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Very interesting read, thanks for another great article! When you asked, "Who should be obligated to care for the child?" I was a bit split at first as I'll more likely be the biologic father in that situation and would not want to be obligated to care for the child, at the same time I don't think the husband should be obligated either. If I was the husband or the biological father, I would push the obligation to the other party, though looking from the outside I would say that the husband has zero obligation to stay. Moral is good, double moral is twice as good :D 

I'm wondering what goes into women's thinking when they chose provider strategies themselves. Normally I only see it expressed as the man being either a lover or a provider, but I've dated quite a few girls using provider strategies on me. The girls will pay for my meals, help me out when they see an opportunity to help, pay for weekend trips together, fly to a different country to meet me etc. I'm very honest with all the girls that I'm not interested in a relationship and that I'm still sleeping with other girls. I suspect it might be because they know I easily can get sex from other girls, so they'll do extra things to keep me around but I'm not sure if it's correct or what thinking is behind it. I never ask them for any of these things, they do it because they want to, and will even sometimes protest if I try to pay.