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This was a great article Chase! Very good. I had a few questions about the article.

1. Is there a way to be red pill and a lover forever? can we just stay in shape and not settle down? and I don't mean this out of bitterness, but out of women are always going to play games? how do we do this forever even if we get married and have kids?

2. I feel it's just a woman gene on being more selfish than men, it seems men will do anything to make their woman happy, but women aren't like that and if they are, it's for them. why are women so selfish? I don't think this needs to be an article because I believe it'll bring too much negative female attention.

3. how do you not sign birth certificates and have everything go smooth? I don't know if this is true, but I heard that you don't have to sign the certificate and if you do that's your child even if it's not. so how do you do this without causing drama and her seeing this? can you really leave without singing it?

4. why do celebrities marry?

5. do you have to be married and have kids to succeed in corporate world and other ventures? heard they like that.

6. I remember you saying some time a go women look at you funny for not having children. I think it was 40 or so? hard question to ask, but it just seems having children or getting married is a no win situation, if she wants to she can put you on child support or divorce you when she feels like it. with that being said is there a way to have kids and not be put on child support? is there a way to not have kids as an older man and not get looked at as weird? I'm actually really interested in the not paying child support part. what's your plan for yourself Chase logically with this stuff? do you plan to have kids and get married? or just have kids? I liked to know your process of what you think older you would do with women.

Thank You Chase