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Hello Chase,

Please answer this for me.

I was wondering if you knew of any way to protect yourself against skin stds? and if you should go monk mode forever and quit your pick up dreams if you catch any of them.

I have caught two before, but luckily they are the ones that go away after some time and not the one that never goes away.

The thing is that the girls I caught it from never showed signs they had anything on their skins and they have never mentioned anything about it after some time.

and this one girl I have seen for years, never showed one sign and never mentioned anything about it.

There's times where I was so close to their areas that I never saw a bump or any kind of rash.

One I got one from I was not really seeing and wore a condom, but it came into contact everywhere else, the other I was seeing for a long time and she's a dirty bitch.

So it seems relationship or not, protection or not, you can't avoid these kinds of stds, and you can't even see them on the which makes it worse.

so it got me thinking there's no way that I can really avoid this if I choose to settle down or if I choose to keep sleeping with other women.

because there's no way to tell and it also makes me worry about catching the worse one that never goes away that you can get in your mouth or genital.

so I'm lost on how to keep a sane mind with this.

1. What do you do if you get a skin std? do you just get out the dating game? is there a way to protect yourself and others until it goes away? or if God forbid a person gets the one that never goes away, are they doomed to never date again because an evil girl gave it to them?

2. How do we protect ourselves from this? how can we be safe? it doesn't matter the girls background, if it's a relationship or not, it can still happen, a lot of the times they don't even show signs ever. How do we keep ourselves safe from these stds and how can we tell if they could have one? How do we get over the paranoia and enjoy a normal dating life without fear?

Thank You