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Fashion for Men: The Primer on Looking Amazing

Guys have been asking for a while on here for a piece on fashion for men. So I guess that makes this one a long time coming.

Fashion's important. How important? It's pretty important. It's not make or break always... but you know the saying: clothes make the man.

fashion for men

What you wear doesn't just define you as cool, sexy, or stylish. It also subconsciously affects how other people feel toward you.

Wear clothes that make you look amazing, and people will feel like you're amazing. Wear clothes that make you look different, and people will view you as different (good or bad as that may be).

Wear clothes that make you look ordinary, on the other hand, and people will view you as just that: ordinary. Boring. Not particularly noteworthy.

They'll hardly even notice you.

And thus, we have our focus on fashion: getting noticed, in a positive way. But not like what we discussed in the article on peacocking... the truly fashionable man picks clothes that fit him so well people don't even see the individual clothing items all that much.

Instead, they just look at the man himself and say "wow."

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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Gem's picture

Hey Chase,

I really appreciate this article, much of the effective fashion tips you listed I knew next to nothing about (other than dressing in well fitted clothes, the bulk of this article was very new to me).

I had two questions to ask the first of them being what do you think about the issue of wearing light colors vs. dark colors? I've heard that typically lighter skinned people look better in darker hues and vice versa. I am of a darker complexion and have always adhered to this rule (my wardrobe consists of mostly lighter colors now), do you think the rule is true or of much significance?

My other question was about how to dress when you are rather muscular (and whether you should follow any extra rules or make any exceptions to your listed suggestions)? I've gained a rather large amount of muscle in the last 9 months (30 lbs) and it has affected my fashion somewhat. I've found that I like to hide my figure usually in small, well fitted dress or long sleeve shirts (instead of wearing more short sleeve and tank tops getting extra attention when I don't always want it) but that lately there have been some days where I've thought to myself and dressed accordingly to the flawed idea of "it doesn't matter what I wear because I'm buff" and worn just like a t-shirt and jeans or something else very bland like that. Is there a certain degree of "if you have it flaunt it" with wearing tank tops and short sleeve shirts that I can and should use, or should I stick strictly to the fashion tips you listed above? Tell me what your ideas on this matter are, hope to hear from you.



Chase Amante's picture


form-fitting shirtI meant to include bright colors in the article; completely slipped my mind. Yes, bright colors go much better with your skin tone if you're darker; duller colors are better if you're lighter. You'll see black guys, for instance, who can very easily get away with bright orange or bright pink shirts because they look very good against their darker skin tones; white guys don't look quite so good in these colors. Conversely, dull colors don't look as sharp on black men as they do on white men because of the lack of contrast. You'll even see it in terms of building colors; go to the Caribbean or South America or Southeast Asia or the Mediterranean and you'll see brightly painted houses everywhere; go to North America or Northern Europe or East Asia and it's predominantly dull colors on the buildings. Even building colors contrast with the skin tone of the majority inhabitants of these areas.

For things to wear to show off your muscles, usually you want a form-fitting shirt like the one on the right for looking good while showing off. It's best with the sleeves half way up your bicep - I've worn shirts with sleeves both below my biceps and above them, and consistently gotten best reactions with the sleeve midway down the bicep, like what's shown in the picture. However, you'll get different kinds of girls being more or less attracted to you depending on the different attire you wear. e.g., you'll get classier women wearing a form-fitting t-shirt like this than you will wearing a tank top, but not as classy as you'll get if you're wearing a dress shirt. However, sometimes you may not want "classy" or "educated"; sometimes you may want some sexy, saucy beach bunny instead, in which case you'll want a t-shirt or a tank top.

Women won't look at you and say, "Wow, he's really muscular!" when you have a dress shirt / coat on, so you'll lose the "awe" factor of big muscles. However, they WILL still look at you and say, "Wow, something about him makes him seem really powerful and impressive." I had a girl once describe an extremely muscular friend of mine (who was in a dress shirt and jacket) as looking "very healthy." So you get more of a subtle, but still powerful, effect from your physique when more covered up.

It ends up depending on your crowd. If you want "understated," dress in a button-down (you can roll the sleeves up if you want to show off a bit in a dress shirt and you have larger forearms). If you want to be really obvious with your muscles, and excite the more excitable girls (at the expense of some of the more "refined" girls), go t-shirts / tank tops.


E's picture

Hi Chase,

Great article. I've been looking forward to it. You said that men should always wear coats, but what if if the man is muscular? Don't we want to show off our arms?

