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Male vs. Female Mating Motivations Laid Bare

Chase Amante

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female mating motivations
You might think men and women approach mating in similar ways. And on some aspects they do. On others, they're very different.

We live in a world where we're constantly told men and women are interchangeable and that men's wants are women's wants and women's wants are men's. In some cases for some things this is true... but in many cases and for many things it isn't.

The trouble this error-filled belief system can lead to is multi-layered. If you have a girlfriend, a female friend, a friend-with-benefits, or wife you think is "just like you" whom you think thinks about things "just like I do" and whom you believe wants "all the same things I do", you'll be a lot more open to and uncritical toward her suggestions. That's fine for things where there is no conflict of interest between your and her life and mating motivations.

Where there is conflict, however, her positions may quickly mislead you... without you, if you hold this "men and women are basically the same and largely interchangeable" philosophy, even fully realizing you've allowed yourself to be misled.

It's crucial for your power and sanity as a man to realize that while a good woman's advice can often be prudent, it isn't always... and that there are differences between male and female motivations, and you must always keep these in mind.

You need to know when sex differences enter into play. And you need to be wary of when the counsel you receive may be biased against what is truly in your interests due to competing sexual interests.


Zanardi's picture

Another insightful article written by you.


I agree with you in one aspect. People, men or women, are egotistical at the core. Meaning they firstly think about themselves. This is a good thing, because it helped us survive. So, if us, men, are egotistical, why shouldn't they be?


All is fair.

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, pros and cons to the ego.

Ego is an excellent driver for self-improvement and lifestyle enhancement.

Left unchecked it can also get quite poisonous, especially if it feels wronged, or veers too far into 'win at all costs' territory.

The Eastern religions have long focused on moving past ego to attain wisdom and inner peace. Western philosophy has often centered around control of the ego as well.

If you want to experience why ego is not an unalloyed good, 10 minutes of meditation will do the trick. Sit in a quiet room, close your eyes, and with each breath in, picture a thought, and with each breath out, release it. The thoughts streaming through your mind are ego. You will notice as you pay attention to them they're attached to feelings of stress, anger, resentment, acquisitiveness, and other such things. Once you've released most of them, you will still be you, but you will be at peace, your mind will be clear, and all the negative emotions that come attached with ego will be gone. What you feel is the self, detached from ego. It's a nice feeling.

Ego is a tool, really, used for navigating the world. So long as it's in service to your self, it's useful.

Ego has a tendency of overriding the self, and thinking itself the self, however. At which point you start to get more of the negative effects -- bad emotions, win-lose situations, burnt bridges with people you used to have good relationships with, and so on.

You can't exist without ego, unless you are a monk, removed from the world. Even then, you will still have some.

But it is good to be aware of its limitations, and do one's best to keep the ego in service to the self, rather than let the ego subsume the self in its hurry for a degree of emotional satisfaction it can never long attain.


uForia's picture

You're on the side where what you give each other is in total alignment: you enjoy their sex and companionship, and they enjoy yours. You're not in the place the provider is, where he provides resources in exchange for sex. The equivalent exchange the lover engages in is a far healthier exchange; you can maintain this as the alpha provider, too, so long as you continually deemphasize provision (and it is just 'there' as a part of the relationship, rather than the main event) and refuse to allow women to renegotiate the relationship as a 'provision-for-sex' arrangement.

You know what else we call a provision-for-sex arrangement? It's the deal you make with sex workers. On a risk-adjusted basis, sleeping with high-end escorts is a lot cheaper than being a provider. I think this frame should be made abundantly clear whenever women propose that 'renegotiation'. But it's not just about money, it's about time as well because money is ultimately the ability to buy another person's time. It happens a lot in marriage where the woman asks you to do chores (which is generally something that's tradable for money) and she'll give you sex in return. As soon as that arrangement is accepted the relationship is instantly doomed.

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, I agree, your thinking is clear here.

A provider relationship is slightly more complicated, because it often entails children, or the possible future production of children. There're also social concerns, etc. So the deal will often end up being something like "Keep me in the kind of lifestyle I like, and you'll get laid sometimes, your colleagues will get to see what a hot wife you have, and at some point I may bear you a kid or two."

But it's not essentially different than the sex worker relationship, just longer-termed and with more layers/considerations.

