the fat guy or the skinny kid who hates the feeling he gets in the gym, but he just keeps going until he sheds the weight (or puts some on) and doesn't feel like an outsider anymore.

You can go until it feels good, or you can work out somewhere else - the choice is ultimately yours. No one's locking you into nightclubs though - there's the street, there're cafes, there're malls, there are campuses, there's online game (best used sparingly in my opinion), there's beach game, library game, transit game, social circle game...

Seduction is one place where you get to pick whatever suits you best, and roll with it.


Sub-zero 's picture

I forgot about this in my last post. I felt that I needed money or to be famous because I seen some guys with money in the strip club and regular club spending a lot of money and girls fawning over them. I only went to the strip club because I was with friends. I was angry at this, and felt worse about myself.

Is there anyway you can make your girl not go to the club or bar for your whole relationship? Say if it's even for a friends b day or event. How do I make her stay at home all of the time, is that even healthy?

I just asked because I remember you said girlfriends can't go to the club.

Chase Amante's picture


Strip clubs… haha. That’s like saying you went to a Chuck-E-Cheese and felt like mice are only attracted to small children because small children got all the mice’s attention. Well, sure; they’re the clientele.

A stripper at work is a stripper at work. She’s there to make money, not find a boyfriend. When she flirts with men with money, she makes more money.

In real life, strippers do date men with money sometimes, and some of them are gold diggers. However, most strippers are into a lot of occult stuff, astronomy, astral projection, etc., and tend to date either tough guys or guys into spiritual/occult matters, more often than they date rich men. Flirting with rich men is their job. Don’t get too sucked in by appearances.

As for this question:

“Is there anyway you can make your girl not go to the club or bar for your whole relationship?”

Yes there is.

Quit dating girls who club, party or drink.

If you mean, is there a way to take a girl who DOES club, party, and/or drink, and turn her into a girl who DOES NOT club, party, and/or drink, well, there may be, but in all my years I haven’t come across it yet, aside from “wait for her to hit 40 or 50 or so and lose all interest in such places, to the point where she never goes at all anymore.”

You can always break up with her and get back together again in 20 years or so once she’s gotten it out of her system if it bothers you ;)


Anonymous's picture

Yo brah, dat bring energy to party idea, ain't it bad for sexy, calm man? your piece say hip bumps, hugs with girls, talk with energy. tried it dawg, ain't working like two are opposites. What's up with that?

Peace Dawg!

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, they're different modes, essentially:

3 Flavors of Sexy: Brooding, Smooth, and Talkative Vibes

What I discussed in "Bring the Energy" works best when you're in talkative "life of the party" mode.

If you're going to smooth seducer nomad lone wolf James Bond type mode, you'll be more wink than hip bump, more talking with intrigue than energy. This type doesn't lead groups or command the group's attention though, so if you want to do that, you'll have to switch modes.


Sub-Zero's picture

Sup Chase, I'm asking what is the easiest way to get some success and lays. I know it isn't easy, but what is a way to get more lays to get the ball rollin? Should I just talk to unattractive girls, how do I skip dates and move faster to sex? Right now I'm just worried about experience and getting more partners, quality isn't a big deal, but I don't want to go to low. What can I do now to make lays easier for me? I've been trying but it isn't working fast enough.

On nightclubs, I'm starting to hate night clubs and idk of I should even rule them out. The clubs I go to are full of dudes with little women, most attractive women are with their boyfriends or they're lesbians or pretend lesbians, some are also racist as hell.

I'm a darker skin guy and I see most girls gravitate towards a lighter person, I have to be very selective or lucky. I feel my fundamental's are good. I have a good body, voice, clothes, game. When I do get numbers from girls I never meet up with them, I tried many approach's except 1, try to have a conversation over text.

I have seen someone else do this and it works for them, but it goes against your rules.

What can I do to get some dates after the club?


Chase Amante's picture


Check this book out:

Finding Your Niche

The easiest way/place/type of girl to get laid from or with is different from man to man, and the only way you're going to find yours is exploration.

Follow the steps in the book, and you'll find somewhere. That's the same process I've used to find little oases of almost guaranteed sex pretty much everywhere I've spent any considerable amount of time, and every guy I know who's good does something similar.

Most guys just go to the popular spots and drown in competition for some reason. I think it's because they don't want to risk going to unknown places ("Maybe it will suck"), so they just stick to the mediocre. And yeah, 9 times out of 10 those new places you check out suck. But 1 out of 10 or 20 places you check out turns to be a gold mine, and you end up shaking your head at all the guys still cramming themselves into the mediocre places shoulder-to-shoulder with dudes while you hang out in your gold mine and pick girls off left and right.

Start exploring. Quit going to the same played out, fruitless haunts.


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Great article Chase! I agree with what you say completely, because it makes so much sense. It's all biological. At the end of the day, we're here to spread our seed as wide as possible, and having as many skills as possible only increases the amount of women a man can seduce. I assume a musician counts as an artist? Many women indeed love musicians, as we are able to express ourselves through our music. Also feels good to know that the more paths listed in the article that you take up, the more avenues you can use as a motivation to get higher quantity and quality women through proficiency in those paths. It's a great positive psychological boost. I've always been into music but in the last 14 months have taken up bodybuilding as well as started working on 2 new businesses (guitar instructor and producing guitar backing tracks online). I even want to take up more. Marshall arts and travelling are next on the list!


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So, is it okay to treat sex as a reward?

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I've been interested in this subject since Napoleon Hill wrote about it in one of the last chapters of Think and Grow Rich. I think he was onto something major way back then but never elaborated on it.

I wish this was talked about more. Honned properly with visualization this could be the secret of major success some speak of

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Hey Chase,

Great article, as always.

I was wondering which areas would give the most results, if your goal is to get more girls (besides fundamentals and game obviously). I'm assuming that certain areas listed help a lot more than others.

And we've got lots of time to improve now during covid.


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