Chase Amante's picture


You'll want a thinner coat for when you need to wear one, and might want to stick more to wearing an open dress shirt over a t-shirt when using layers when not, or a blazer with a button-down shirt.

See my comment above for thoughts on showing off muscles openly versus wearing tightly-fitting dress-shirts / blazers that still let women see you have a powerful physique without openly showing off musculature. You'll generally attract different kinds of women depending on how blatantly (or not) you show off your body.


Michal's picture

Thank you. I hope some day, someone will help you as much as you have been helping me for past 8 months.

NeoPrince's picture

Chase, I remember that you once mentioned about having a harder time with less intelligent girls. I also have the same problem with unambitious or less intelligent people. Someone who has goals, I can relate to the skill or business they try to excel at, how they work so hard to make an art. How do you relate to people like baristas at Starbucks or workers at McDonalds? My family is well off because my Dad worked his ass off to take us from below Average Joe to rich, but most of my friends are poor. My friends are ambitious and we are all good students and I can relate to them. I just wish I could relate to my friend's less ambitious family members a bit more, usually we talk girls and sports and such but I wonder how I could get closer and be less of an "other". So far I've worked on my fundementals and reducing my judgmentalness. Basically, how do you relate to those in a lower class. It's a strange problem, because I've grown around the poor and yet can't relate to most of them since only the ambitious ones became my friends. If I could break out of this shell and relate better to the masses, It would be great.

Chase Amante's picture


Unambitious people don't relate the same way ambitious people do. Even among lower socioeconomic classes, you can still find people to relate to who are ambitious, in their own ways - the car thief who only steals the best cars, or the auto technician who takes great pride in his level of skill, are a couple of examples of guys I've known and spent time with in the past.

When you run into truly unambitious people though - and you'll meet them at every level of the socioeconomic class; when I lived in Southern California, I met more middle class people whose entire goal in life was to stay right where they are and just hang out forever than I'd ever met in my life! - the relating is really more about just hanging out with them, drinking beers, and doing nothing. You just sit around and stare at the television together; maybe crack a couple of dirty jokes. There's not much to talk about, because they don't really do anything. The main thing is spending time together killing time and being comfortable.

With the unambitious, time and a warm smile and eyes and a few off-color jokes are really your best tools for building a bond. Too much talking is what signals you as an "other"; the surest fire way to get suspected of being one of those unrealistic dreamer types among the unambitious is talking too much.


Inane Rambler's picture

Unfortunately as far as I know, Express is pretty much as high end as we have around here.

One thing I have been going with is a longer hairstyle. Not quite "rocker hair" or anything like that, but definitely way longer than most guys have.

Chase Amante's picture

Well - there's always ordering online (and getting free shipping)!

Long hair will certainly help you stand out. It's a polarizer - some girls hate it, while others are enamored with it.


Anonymous's picture

Thanks man I asked you for this awhile back and you delivered.

Zac's picture


you awesome man. while i have to differ and say that baggy clothes looks well if you know how to manage it. I'm a dancer, and occasionally i have people look at me like "Wow". I think you more concern if people can't pull it off i assume? Anyway i would thank my elder brother and the idols i see on tv as i am able to always put something nice on my body even if i am doing an activity like dancing or even soccer. It's practice much in early days, but now it's more of gut feeling, if i can pull it off. Plus i have a decent body, i pretty much have good reactions. IT helps.

I'm sure your article will help a lot of people. :D Cool stuff !


Chase Amante's picture


I've seen a few people pull off baggy clothes okay. You might have a different way of wearing them, but the normal way baggy clothes are worn they're worn in a way that hides the body, which means that any attractiveness you manage to build tends to be in spite of making yourself look less sexual / more amorphous. If you have a really tight image with clothes and accessories and colors and designs put together perfectly, you can pull it off, usually still just with a certain subset of women that are accustomed to men dressed that way and respond to men dressed that way, however (i.e., of the crop they're accustomed to, you're the cream of that crop).

Anyway, I might suggest playing around with fashion if you haven't tried anything new in a while. You might, say, be having people telling you clothes are cool, but changing clothing you might find you actually start seeing more attraction and receptiveness from women and more women regarding you as a sex object.

If they already do though... well, maybe you really do have baggy clothes figured out ;)


Zac's picture

Argh, damn... I would say i am not that level of figuring it out. but i take note. :) Don't worry Chase, i wear smaller clothes too. :D but i would say people find me intimidating and also at times, "awe" when they see me wearing baggy clothes. I have to note, it can be confusing when the way you being receive can be polarizing, at times.