Chores-for-sex is another example. It also doesn't work. Guys who offer chores for sex get less sex than guys who don't. Although maybe that's correlation rather than causation... men desperate enough to try to do chores for sex probably aren't getting enough sex in the first place.

Anything where you are giving a woman something or providing a service to her of some kind, which she then rewards with sex, is a bad move. Usually it's better to decline sex if she offers it after you've provided or helped her (unless it's a one-off thing, like you're a handyman fixing up her home and she wants to shag you one afternoon. Then, hey, have a good time!).

You can sleep with her the next day, when you haven't just done something for her she can frame the sex as "your reward" for.


Mmmmkkkk's picture

In my opinion sex and companionship from a lover is enough for a woman only when she is young and wants to explore her sexuality. However even then women dont get as much from sex as men get, so it is not an equal exchange unless every time the man comes he can make her cum too if you're thinking purely in terms of equal exchange. Realistically most men will not make her cum, it is more likely he will cum and then sure sex is enjoyable for women but men and women are not the same biologically so if the man isnt providing women with something additional then he is selfish and is short changing her. 

Women also naturally want to have children as they get older, you cant replace that with "sex and companionship." Its just the way nature works. 

I think if you're a man and offer the role of the lover, you have to be prepared for the woman to leave you, and you cant be mad at her if you dont want to give her children, because giving her children means you now have to be the provider. 

The saying goes all is fair in love and war. Yes women are self serving, so are men of course. This article is also true if you reverse the genders. 

In another article Chase mentioned he only dates women younger than 30, I'm guessing the reason behind it is that he knows that it is not enough for a woman at 30 or older just to have sex and companionship. 

Yes us women are not like men. If we were, you men wouldnt be happy, you'd find life too boring. 


Franco Lombardi's picture


You're not wrong here. If the Lover only wants to provide sexual pleasure, he can't realistically expect the woman to stay around forever (since she requires a Provider). Most women also want children, so if the Lover does not want a child, it should be expected that she'll eventually move on to find a man that does want one.

This is still separate from the situation that is being presented in the above article: should a Provider provide for another Lover's child? If I was the Provider in this situation, my answer would be an adamant "no" because the only way this would have happened is if the woman did this discreetly without my knowledge since I absolutely would not have allowed it. However, the real answer is: it depends on the Provider-in-question's perspective. If he sees no problem in raising another man's genetic child, then fair play to him. Ultimately, the burden falls on him since the woman deceived him and he is not bound legally to raise a child that is not biologically his, so if he wants to place that burden on himself and continue raising that child, then he is more than welcome to do so.

In my view, the woman is taking an enormous risk by impregnating herself with a Lover's child and then secretly expecting a different Provider to take care of it. It is deceitful (assuming she purposely hid it, which is usually the case), and the Provider is not legally bound to financially provide for the child. In a "disaster" scenario, she would be relying on the courts to force her Lover to pay for child support after her Provider leaves and refuses to support her and the child. This is assuming the Lover even has the money to provide for the child at all.

Ultimately, the act of attempting to secretly get a man who does not want to raise another man's child to actually raise another man's child is a self-serving one for women, and it bears its own risks. If the man finds out, then he ultimately possesses the right to completely abandon that woman and the child if he feels that is better self-serving to him in the long run. He is not bound by the law, and he is not bound by any social repercussions if he chooses not to be.

All is fair in love and war. :)

- Franco

Rain's picture

Hi Franco,

DNA testing is only a recent thing, going back before that, how would the guy know? I'm not sure its as "risky" a move with those thoughts in mind, and considering through evolution that if that's what the average woman is programmed to do, it' s no where near as risky as you're making it out to be? So there'd be alot more women doing this, based on their programming?

Feldina's picture

Actually Franco, believe it or not, in every state in the U.S,  a provider in this scenario would still be legally obligated to pay child support for the child if he chose to divorce the woman after learning that the child is not biologically his. Its true, I couldnt believe it either:

T's picture


It means you can treat your lover like an enemy. Do you really want that?

