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Hey Chase,

1. What do you suggest to do if you want things, but you don't want to do the work? like going out 4 days a week, approaching women, dating, going to the gym, learning a skill, or even working?

what if you want to have the end result, but really don't want to put in the work and want to just be lazy?

how do you beat the laziness and keep it off? sure you can do it for a week or even a month, but how do you keep that same motivation until you reach your goals and how do you fight your laziness without it being such a struggle every time and willing yourself to do it for a long time.

2. I know you don't know much about college game, and hector has refused to answer me when I asked him in the past lol, but this question is for more of a social question.

so I have no friends here and I don't know anyone.

It seems that there are really only 2 ways to get girls in college, social circle as in joining a group or frat, or cold approach, I guess girls in class count, but you can only sleep with so many from there.

I'm just trying to figure out how do you cold approach on campus? I'm older, but I am a student there so that helps, and I look young with good fundamentals, but I've tried doing cold approach there and the girls are all closed off; they don't even look my way, so it makes me very hesitant to approach.

I also don't want to walk around campus alone looking like a thirsty dude.

I think of approaching girls on campus like how you said a guy looks approaching many girls in the mall, it just doesn't look normal.

but my options seem limited and I want to sleep with a good amount of girls without having to rely on joining a club or frat.

so the key here is to keep my reputation good while still getting girls.

so what would a good amount of women to approach and how many in an area would be good enough without looking like you're a horn dog trying to chase tail all over campus while still getting a lot of chicks?

what's a good strategy to use for cold approach while on campus?

3. how do you break free from the fear of how you will feel or look after rejection?

so this is something kind of different, I don't fear approaching, I fear how will I look and how will I feel after I get rejected.

because no one can avoid rejection, understandable, but what If other girls see or hear about it? what if it makes you feel bad and not want to approach anymore? what if you fear of looking like a horn dog to others if you push on and ask other girls out but still keep getting rejected?

I'm tired of the feeling of that, I don't want to worry about what others think or anything else, but I also don't want to look thirsty or have a bad reputation either because of striking out with so many girls in day game.

how can I fix that situation because I've been dealing get with this for a long time.

thanks chase