I shall definitely try scarf more, i receive some great comments once,

Btw, i saw your response to Christie. Guess i am a guy who loves sharing emotions with women too, but a women left me once because i could not give her a relationship, or shall i say marriage, as she was looking for that, although she did try to hide that fact while we were in a casual relationship. There's also some fault in what i did, but i guess you can't always have the best of both worlds, in sharing emotions with women and having it casual. It depends on the girl though.


Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase I travel a lot and usually stay in budget hostels,Ive found that there are great benefits to staying at hostels such as getting foreigner treatment which you have said makes women more open to being your lover quickly ,and disqualifys you from boyfriend role.But sometimes you feel like a kid in a candy store whos mom wont let him buy anything,because there are so many girls that are staying their temporarily but their is a major lack of privacy when staying in mixed rooms with 4-8 people,which makes the logistics bad.Ive thought of paying extra for a private room at the same hostel but that can get expensive quick ,and im on a budget.Where would u recommend I take a hostel girl for a quick liason?Also any tips on hostel enviroment
dos/don'ts in general?

Chase Amante's picture


You can sometimes get away with sneaking into a girl's bed once everyone else is asleep in a hostel, and gradually escalating with her there. If you had a good vibe going on early, this can sometimes work - play it by your gut feel. If you think you can get away with it, try it and see, but make sure you've built up some sexual intrigue beforehand so it isn't weird or shocking (or unwanted).

Other than that, you can just get the girl to stay in with you in the evening and wait until (hope that) everyone goes out for the night, and just be quick about things. Pull the covers up and turn off the lights.

If you must stay in the bigger room, you kind of have to get used to escalating and sleeping with girls in situations in which other people may walk in on you or are sleeping in the room. Some girls hate this, but a lot of them find it quite exciting.


dick's picture

Hi Chase,
There are lots of stunning points that you have made in this post.
Actually, I actually dress like what you have suggested.
But everyone saw me would look at me differently, I don't understand.
(NOTE. I'm going to university in a town with 80,000 people)
First, my mom told me that I'm out of current, because I don't dress like most other guys.
Some other people sometimes come to tell me that, whether I'm going to a wedding or not? Or just tell me whether I'm running a fashion show on campus or not?
Should I just keep it this way, or just to lower my key a little bit?
Thank you, Chase.

Chase Amante's picture


It sounds like you're a little overdressed for your area.

When I lived in Washington, D.C., I used to wear a blazer and a dress shirt every time I went out. That was how people dressed there, and it was fine.

When I moved to California, right away I had meatheads picking fights with me in nightclubs because I stuck out like a sore thumb, and girls were being cold to me because they felt I was either a) tryhard, or b) out of their leagues. I eventually ditched the blazer, and moved over to the red plaid jacket I mentioned in this post, and people started being very warm with me.

You usually want to go a little bit overdressed compared to how everyone else in town is dressing, but not SO overdressed that you look like you're headed to the ball. Enough to stand out and look good, but not so much you look like you "don't get it."

Probably a bit of toning down is in order for you - but try to find the line where you're better dressed than average, but not so much that you look like a stiff (to them).

Tastes are relative, and somewhat different from place to place.


Anonymous's picture

Men wearing red or pictured on red backgrounds are more sexually attractive to that a typo?

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, that's a typo. Fixed. Don't throw away all your pictures of you against a red background just yet...


Pm61591's picture

Hey Chase been waiting for a fashion article for a long time and you did not disappoint. I'm guessing there will be more articles on fashion since this was just a primer, but this one definitely helped me. You made it clear and simple in understanding what to wear and how to wear it without specifically telling me what to wear. Not sure if that makes sense but now I feel like I can finally go clothes shopping free of stress. So thanks for the insights I will definitely be using this as a guideline. I have got to ask you how you feel about dress shorts or casual shorts? I've been reading a lot of fashion blogs and some say yay and some say nay on shorts but none of those blogs talk about looking sexy they are more about style. Any suggestions? Also, about having a sexy vibe do you advise that I turn the vibe on even though I do not know the girl or should I build a little bit of rapport before hand. For an example a girl i did not know said my pants were ugly. Now I wanted to say in a sexy tone of course...then why don't you take them off? However I did not say that for it was at a house party and I didn't want to sound creepy. So pretty much would saying stuff like that be out of line or would it benefit me in doing so. My example may be a little too extreme but any suggestions or insights would be awesome.