This is a dictum from Napoleon Bonaparte (Tout est fair en amour et en guerre)

and Napoleon was a psychopath. I myself keep such body of thougt out of my mind.


mmmkkkk's picture

"All is fair in love and war" refers to expectations in other people out in the world. You cannot expect for someone to treat you the way you would have treated them. If you don't have expectations of anyone in the world, whatever happens, you won't feel disappointment because you never had any expectations. This applies to women, and any other people you come across in the world. You will also avoid falling into the victim mentality if you don't have expectations from the get go and hold yourself responsible for most things that happen in your life. No one owes anyone anything in this world. The only thing that we can expect in this world is for our family to love us unconditionally, and even then many people in this world don't even get that. In my opinion this is what "all is fair in love and war" means. It means that life is unfair in general and that whatever happens it is all fair because life is unfair. If you're a kid on the playground and you push another kid on purpose and you are now at war, if the other kid kicks your butt you can't go home crying that someone beat you up, because that is the nature of war. In love, none of us are entitled to any person no matter how much we want them. Man and woman are both trying to get what each needs so you can't always expect to get what you want with other people. Love is a game in this context. 

mmmmmk's picture

It is not possible for the woman to impregnate herself. I think it is wrong for the woman to expect for the non-father to stay with her. This article is written from the point of the view of the man whose significant other slept with another man who impregnated her. What about the man who impregnated her? He is a man too. What is his point of view? What responsibility does he have at the point of conception? If he really cares about women then shouldn't he have made sure to take the proper measures so she doesn't get pregnant? how moral is it for a man to get his own pleasure, do what he wants, be selfish and push for a woman to not use a condom or what if he did what is called "stealthing?" 

Chase Amante's picture


For a woman in a new lover-style relationship, there's typically more than only sex that is driving her.

Typically it is going to be things like these:

  • Orgasms, if her man provides them. Women orgasm hardest with men they feel like they can't control and might lose, so lovers that are good at bringing women to orgasm tend to elicit the hardest orgasms
  • Sex with an attractive man. Even if she doesn't cum, having a very attractive-to-her man inside her is a good and enjoyable experience, and often more exciting even than mildly orgasmic sex with a less exciting male
  • Communication. Most lovers are decent commuicators, and encourage women to open up to them about things women usually keep hidden from men. This is freeing for the woman and something she can value quite highly
  • Acceptance. The average provider expects a lot of his woman. He expects certain behavior, he wants her to have a certain background, and he puts a lot of pressure on her to be and act a certain way. Lovers tend to be more relaxed, and make women feel accepted/at ease around them. A relaxing relationship like this is like a vacation from the world, every time she's with such a guy
  • Naughtiness. She's not supposed to be with a lover. She's supposed to be a good girl looking for a stable guy. Thus the lover helps her satisfy the human need to do what one is forbidden to do, and engage in the taboo. She can also do taboo things with him, and say taboo things to him, that she cannot with the provider (thus why she never blows her provider or ever permits him anal sex, despite the fact she's had spitroast MMF threesomes with lovers before and loved them. She can do that stuff with lovers but can't or doesn't want to with her provider)

There are more, these are just some examples.

But these are mutual/aligned benefits. The man gets to enjoy them with her. Just as he is accepting of her, she is accepting of him. A provider might expect her to act sexually inexperienced and behave more reserved; meanwhile, she will expect a provider to be responsible, dependable, and fairly respectful. With a lover, she can show her sexual experience and drop the reserve, and he doesn't have to worry about being responsible or dependable, and can freely be more irreverent.

At some point she will want commitment and to move toward children, right. At that point the lover will have to decide if he wants to mix in a degree of provision or if he doesn't. If he doesn't, she'll eventually leave.

As for me having a 30-year-old cutoff, yes, that's part of it.

Less physically attractive, higher expectations, more demands, more baggage. The older a woman gets, in my opinion, the lower the value of her goods yet the higher her asking price. I also have a moral concern, which stems from a relationship I had with a mid-30s woman when I was mid-20s. I watched her age while she was with me, with her angling for commitment and a family the whole time, while I continually told her maybe, but not right now (which was my feeling then). When we split, I realized I'd sucked up years of her life when she could've been seeking a man whose goals were aligned with hers. That's no problem if she's in her early-to-mid-20s, because she's still gaining dating experience and building her life. But a woman in her 30s does not have time to waste. Her looks fade more and more each passing year, and her fertility starts dropping rapidly once she's in her 30s. She really is on the clock, in a major way, and I don't want it on my conscience with another gal like that that I sucked up time she should've spent looking for her Prince Charming. There are plenty of twenties and late teens women available, and they don't have those considerations.

