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I forgot to ask Chase,

1. Will having outcome independence help as a beginner to picking up girls? it seems hard to have because we do need to get laid in order to get experience and we haven't reached abundance mindset yet either.

so we're hungry and thirsty to get good, but how do we combine it with outcome independence? it feels good not to really care, but at the same time, as a beginner we don't want to lie to ourselves and act like we don't want to have sex?

so is there a way to really want dates and sex as a beginner while being outcome independent?

what's the right way to implement that?

2. so with beating depression, it's mostly replacing bad thoughts with good ones right?

so if I have a lot of student loan debt, instead of worrying about it every waking moment, I just tell myself to relax and say that I'll pay it how I can and still live my life, get in shape, be healthy, get dates, have plenty sex with beautiful girls, find a way to make more money, go on vacations, etc. until I can find a way to pay off my debt faster.

is that how it works?