Chase Amante's picture


Shorts generally aren't "sexy," per se, so much as they are relaxed and comfortable and chill. If you're at a relatively laid back college-style house party where there's beer pong and beer funnels and the like, or you're hanging out near the beach or in a beach bar (or, even better, you're at a college-style house party just off the beach), shorts are often the most appropriate thing to wear for blending in with the atmosphere. In my opinion, you can mix in some sexy with shorts by putting on shorts and flip-flops with a long-sleeved button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. You usually can't get away with wearing dress shirts at house parties / beaches without looking too formal, but if you couple shorts and sandals with the dress shirt you're perfect.

As far as mixing in some sexual humor, you're right that the wording was a bit off in that example and probably would've been a bit too strong - the other thing you'd have run into was that because this girl is challenging you, if you respond by telling her to do something, she's likely to say "no," which gives you negative compliance.

So instead, you'd say this:

Girl: Those pants are ugly.

Phil: Are you suggesting I take my pants off right now?

Thus, rather than telling her to do something, you playfully misinterpret her as asking you to do something (i.e., disrobe).

The sexual vibe itself you don't want too strong at the outset usually - a little playfulness (think "raised eyebrow") at the start is enough. As you get deeper into the interaction, you'll gradually dial up the intensity... you want it to be a mutual buildup, rather than you just walking in and saying "hello" already turned on, and her neutral and wondering what's the deal with THIS guy?


Mark's picture

I'm not sure whether or not this would be peacocking, but a white belt draws a lot of attention. It is also a really good way to get contrast in an outfit.

Chase Amante's picture


It may be some light peacocking, though peacocking in general can be good for upping short-term mating odds. I agree though - been a little while since I've worn a white belt, but they do stand out, and often look pretty cool.


DanM's picture


Can you please post a follow up post on How to overcome Depression
meaning more in-depth, how you changed your mindset. You talked about changing your attitude but did not explain in detail
or any self help related topic is fine. Your posts on Grit, it don't matter if you are smart, Master Anything , Get Motivated and Goal setting already helped me a lot.
Do you suggest any books on these topic's
I got motivated by your posts and stated learning to touch type.
I am actually touch typing this post which I have been postponing for years,

Thanks in Advance

Chase Amante's picture


Hmm, well, I'm not really sure how I'd go into attitude adjusting in greater detail - that depression article was basically the step-by-step process I used, laid out. Maybe take a look at that one again, and see if it clicks any better? If not, can you tell me what specifically isn't clear?

Glad to hear the motivational posts helped and that you're touch typing - very useful / important skill to get down for more and more reasons these days. I'll be getting up more of these over the next few weeks - particularly, a post on decision making due out sometime reasonably soon.


Woman's picture


if you really skip underwear with your jeans, I hope you wash them more often than once a week. ;)

Thanks for the nice read again!

Chase Amante's picture


Yes - that's certainly a good recommendation!

Fellas, statistically speaking, men who go commando see greater sexual success than men who don't (or, perhaps, men with more sexual success eventually just start going commando) - but, for the love of funk, you probably want to try and wear more than one pair of jeans per week.


Wout's picture

Hi Chase,

So a couple of months ago back in en 2012 I bought a couple of clothing from a site dedicated to Hardcore music (as I'm a big fan of it). And wanted to know your thoughts about these 2 jackets I bought back then:
(Btw I'm not a hooligan, it's just the sites name ;) )

First day when I was wearing this I heard 2 guys whispering to each other "Wow! Did you saw his jacket? It's awesome!" and also a friend said to me "Well, that jacket it really makes you cool and swag, you just stand out" while many other made jealous reactions somehow.. But anyways I think that this jacket is good, it has some very heavy contrast (maybe too much?) and uses some very bright colors. It also is available on a couple of Dutch, almost unknown sites and it also is in the smallest size they had (S) and it looks great on myself. But what do you think of it? And also what could I wear with it? I would love to add my red "V" t-shirt to it but I think the colors won't match at all. I also think that if I add a scarf to this it won't match.

I'm 18 years old and fully learning all these tricks and hope you could help me out, thank you for your help!

Chase Amante's picture


Well, good to know you aren't a hooligan ;)

I checked the links, but both were broken / returning 404 errors. Generally, you can best gauge an item by other people's reactions - if guys are telling you the jacket's really cool, that's a very good sign, but of course you next want to get in front of pretty girls and see what they have to say and if you notice a change in their reactions to you (e.g., they act warmer because you're more attractive, or cooler because they don't like the jacket or it makes you look too bad ass or out of their league). Also pay attention to different reactions from different girls - some clothing items will move you up, making lower status / less attractive women colder to you, and higher status / more attractive women warmer to you.


bjcrispi's picture

as a beginner, should you be striving for the higher status or lower status?

