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In my opinion sex and companionship from a lover is enough for a woman only when she is young and wants to explore her sexuality. However even then women dont get as much from sex as men get, so it is not an equal exchange unless every time the man comes he can make her cum too if you're thinking purely in terms of equal exchange. Realistically most men will not make her cum, it is more likely he will cum and then sure sex is enjoyable for women but men and women are not the same biologically so if the man isnt providing women with something additional then he is selfish and is short changing her. 

Women also naturally want to have children as they get older, you cant replace that with "sex and companionship." Its just the way nature works. 

I think if you're a man and offer the role of the lover, you have to be prepared for the woman to leave you, and you cant be mad at her if you dont want to give her children, because giving her children means you now have to be the provider. 

The saying goes all is fair in love and war. Yes women are self serving, so are men of course. This article is also true if you reverse the genders. 

In another article Chase mentioned he only dates women younger than 30, I'm guessing the reason behind it is that he knows that it is not enough for a woman at 30 or older just to have sex and companionship. 

Yes us women are not like men. If we were, you men wouldnt be happy, you'd find life too boring.