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When I think about it, quite a few of the girls that use a provider strategy with me has also previously been highly provided for by previous guys, just like you experienced. Yes, I can definitely feel that the girls that provide for me makes me want to stay more with them, even though gifts are not my main love language, I still feel the loved intension and like the extra benefits. Services and touch are probably my main love languages.

I’ve never been in an LTR because I still feel like I’m growing a lot, but would a female provider be sustainable and healthy in an LTR or is it a dynamic I should avoid when I at some point want LTRs?

Btw the love languages article was great as well, I feel like you’re putting out high quality content, girlschase and WaitButWhy are the two only content websites that I’ve kept coming back to on a semi-regular basis. Thank you!