(there are some nice perks to older women... other men have already trained them to orgasm, they've trained them how to please men, the women are better conversationalists, they're less idealistic/more realistic, and they've often already passed through their sexual awakenings, so you don't have to manage any of that stuff. In that way, they require a lot less training and maintenance once in a relationship. The flip side is they're on the clock, and you are wasting their time if your goals aren't in alignment. They're also much harder to mold in a relationship, and come with more preset expectations about whom they want you to be and what they expect of you, which is less good if you are a less conventional kind of guy)

But anyway, that's me. Seems like older women are fine for many men, which I am happy for. Happy for those gals themselves and the guys who love them :)


Henrik's picture

Very interesting read, thanks for another great article! When you asked, "Who should be obligated to care for the child?" I was a bit split at first as I'll more likely be the biologic father in that situation and would not want to be obligated to care for the child, at the same time I don't think the husband should be obligated either. If I was the husband or the biological father, I would push the obligation to the other party, though looking from the outside I would say that the husband has zero obligation to stay. Moral is good, double moral is twice as good :D 

I'm wondering what goes into women's thinking when they chose provider strategies themselves. Normally I only see it expressed as the man being either a lover or a provider, but I've dated quite a few girls using provider strategies on me. The girls will pay for my meals, help me out when they see an opportunity to help, pay for weekend trips together, fly to a different country to meet me etc. I'm very honest with all the girls that I'm not interested in a relationship and that I'm still sleeping with other girls. I suspect it might be because they know I easily can get sex from other girls, so they'll do extra things to keep me around but I'm not sure if it's correct or what thinking is behind it. I never ask them for any of these things, they do it because they want to, and will even sometimes protest if I try to pay. 

Chase Amante's picture


Interesting note on your split! Yeah, I have a few friends who are total 100% relationship agnostic types and I imagine they'd probably see it that way too. "Hey, if she gets pregnant, that's on her if she decides to keep it. None of my business..."

As to the female providers, that's a great question. I've had that plenty too. Where you're telling her you won't settle down, won't commit, etc., but she's paying for things, giving you things, and the like.

The interesting thing is often the women who are doing this are women who've been provided for themselves in previous relationships. I had girlfriends whose prior boyfriends doted on them and bought them all kinds of expensive things, yet with me they were the ones paying for things for me. You see the dynamic in the trophy wife whose husband buys her things, who then turns around and pays for things for her broke-but-sexy lover... but it occurs even in more standard relationships too.

I think it just shakes out as "here is another way to sweeten the deal." Guys provide for women to sweeten the deal so the girl will stick around; when women provide for men, it's the same thing, the girl sweetening the deal so the guy won't leave.

And it works! If you're shagging two equally beautiful women, who are equally nice, but one of them cooks you meals and pays for trips with you and buys you clothes and brings you snacks, and the other one doesn't, you're probably going to have a softer spot in your heart for the one who provides for you than the one who doesn't.

The easy way to think about it I guess is "If someone wants someone else to stick around, buying/paying for things is one way to increase the odds that person does so."

There's also the love languages consideration, which was another topic on here recently. If 'gifts' are one of her primary love languages, she is going to feel like she's expressing her affection for you by shelling out cash.


Henrik's picture

When I think about it, quite a few of the girls that use a provider strategy with me has also previously been highly provided for by previous guys, just like you experienced. Yes, I can definitely feel that the girls that provide for me makes me want to stay more with them, even though gifts are not my main love language, I still feel the loved intension and like the extra benefits. Services and touch are probably my main love languages.

I’ve never been in an LTR because I still feel like I’m growing a lot, but would a female provider be sustainable and healthy in an LTR or is it a dynamic I should avoid when I at some point want LTRs?

Btw the love languages article was great as well, I feel like you’re putting out high quality content, girlschase and WaitButWhy are the two only content websites that I’ve kept coming back to on a semi-regular basis. Thank you! 

Franco Lombardi's picture

Loved this one, Chase. Great article!

Anonymous 's picture

Hello Chase,

Please answer this for me.

I was wondering if you knew of any way to protect yourself against skin stds? and if you should go monk mode forever and quit your pick up dreams if you catch any of them.

I have caught two before, but luckily they are the ones that go away after some time and not the one that never goes away.

The thing is that the girls I caught it from never showed signs they had anything on their skins and they have never mentioned anything about it after some time.

and this one girl I have seen for years, never showed one sign and never mentioned anything about it.

