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Yes, I agree, your thinking is clear here.

A provider relationship is slightly more complicated, because it often entails children, or the possible future production of children. There're also social concerns, etc. So the deal will often end up being something like "Keep me in the kind of lifestyle I like, and you'll get laid sometimes, your colleagues will get to see what a hot wife you have, and at some point I may bear you a kid or two."

But it's not essentially different than the sex worker relationship, just longer-termed and with more layers/considerations.

Chores-for-sex is another example. It also doesn't work. Guys who offer chores for sex get less sex than guys who don't. Although maybe that's correlation rather than causation... men desperate enough to try to do chores for sex probably aren't getting enough sex in the first place.

Anything where you are giving a woman something or providing a service to her of some kind, which she then rewards with sex, is a bad move. Usually it's better to decline sex if she offers it after you've provided or helped her (unless it's a one-off thing, like you're a handyman fixing up her home and she wants to shag you one afternoon. Then, hey, have a good time!).

You can sleep with her the next day, when you haven't just done something for her she can frame the sex as "your reward" for.