My end goal is being with high status women in society i.e. writers for a column in NY times, model, etc.

Andrew's picture

As a fashion geek, I feel like I should point out a couple of things. First, wearing denim on demin (as seen in the first picture) is very, very rarely a good idea. Second, while the trend in watches is toward larger dials and thicker bands, be careful that the watch doesn't overpower your wrist. A watch that is too big will make you look like a boy playing dress-up with his dads clothes. Finally, I find the Diesel jeans to be too baggy and too long (here's an example of exceptional fit Overall, though, this is an excellent introduction to style.

Jason's picture

Hey Chase,

I love the site and all of the great information you provide. Keep up the good work.

Ive been told by a couple of people that I would look good with a stud earring in my ear (im african american). Even though I personally think it COULD enhance my look and add a bit of an edge, do you think I would be significantly limiting my options with certain types of women if I got one diamond stud earring in my ear? I want to be able to appeal to as many women as possible and not place myself behind the 8-ball simply because of a piercing.


Marty's picture

Bearing in mind Chase's admonition about dress shoes, I dropped by a local family-owned store where I had previously got several reliable, heavily marked-down overstock or past-season pairs that had fetched compliments from women. I specified that I wanted masculine-looking shoes and actually said that they should be "not to prissy", which got a laugh from the sales staff... but came out with an excellent pair of Stacy Adams loafers. They are stylish, masculine and there is nothing prissy about them. They have a sort of "sculpted" look. Worth checking out.

john Q's picture

I found this web page looking online about how hard is to get a good girl. I mean I am the kind of guy that doesn't like to play around. I'm looking for the right woman to get married. I am a 31 years old 6.2 black latino guy 230 lb Will Smith type of skin color, and trying to get some muscles to see if I can attract a woman finally.
I got free questions for you
sometimes I leave my afro. is it better to leave my afro or cut my hair really low?
My body tends to sweat when I'm in a crowded place. I guess social shynes? do you have any recommendations for that?
I used to buy express now I got disappointed. I see guess is a good brand. can you recommend any others?
I have to say you really pull it out. you were able to find the confidence to ask girls out. they're is this girl I really like an the only way u told her she likes was by through email. how pathetic I am. anyway keep the good work. I love it

Anonymous's picture

Hey chase,
Thanks for all the great advice you've given me, it has really helped. Ive been keeping my eye out for a really unique but good looking belt and the one you showed in this article caught my eye. Its not a big deal so dont worry about taking your time getting back to me.
Thanks for everything

lucifer's picture

Great article, as usual!

I wouldn't totally agree with the coat, at least for my style/body.

I'm short and what I've got going on for me is that I'm slim fit, so I like button down shirts that highlight that.

A coat takes that away and makes me look puffier and even shorter.

If I'd have to go for a coat that would look good, though very high-end style, I'd go for an Armani coat, the ones that look a bit like from the navy.

lux's picture

Hi Chase,

you said you don't really go shopping but mostly got tailor made clothing.

I was wondering:

1. if you also get, say, sweaters and jackets tailor made?

2. how many items do you have, in general?
I think many people -me included- tend to buy too many things. Do you think it's important to change outfit often?

SBM's picture

Its funny, ever since i read this article, ive started wearing red ALOT more often, especially when im out looking for girls' numbers and what not. Lately, ive found my luck turning around for the better whenever i wear red polo shirts. As for women wearing red being more attractive, i beg to differ, as personally, i found myself more attracted to women who wear blue, whether if its shirts, dresses, and especially hoodies! Despite the whole stereotype that blue is a "boy's" color, i find blue to be a very feminine and peaceful color, but thats just my personal take on this. Also, what kind of hairstyles specifically would you consider more attractive to women? I currently sport an undercut, because i believe i look good rocking one, but im open to some advice here from the master. Keep up with the articles, bro!

Levi's picture

Where can i get those boots? And what type of boots are those in the picture?

Thank you.

Sagas's picture

Read that Small should fit. I'm 6'0" and 155lbs, so not much different when you wrote this. My leg-to-torso ratio is average. There's no way I can fit in a Small. Mediums show my stomach. Smalls would show my bellybutton and make me look like a flamer. Sitting down, Mediums don't cover my skin either. It would probably be better to disclaimer that the shirts should cover your torso whether they are tight or not, as I normally get gay jokes thrown at me by both sexes if I even wear Mediums.

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