There's times where I was so close to their areas that I never saw a bump or any kind of rash.

One I got one from I was not really seeing and wore a condom, but it came into contact everywhere else, the other I was seeing for a long time and she's a dirty bitch.

So it seems relationship or not, protection or not, you can't avoid these kinds of stds, and you can't even see them on the which makes it worse.

so it got me thinking there's no way that I can really avoid this if I choose to settle down or if I choose to keep sleeping with other women.

because there's no way to tell and it also makes me worry about catching the worse one that never goes away that you can get in your mouth or genital.

so I'm lost on how to keep a sane mind with this.

1. What do you do if you get a skin std? do you just get out the dating game? is there a way to protect yourself and others until it goes away? or if God forbid a person gets the one that never goes away, are they doomed to never date again because an evil girl gave it to them?

2. How do we protect ourselves from this? how can we be safe? it doesn't matter the girls background, if it's a relationship or not, it can still happen, a lot of the times they don't even show signs ever. How do we keep ourselves safe from these stds and how can we tell if they could have one? How do we get over the paranoia and enjoy a normal dating life without fear?

Thank You

Chase Amante's picture


Nope, no 100% way to guard against skin-transmitted STDs.

However, there are ways to reduce your odds of catching them. Check out this article, in which I discuss them:

How to Avoid STDs Even If You Have Lots of Sex

That said, like you saw, you won't always be able to tell from examining her. Sometimes there's no obvious sign.

As for what to do if you have them, bit of a tough call, that.

I guess if you're the most responsible man on the planet, you can just go full abstinence until the infection completely clears.

If you're of the more human variety, however, my recommendations would be to always wear a condom until you're completely in the clear, and if there are physical signs (warts, scales) you may want to laser those rather than wait for them to clear on their own... which can take a while (up to a year).

If you have the permanent/incurable type, like genital herpes, then it's especially tough, because you're always contagious. Obviously don't shag when you have an outbreak, and if you do shag, always wrap it up so you reduce your odds of passing along... but you can't get those odds to zero. So think very carefully about what women you're shagging (probably shouldn't shag any virgins you could pass it to).

I wouldn't worry too much about it until you end up in the situation again.

When you do, you'll have to do some soul searching and decide what the right path to take is.

I know some guys with these who convince themselves they're not contagious. But you are. So, that in mind, decide what you'll do.



SZ's picture

Hey Chase,

1. What do you suggest to do if you want things, but you don't want to do the work? like going out 4 days a week, approaching women, dating, going to the gym, learning a skill, or even working?

what if you want to have the end result, but really don't want to put in the work and want to just be lazy?

how do you beat the laziness and keep it off? sure you can do it for a week or even a month, but how do you keep that same motivation until you reach your goals and how do you fight your laziness without it being such a struggle every time and willing yourself to do it for a long time.

2. I know you don't know much about college game, and hector has refused to answer me when I asked him in the past lol, but this question is for more of a social question.

so I have no friends here and I don't know anyone.

It seems that there are really only 2 ways to get girls in college, social circle as in joining a group or frat, or cold approach, I guess girls in class count, but you can only sleep with so many from there.

I'm just trying to figure out how do you cold approach on campus? I'm older, but I am a student there so that helps, and I look young with good fundamentals, but I've tried doing cold approach there and the girls are all closed off; they don't even look my way, so it makes me very hesitant to approach.

I also don't want to walk around campus alone looking like a thirsty dude.

I think of approaching girls on campus like how you said a guy looks approaching many girls in the mall, it just doesn't look normal.

but my options seem limited and I want to sleep with a good amount of girls without having to rely on joining a club or frat.

so the key here is to keep my reputation good while still getting girls.

so what would a good amount of women to approach and how many in an area would be good enough without looking like you're a horn dog trying to chase tail all over campus while still getting a lot of chicks?

what's a good strategy to use for cold approach while on campus?

3. how do you break free from the fear of how you will feel or look after rejection?

so this is something kind of different, I don't fear approaching, I fear how will I look and how will I feel after I get rejected.

because no one can avoid rejection, understandable, but what If other girls see or hear about it? what if it makes you feel bad and not want to approach anymore? what if you fear of looking like a horn dog to others if you push on and ask other girls out but still keep getting rejected?

I'm tired of the feeling of that, I don't want to worry about what others think or anything else, but I also don't want to look thirsty or have a bad reputation either because of striking out with so many girls in day game.

how can I fix that situation because I've been dealing get with this for a long time.

thanks chase

SZ's picture

So I thought about it, and I think the question about rejection is more about me being Self-conscious about myself, people have told me that I'm that way a lot, it's to the point I was asked why am I ashamed of myself?

I think low of myself and always talk about my flaws and how old and out of shape I am, it's like I don't like myself because of not having thing I believe I should have by now.

so I'm wondering is there a way to not be ashamed of yourself and stop being self conscious and to like yourself?


Chase Amante's picture


Well, if you want results but don't want to do the work, don't despair, you're like most people on most things.

I'd like to be a pro basketball player, but I don't want to do the work to be that. So I'm not a pro basketball player, and don't kid myself that I'll ever be one.

Look for things you're excited to do the work for, and make those your goals.

I can't answer the question on campus cold approach. I don't have a lot of experience there and if I give you a wrong too-high number and you take that as Gospel, you're liable to wear your welcome out there and get labeled a creeper. All I can say is experiment slowly and get a feel for it yourself.

The self-consciousness thing is easy to fix: pick goals you care about, that will improve you in the future, and work on them regularly. Your mind will turn to monitoring your progress and admiring the improvements you're making, rather than dwelling on your inadequacies.

On your other questions:

Don't worry about outcome dependence as a beginner. Worry about getting basics down and building some early results. Focus on outcome dependence once you're getting semi-consistent results and reach the point where you know what to do, but your neediness is tripping you up. Focus on it then.

Beating depression, yes AND you must be actively working toward the future. If you sit there and try to replace bad thoughts, but don't have anything positive and good you are working toward in the future, ACTUALLY working toward, it's going to be very hard to find enough believable good thoughts to stuff in there. They don't just need to be good thoughts... they need to be good thoughts you find believable.


SZ's picture

I forgot to ask Chase,

1. Will having outcome independence help as a beginner to picking up girls? it seems hard to have because we do need to get laid in order to get experience and we haven't reached abundance mindset yet either.

so we're hungry and thirsty to get good, but how do we combine it with outcome independence? it feels good not to really care, but at the same time, as a beginner we don't want to lie to ourselves and act like we don't want to have sex?

so is there a way to really want dates and sex as a beginner while being outcome independent?

what's the right way to implement that?

2. so with beating depression, it's mostly replacing bad thoughts with good ones right?

so if I have a lot of student loan debt, instead of worrying about it every waking moment, I just tell myself to relax and say that I'll pay it how I can and still live my life, get in shape, be healthy, get dates, have plenty sex with beautiful girls, find a way to make more money, go on vacations, etc. until I can find a way to pay off my debt faster.

is that how it works?


Anonymous 's picture

This was a great article Chase! Very good. I had a few questions about the article.

1. Is there a way to be red pill and a lover forever? can we just stay in shape and not settle down? and I don't mean this out of bitterness, but out of women are always going to play games? how do we do this forever even if we get married and have kids?

2. I feel it's just a woman gene on being more selfish than men, it seems men will do anything to make their woman happy, but women aren't like that and if they are, it's for them. why are women so selfish? I don't think this needs to be an article because I believe it'll bring too much negative female attention.

3. how do you not sign birth certificates and have everything go smooth? I don't know if this is true, but I heard that you don't have to sign the certificate and if you do that's your child even if it's not. so how do you do this without causing drama and her seeing this? can you really leave without singing it?

4. why do celebrities marry?

5. do you have to be married and have kids to succeed in corporate world and other ventures? heard they like that.

6. I remember you saying some time a go women look at you funny for not having children. I think it was 40 or so? hard question to ask, but it just seems having children or getting married is a no win situation, if she wants to she can put you on child support or divorce you when she feels like it. with that being said is there a way to have kids and not be put on child support? is there a way to not have kids as an older man and not get looked at as weird? I'm actually really interested in the not paying child support part. what's your plan for yourself Chase logically with this stuff? do you plan to have kids and get married? or just have kids? I liked to know your process of what you think older you would do with women.

Thank You Chase

Chase Amante's picture


Check out this article if you haven't yet:

What's the Endgame for a Playboy?


Stef47rjwie8fk29dkf's picture

Typo?? : "There will be occasions when a woman gives you advice in her own self-interest you at first think is not in (your) self-interest, but it actually is"
You mean her???

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